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Top Best Ergonomic Keyboard Trays

Do you spend a lot of hours sitting at your desk? If that is the case, typing for hours could be exhausting, both mentally and physically. In fact, the situation could get worse if the desktop and keyboard are not aligned; the reason it is a wise idea to invest in an ergonomic keyboard tray. Ideally, an ergonomic keyboard tray allows you to place the keyboard in the right position, a measure that helps to improve posture, typing comfort and help you avoid repetitive strain injuries.

The best ergonomic keyboard trays are adjustable and durable. You can position the keyboard and mouse ergonomically and adjust the peripherals independently from your desktop for user comfort. You can arrange your workspace and minimize the potential of work injuries.

A List of Top Best Ergonomic Keyboard Trays

3M Keyboard Tray, Simply Turn Knob to Adjust Height and Tilt, 17 in Track, Black (AKT60LE)

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Responding to the need for a customizable solution that will provide you with comfort and flexibility in your workstation is the 3M Keyboard Tray. This tray should be mounted under the desk to help you save some desk space. The keyboard tray can provide a sturdy platform that allows you to work comfortably. It includes an all-in-one standard platform for a precise mousing surface. A wrist rest is another addition to the keyboard tray. The rest adopts a 3M Gel technology to minimize slippage while typing. Also, the wrist rest features a leatherette material for effortless cleanup.

Additional features and benefits include:

• High-quality construction
The keyboard tray is a high-quality all-in-one platform featuring a wooden construction. The wood minimizes the amount of bouncing to reduce instability, and therefore, enhance your productivity at work. Also, there is a wrist rest that features a leatherette material with antimicrobial product protection for durability and safety.

• Knob adjustment arm
Besides the high-quality construction, this tray includes a knob adjustment arm. The arm controls the tilt and height of the tray so that you can create a customized workstation aimed at helping you benefit from improved circulation and reduced stress injuries.

FERSGO under Desk Keyboard Tray

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Free up space on your working desk using the Fersgo under Desk Keyboard Tray. The tray installs under the desk to let you create a comfortable working station in your office or study. It goes in and out of the way so that you can slide it under the desk while out of use and out of the desk wherever you want to do some work.

Additional features and benefits include:
• Height and angle adjustability
If you are looking for the best ergonomic keyboard tray that will let you maintain an ergonomic position while working, I would like to recommend this model. You can tilt it at a ± 15° angle for you to locate the most comfortable posture. Also, the keyboard tray can swivel up to 360° to let you work comfortably from any position. Asides from that, the tray features a special spring mechanism that doesn’t require any knob or lever to adjust its height.

• Solid and durable
Besides adjustability, the Fersgo under Desk Keyboard Tray is one of the best choices for a durable, ergonomic keyboard tray. It is made using high-grade steel. The steel is durable and firm, enabling the tray to hold everything securely.

• Easy to install
Finally, this tray is easy to install. It comes in a package that includes properly labeled parts for easy installation. Still, the tray comes with a definitive and detailed guide for guaranteed ease of set up.

Defy Desk Clamp on Keyboard Tray under Desk Storage

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Upgrade your workstation using the Defy Desk Clamp-on Keyboard Tray. Once you get it, you can ease back pain and body stress, thanks to the ability to position it at the exact height under the desktop. The keyboard tray adopts a clamping system that supports easy installation without damaging the desk.

Additional features and benefits include:
• Smooth gliding tray
If you are tired of using keyboard trays that get stuck as you try to slide them in and out, then you can forget about such challenges after getting the Defy Desk Clamp-on Keyboard Tray. The solid wooden tray utilizes premium stainless steel side rails. Therefore, the tray doesn’t shake, and it can slide in and out smoothly.

• Universal size
What’s more, this tray features a universal size. It fits most desks that are wider than 32″. Also, the tray can extend up to 2.4″ thick so that it can fit different kinds of desks and tables. The fact that it can hang 3.5″ below the desk’s surface assures you of getting a keyboard tray that will offer maximum comfort to the user.

• Large top surface
The Defy Desk is an extra-large and wide keyboard tray. It measures 26″ x 11″. This means that you can get extra room for the hands and use the mouse in full motion without sacrificing the space.

VIVO Large Keyboard Tray under Desk Pull Out with Extra Sturdy C Clamp Mount System

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A must-have accessory to help you set up an ergonomic working station is the Vivo Large Keyboard Tray. While using it, you can enjoy the benefits of ergonomic typing angles and a spacious working area without having to sacrifice a lot of money to purchase it. What’s more, the keyboard tray features a sleek, black appearance that adds a classy and stylish look to different office setups.

Additional features and benefits include:
• Space-saving design
This tray is an ideal choice for anyone who needs to save some desk space. It measures 26.8″ x 11″ so that it can provide an adequate amount of space suitable for holding the mouse, keyboard, and other small accessories.

• Adjustable design
Also, the keyboard tray features an adjustable design. It can extend to a maximum of 8.5″ from the edge of the desk. This aids in relieving strain on the neck and shoulders while enabling you to benefit from a good posture while working.

• Sturdy C-clamps
The large keyboard tray comes with sturdy C-clamps. You can use the clamps to attach the tray to the workstation so that everything is held tightly in place. Besides, the clamps are adjustable and designed for use from desktops with a thickness ranging from 0.5″ to 1.75″. Designed to attach to your workstation without causing damage, the clamps are padded to protect them from scratching the workstation.

• Durable and easy to install
Lastly, this is a sturdy keyboard tray. It features a solid steel construction for durability. Still, the tray is easy to install. It comes with the necessary instructions and the required hardware for easy and effortless installation using the adjustable clamps.

KT2 Ergonomic Under-Desk Keyboard Tray

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Create a healthy working environment with the help of the KT2 Ergonomic Under-Desk Keyboard Tray. It is easy to install so that anyone can use it from different workstations. The tray offers a huge height range enabling it to encourage a better posture. It is suitable for use from standing desks and designed to let you hold your keyboard at an elbow height.

Additional features and benefits include:
• Height adjustable
The KT2 has an adjustable height. It swings the keyboard up to 8.5″ above the height of the desk so that you can type while standing. Besides that, the large height range allows for the proper separation between the monitor and keyboard while making it possible to position the monitor at the eye-level and the keyboard at the elbow-height level for an improved posture.

• Adjustable mouse pad
Still, the keyboard tray comes with a mouse pad. The pad features a premium adhesive surface for the smooth running of the mouse. Additionally, the mouse pad is adjustable and tilt-able to let you use the mouse from a flat position. The fact that the width between the mouse and keyboard is adjustable is a measure that helps you improve the posture of the shoulders.

• Commercial-grade construction
Finally, this tray features a durable construction. It is made of steel so that it can withstand daily use and meet the needs of the most rigorous offices. The tray doesn’t incorporate plastic in its construction to protect it from breakage after a drop.

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