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Best Camera Straps for Hiking in 2018

Using the default strap that comes with your camera is not comfortable if you’re a hiker. The conventional camera strap does the job, but not very well. When hiking in the forest, you don’t want your camera hits against your chest. If you hike a lot or love hiking, it’s recommended to have a good camera strap. There are a lot of good straps for hiking out there. To hike with your camera out, and keep your hands free is very essential. For hiking purpose, I recommend these best camera straps you should buy. Designed for hikers, these camera straps offer sufficient quality regarding pricing, performance, and durability.

A List of the Best Camera Straps for Hiking in 2018

Vortex Harness Strap

Vortex Harness StrapThe construction on the Vortex harness is excellent. All the stitching is strong and reinforced. When using this harness, your binoculars fit close to your chest and eliminate them from dangling forward when bending over. One thing right away to notice and expect with this harness is that you no longer feel the dead weight on your neck.

Binocular Harness camera & rangefinder strap

Binocular Harness camera & rangefinder strapA superior & lightweight body and shoulder support system will distribute the weight across your shoulders and chest giving you an even, stable and comfortable fit. This camera strap for hiking uses durable elastic, but not too stiff. Adjustment is relatively easy and the binoculars can be removed without removing the straps. Binocular Harness camera & rangefinder strap is comfortable, easily adjusted, and looks to be built like a Sherman tank. Also, it is a great Binocular Harness for a very low price. No more worry about bouncing and slamming your camera against your chest.

Crooked Horn Outfitters Original Slide N Flex Bino System

The product is made in the U.S.A. and guaranteed for life. This elastic strap allows the binoculars to slide up and flex out while in use. It’s fully adjustable to work on all sizes of binoculars, cameras and rangefinders. By far this is one of the best camera strap for hiking available on the market today. This harness is the most dependable and truly functional harness that I have found.

Movo MB2000 Camera Carrying System Vest with Camera

Amazingly, this vest has the ability to carry up to 3 cameras. It features your camera, lens & flash self-locking holsters, tripod attachment straps, and even smartphone compartment. What I like about this Movo MB2000 is that it’s fully adjustable. It’s probably your best choice if you have a water proof camera. This camera strap for hiking helps eliminate the neck pain after a long day in the field. You can spend long hours photographing birds and this Movo MB2000 vest will never fail. It helps you rest your arms while out shooting birds and other wildlife.

Micnova MQ-MSP01

The Micnova MQ-MSP01 is well designed for photographers who love hiking. Made of nylon and mesh fabric with compactness and fitness, this strap is really comfortable. It’s also breathabe, which reduces stress and possess freeweight capability. It does lock into place when the camera mounts are properly positioned and tightened securely. While trekking or hiking, it’s perfect all the weight was distributed on your shoulders, and back, did not bother you, was easy to unloaded and ready to use, felt it was secure while carrying it. Overall, the Micnova MQ-MSP01 is a must-have for the photographer on the go.

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