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The Best Tripod Bags in 2018

Carrying your tripod is something you’ve got to do very carefully. By using the best tripod bag, you can make sure that your equipment arrives spotless to your destiny. As usual, before buying some bags to keep and protect my tripods, especially for travel, I do extensive research and discuss with experienced photographers (close friends). These are the five best bags for most travel tripods you’ll ever find.

A List of the Best Tripod Bags in 2018

1. Bailuoni Tripod Carry Bag Pad Package

Bailuoni Tripod Carry Bag Pad PackageIt’s 80cm long, so it’s suitable to carry a 31-inch long equipment. There’s pocket with a zip inside it and something which is very convenient is that the shoulder strap is removable, so you can change it when it’s worn out without having to change the whole bag. Besides, it includes a pair of strap handles to allow a switch from the shoulders to your hands when you’re carrying your tripod.

2. Neewer Heavy-Duty Photographic Tripod Carrying Case

This is one of the best tripod bags since it’s made of resistant vinyl, which makes it suitable to go through severe weather conditions. There’s a pocket with a zipped outside and it has handles suitable to use on your shoulders and in your hands. It can carry a tripod up to 36 inches long. The smooth lining made of nylon which inside protects your equipment and makes the bag more resistant.

3. Neewer Photo Studio Equipment Large Carrying Case

The padded compartments make of this bag, one of the best tripod bags to choose from, a very suitable storage to carry other equipment and accessories needed in photography. It includes plastic buckles, which makes the bag more resistant when what you carry is heavier than average. It’s got a double zip that runs smoothly and quickly. It’s a large size case for it can carry a 36” tripod. Two remarkable characteristics are that it’s shockproof and dust-proof, so you won’t have to worry about possible cracks or chips your equipment may suffer when being whisked from one place to the other. Besides, moisture, dust, and dirt won’t stick or damage your tripod. The carry straps have an overlapping grip to make it easy to lift it. This, one of the best tripod bags options, is not a mere bag to carry your equipment, it’s also a protective case.

4. Slik Universal Medium Tripod Bag

This is a professional medium-size tripod bag that can hold an up to the 23-inch tripod. It’s made of nylon and the opening includes a zip. There are small pockets with zips and windows. The nylon shoulder strap is adjustable for your comfort since it’s long enough for you to fit it across your back.

5. Padded Tripod Case Bag by USA Gear

One of the best tripod bags has a size extension which is possible thanks to the adjustable system it has. You can use it either to carry your 35-inch tripod or to store it as it serves the purpose of protecting it. Several tripod brands fit perfectly well in your heavy-duty bag that also includes a spacious pocket to keep your chargers and the other accessories related to photography. Enough proof of is durability is the three-year warranty provided by the manufacturer of a bag that can be adjusted to carry smaller or bigger tripods.

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