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Best IKEA Desks for Gaming

IKEA gaming desks are an excellent way to save money when you’re looking for a new desk to game on. They have plenty of different styles and designs available so you can find what suits your needs. Some of them even come with built-in storage! But there are many other options as well to help you customize your space with your own design. That said, make sure to check out some of the cool desks we found below for the best value for money.


1. Ikea LINNMON Computer Table

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The Linnmon is a high-quality and stylish computer table. It is made of fiberboard and particleboard and painted in white. The computer table can be placed anywhere in the room, thanks to the finished back. Besides that, it is suitable for uneven flooring, thanks to the adjustable feet that allow you to level it. The table has 5 drawers. The drawers integrate drawer stops that protect them from falling out after pulling them out.

Highlighted features
• Pre-drilled leg holes guarantee easy assembly.
• Plastic bumpers hold the tabletop in place.
• Drawer stops protect the drawers from falling out.

2. IKEA desk

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Integrate a clean and simple look in your gaming setup once you purchase this desk. It features a white finish, and a finished back for convenient placement in the middle of a room. What’s more, there is a cable outlet and compartment in the back. This design allows you to maintain neat cables and keep them out of view but close at hand. The desk has two drawers where you can hide your essentials but place them within reach. Additionally, the drawers have drawer stops to prevent them from falling out after pulling.

Highlighted features
• A long tabletop provides a workspace for two.
• Interchangeable legs can be mounted to the right or left.
• The cable outlet hides messy cables.

3. Ikea LINNMON New Computer Desk

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Responding to a simple and functional Ikea Gaming Desk is the Linnmon New Computer Desk. The desk is made using a technique that utilizes less raw materials to reduce the impact on the environment. Better still, its materials are strong and lightweight for guaranteed convenience to the user. Easy to assemble, this desk comes with pre-drilled legs. Additionally, the desk comes with screws to let you attach the legs to the tabletop. And to let you use the table on uneven floors, the feet highlight an adjustable design.

Highlighted features
• Adjustable feet for efficient use on uneven floors.
• Steel legs for durability.
• Pre-drilled leg holes facilitate easy assembly.


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The VITTSJÖ, laptop table is an ideal choice when you need an open and airy feel for gaming. It is made of tempered glass and steel to enhance durability. Additionally, the table has a shelf on one side. The shelf features a black-brown finish, but you can pick a table that has a black finish. Designed to keep your cords in place and out of sight, this table features self-adhesive cable clips. Finally, there are adjustable feet that allow you to level the table on uneven floor surfaces.

Highlighted features
• A steel and tempered glass construction enhance style and durability.
• Self-adhesive clips conceal the laptop’s cables.
• The feet are adjustable for convenient use on uneven floors.

5. IKEA MICKE White Desk

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For a clean and simple design that will fit everywhere, I recommend that you get the IKEA MICKE White Desk. This desk can be used while placed in the middle of a room, thanks to the finished back. Adding to that, this desk features a stylish white finish that makes it sleek and stylish in different decors. The desk has two drawers that allow you to conceal your items. Moreover, it has a long tabletop that provides a working space for two. And to ensure that two people can use it conveniently, it has a long tabletop.

Highlighted features
• Cable outlet helps to keep the laptop cables out of view.
• Two drawers keep the items out of place.
• Long table top is suitable for two people.

6. IKEA 302.130.76 Micke desk White

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Turn any small space into a functional gaming area once you bring in the Ikea Micke White Desk. Unlike the latter, this is a small desk best suited for users with a smaller space. The desk features one drawer that conceals your essentials. In addition, its tabletop is small and suitable for one user at a time. Designed for placement in any place, the back features a finished design. Lastly, there is a cable management spot that allows you to keep cables and sockets out of sight.

Highlighted features
• Drawer stops prevent the drawer from falling out while pulling.
• Legs can mount to the right or left to suit the space.
• Cable outlet for easy organization of the cables.

7. IKEA Linnmon Desk with Adils Multi-Purpose

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This is a rectangular table designed to provide a sufficient working area for two. The table features a white finish and a wooden top material for style and durability. Moreover, it has metallic legs for a high-weight bearing capacity and durability. Easy to assemble, this table comes with pre-drilled legs and screws to attach the tabletop to the legs. Finally, its feet are adjustable for convenient use on uneven floors.

Highlighted features
• Strong and lightweight board on frame tabletop.
• Adjustable feet for convenient use on uneven floors.
• Pre-drilled leg holes facilitate easy assembly.

8. Ikea Fredde Computer Work Station

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For a versatile and functional gaming space, I recommend the Ikea Fredde Computer Work Station. This is an attractive and sturdy desk that provides plenty of space for a 32″ computer monitor or TV. Besides that, the tabletop is big enough to provide plenty of space for two gaming monitors. The table has two plastic cup holders to let you place your drink within reach. Also, it has high side panels that block the sunlight to prevent distracting glare on the monitor.

Highlighted features
• Contoured tabletop supports an ergonomic posture.
• Cable management system helps to conceal the cables.
• Side panels keep the sun’s rays off the monitors.

9. Ikea Alex Computer Desk with Drawers

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For a clean and functional gaming space, use the Ikea Alex Computer Desk. This desk has a long tabletop suitable for two. Furthermore, the table has two drawers that allow you to conceal some items but put them within reach. The drawers have drawer stops that prevent them from falling out. The desk’s back is finished for convenient placement in the middle of a room.

Highlighted features
• Built-in cable management keeps the cables out of sight.
• A long tabletop provides sufficient working space for two.
• Drawer stops protect the drawers from falling.

10. IKEA Desk, Black-Brown, Black 16202.22011.1818

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Last but not least we have the 16202.22011.1818 IKEA Desk. Its tabletop is made of birch wood and painted in veneer and black to enhance style. The veneer surface is stain-resistant and easy to keep clean to help you maintain a neat and tidy desk. The desk has wide feet that help maintain its stability. Also, it has adjustable legs that allow you to attain a comfortable working space. The cable management net is another plus that helps you to keep the cables out of sight.

Highlighted features
• Stain-resistant and durable veneer tabletop.
• A cable management net allows you to organize the cables.
• The legs are adjustable between 25⅝”- 33½”.


So, there you have it- my list of the best IKEA gaming desks. If you want to get the best value for money, I recommend that you purchase any of the reviewed products, but ensure that it fits your budget and needs.