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Best Leather DSLR Camera Straps in 2018

Do you know that you can transform your camera from “just an electronic” to an eye-opening machine? Yes, you can. A pretty camera strap can change your camera to an attractive device. Leather can excellently make your accessory eye-popping. Leather gives a ageless look. It is well-known for its classy look, durability, and strength. I bet you will be looking stylish carrying your camera around with this leather strap. Leather straps are expressive practical and unique. You will be surprised on how this straps age beautifully.

A list of 5 leather camera straps that will provide with:

· Comforts around your neck and ergonomics.
· Easy time when using it

1. Herringtone Heritage Leather Camera strap

Herringtone Heritage leather camera strap provides you with the best solution if you want to be
holding from the side. This strap offers an excellent ergomic solution. This leather works eases holding the camera and booting becomes great. It’s one of the most favorite straps among Leica owners.

  • It increases camera ergonomics
  • The real leather makes it more attractive
  • It eases carrying the camera without affecting accessibility
  • Best for people who don’t like the neckstrap.


  • Can be difficult to install
  • Not all cameras can fit because its too thick
  • Some users said that the leather is thin
  • Cant carry larger DSLRs.

2. bstill leather camera strap

WOW! This is a strap providing its users with attractive and authentic leather look. This is made for users who want their pals open their mouths wide because of the unique colour. It is strong, wide and can carry heavy cameras. It has canvas drawstring bag to tot it around.

  • Attractive and handicrafted leather.
  • Comes with a canvas drawstring bag
  • The shoulder and nech pad aids to reduce pain when used for long.
  • Designed to carry heavy cameras (upto 5 pounds)


  • Some users dint like its durability
  • The leather contained orange hue
  • Some users complained of loose leathers that fell.

3. ONA – The Presidio – Camera Strap

This strap authentic and stunning. It is very tough thus its highly durable. If you believe money can buy happiness, this strap will offer a stuuning look. It is very thick and can support heavy equipments. People with big bodies can find a solution in this strap.

  • Has a long and adjustable strap
  • It has a padded necklace
    Build with waxed canvas


  • The strap was too for some users.
  • Some found the buckles sturdy
  • Some found it too thick and heavy

4. Movo MP-SS5 Vintage

It solves the problem of thise big-bodied people. It is long and adjustable. The the shoulder helps in distributing weight through the body.

  • It is valuable
  • Good for large people.
  • Long and adjustable strap


  • Heavy for some users
  • Simulated leather
  • Some complained of mould breaking endaring their accessory

5. TETHER Brown Leather Wrist Camera Strap for DSLR

This is fit for those having a small camera.

  • It’s a true Italian leather
  • Looks attractive in your small camera
  • Doesn’t stain incase weather changes.


  • Some found it too stiff
  • Maybe quite small for small camer users.

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Disclaimer: All recommendations are impartial and based on user experience, with no bias to the products or the brand. The products in this post contain affiliate links which help support