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Top 10 Best Video Camera Jib Cranes in 2019: Reviews

May 8, 2019

What makes the best professional video camera crane? First of all, it should be reliable and functional at an affordable price. As a professional cinematographer, you should get a top-notch camera crane jib solution.

A crane is essential in filmmaking and video production as a crane shot is a shot taken by a camera on a moving crane or jib.

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A List of Top 10 Best Professional Video Camera Jib Cranes in 2019

1. Kessler KC-Lite 8.0

Perfect for videographers who like to work with lightweight computerized cameras, the Kessler KC-Lite 8.0 can append to your essential tripod head absent much exertion. It utilizes the head’s dish and tilt systems to convey the development of the shot.

  • Pivots 360 degrees
  • Made with extreme aluminum
  • Could offer better adjust

2. Neewer Pan

Developed with a clever aluminum combination, the Neewer Pan will hold up fine and dandy on the off chance that you experience some severe climate while you’re recording a scene outside or catching a film at an outdoor wedding. It includes a screw gap for mounting extras, as well.

  • Accompanies stabilizers
  • Broadens rapidly and effortlessly
  • Needs smoothness in a few developments

3. ProAm USA Orion

The ProAm USA Orion stretches out to eight feet, with a natural weighting framework that keeps it adjusted amid shoots. It can acknowledge an additional four-foot augmentation if your undertaking requires some extra length to be done legitimately.

  • No instruments fundamental for a get-together
  • Made in the unified states
  • Paint may chip after some time.

4. Kessler Pocket Jib

Tipping the scales at under six pounds, the Kessler Pocket Jib places versatility over every other thought. Thus, it’s not the most flexible framework available, but instead, it’s well-manufactured and overly helpful for voyaging videographers.

  • Crumples to a minimal size
  • Smooth dish instrument
  • Setup is fast and basic.

5. Indy Jib Cinema

While rarely to see models in this value go with the capacity to help anything more than 10 pounds, the Indy Jib Cinema can suit cameras weighing up to 15 pounds quickly. Considerably progressively amazing, the crane itself weighs just six pounds.

  • Keeps camera dependably level
  • Intense powder-covered wrap-up
  • Handle with reliable elastic hold

6. Advanced Digital Jib

It takes a couple of minutes to change over the Advanced Digital Jib from eight feet to 12 feet long and back once more, giving you a lot of adaptabilities to adjust your shooting methodology on the fly. In contrast to a few models, it enables you to catch shots pointing straight down.

  • Strong steel outline does not flex.
  • Upheld by a lifetime guarantee
  • Can serve as a mic blast

7. ProAm USA Jib Kit

It very well may be hard to execute a decent crane shot, so it’s pleasant that the ProAm USA Jib Kit accompanies a seven-inch HDMI screen that mounts straightforwardly to the structure. Its liquid activity and the expert looking film that outcomes — will charm cinematographers.

  • Incorporates 10-inch HDMI link
  • Rapidly separates for transport.
  • Scratch-safe covering

8. Fotodiox DV Rocker

The Fotodiox DV Rocker flawlessly mixes quality with parity, bringing about a high-esteem shooting apparatus that everybody from consultants to master film creators will appreciate. It accompanies stabilizers and a two-year guarantee.

  • Smooth dark wrap up
  • Won’t twist or wobble
  • Has worked in air pocket level

9. ProAim Alphabet

We wouldn’t state it’s omniscient, yet the ProAim Alphabet beyond any doubt has foreseen a large portion of the commonplace movie producer’s needs. It accompanies a weighty collapsible tripod stand and a spreader that is tough enough to help this sizable crane, notwithstanding when it’s completely stacked.

  • Reaches out up to 21 feet
  • Incorporates rock solid stockpiling sack
  • Load limit of 33 pounds

10. Papaler VM-301A 82.7″/210cm Aluminum Camera Mini Jib Crane with Counterweight

You can expect to get smooth motion with this recommended Papaler small jib crane.

  • Strong & sturdy
  • Multi-function bellhead design

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I spent days looking for a top rated camera jib crane for my shooting projects. This list is a result from that. Going through the products online takes a lot of times to find the best picks.


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