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The Best Drone Backpacks in 2018

When traveling and you need to carry your drone, it’s advisable to use a backpack. This is because our hands got a limited capacity to carry heavy weights for long periods of time in the hands. These drones out to be properly handled to avoid unnecessary damages. The Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) were initially used by the military for missions to places that were very dangerous for human beings. With time the drones have increased in importance. They’re now widely used for surveillance, product deliveries, scientific purposes and in the agricultural sector. Chances are that you’ll use your expensive drone in most remote places where you need a good backpack. Backpacks are paramount in that they enable you to carry your drone devices with ease. I outlined you the top best 5 best drone backpacks available on the market to buy.

A List of the Best Drone Backpacks in 2018

1. Bangcool Drone

Bangcool Drone

  • Its primary storage can hold quadcopter, transmitter and also store other components like batteries, propellers, chargers and cables.
  • It has a pocket on its backside which leaves enough space to hold your smartphone, tablet or any other accessories
  • It has strong and comfortable shoulder and sternum straps that offer a perfect weight distribution

2. Holystone Quadcopter

  • Made of a waterproof material and comes in with a rain cover. Holystone Quadcopter backpack can efficiently ensure the safety of your Quardcopter from the rain.
  • Foam is made from polyethylene and is a military grade closed cell. It can be easily cleaned and it lasts longer.
  • Although Holystone Quadcopter backpack is not suitable for carrying HS100 drone.
  • Storage is available for transmitter and quadcopter. It can also hold other accessories like iPad, batteries, antennas, propellers and cables.


3. Manfrotto

  • Manfrotto backpack got many different carrying options and it’s quite spacious. This means you can carry a number of your gadgets with you.
  • Depicted to fit many different layouts of DJI phantom.

4. Lowepro Quad Guard Bpx2

Has An Adjustable Interior

  • Lowepro Quad Guard BPx2 offers a perfect workflow in the usage of padded, multi-level customizable divider system.

Store And Protect
For safety reasons, you transmitter has a storage space customized to ensure it does easily break. This is through the use of pads to absorb any shock. Besides that, this backpack is designed to protect your stick by keeping it in it’s neutral position. This makes you relax as you now channel your focus on racing.
Dual Quad Purpose- Built pack
This is the only backpack with spaces for two quads. This includes interior and exterior mounting location for unmanned aerial vehicle(UAV) pilots. The thick front formshell of panel protects brittle items.

5. Neewer

It has a very large capacity of 13.4x 40.2x 20.5 inch which equivalents 34x 26x 52cm. Thus, Brewer backpack can hold lots of accessories in it. It’s made of very tough nylon material. Thus it offers long services to its consumers. Also made of a waterproof polyester which prevents your devices from being damaged by water.


Drone is an aircraft without a human pilot on board. They are also known as unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). The unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) are classified under unmanned aerial system (UAS). This system contains a UAV, a ground- based controller and a system of communications between the two. Drones may operate with various degrees of independence. It can either be independently by onboard computers or under remote control by a human operator. Personally, I recommend Lowepro Quad guard Bpx2. It is the only backpack with spaces for two quads. It is made of a strong fabric that gives it a longer durability in comparison to the rest. It also got adjustable interior which offers a perfect workflow in the usage of padded, multi-level customizable system.
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