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Top 10 Best Gifts for Filmmakers in 2019

Filmmakers are very important people in our society. They play a significant role in the entertainment industry. They produce a classy and elegant film that display important scenes in society. But just before they produce a film for public consumption, they usually use technological devices or tools that help them either take or refine their work in the filming process.

These tools normally make their work easier and therefore their tasks cannot be of great success without these instruments. Therefore, it will be of great aid when you gift a filmmaker with one of these devices, especially during holidays.It will be more than great.

Having mentioned that, I am going to provide a comprehensive review of the top 10 Best Gifts for Filmmakers. By the end of this article, you will the kind of gifts you need to give these coming holidays.

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A List of Top 10 Best Gifts for Filmmakers

1. USB Batteries

USB normally stands for Universal Serial Bus. Nowadays, it has definitely taken the role of a wide range of mobile devices. The USB batteries are often small, portable and light. Some USB batteries have in-built flashlights ideal for night exterior or dark set shoot.

They are normally multipurpose with in-built 65W AC outlet. Some of them can even quick boost your car if need be. Interestingly, some are inclusive of air compressors that can re-inflate the flat tire. In general, they provide additional power to your gadget (serve as Xcellon power bank).

2. Multi-tools

These are an essential tools that are versatile in nature. It saves both space and shooting of subjects. Multi-tools that are Plier-based are the most convenient. Another type is the Swiss army knife which is efficient in its entire colors and configurations.

Corkscrew, can opener, multipurpose hook and bottle opener can also play the same role. Multipurpose hook helps in carrying heavy items that are normally wrapped with a string. Another tool that also serves as multi-tool is the SwissCard by Victorinox. It is portable and enhances design change.

3. Walkie talkies

They normally enhance communication between PA, actors, and filmmakers who usually work in large or exterior locations. They help those filmmakers who shoot using cameras to minimize errors.

A classic example of walkie talky is the two-way radio. They are affordable and often pick weather alerts making them convenient in film making.

4. Flashlights and headlamps

Flashlights assist in night shoots and convenient in working on specific dark sets.

They are mobile and easy to carry. Headlamp on the other hand, usually illuminate what you are staring at and makes your hand free to handle other issues. Weather and water resistance are effective to have.

5. Power inverters

Power inverter usually plays a key role in taking DC Power and turning it into AC Power.

They can effectively plug the lighter socket of your car or it can even be directly connected to the battery of your car. It’s always easy to use and offer great assistance in filmmaking.

6. Portable printers

Filmmakers always hold print of images while on their line of duties. Portable printers allow them to have clear photos of hair, wardrobe,art department and makeup of actors plus the way in which a certain location was dressed.

This is important as it enhances continuity especially when you intend to retake a shot or correcting a wardrobe. The prints also allow directors to take notes and hand it over to the actors or possibly send it for post-production purposes. Canon selphy printer can make a difference to filmmakers.

7. Instant film cameras

These cameras are highly designed to work closely with smartphones. They take photos or events and probably sharing the images and photos for purposes of enhancing filmmaking.

8. Drying cabinets

They are often used to keep your own gear humidity free in between the uses. There exist two types of drying cabinets.

They include portable ones that make good use of silica gel (more portable and smaller) and we have the one that is always plugged into the wall (dehumidifier).

9. Ponchos

It normally allows filmmakers to view their equipment settings and also safeguard the devices from wet weather or even rain. Examples include Sachtler and shooterslicker.

10. Baseball caps

They are certified headgear for filmmakers. They safeguard your head from either heat or other elements. The bill also safeguards your eyes from lights glare. The ball caps that you can offer as a gift are inclusive of Freefly, Porta Brace, RED Digital, B&H etc.

The above-mentioned tools can serve as the best filmmaker gifts. Give them as gifts to them and you will improve their source of livelihood.

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