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Best LED Par Lights

Everyone can attest to the warm and welcoming mood that is set by LED par lights in any event. While many LED par lights are commonly used on stages, nightclubs, and concerts, this doesn’t limit their use to these areas alone. LED par lights can be used for party events and also home and business use too. However, while they may offer some modernized and warm settings, choosing the best LED par lights for your needs can be a daunting task especially for first-time buyers. The following is a complete guide on the best LED par lights you can purchase for your lighting needs. Also recommended: Best LED Model Lights

You’ll have a good choice of the LED par lights for a variety of occasions. The best value for your money, you can have both fun and entertainment.

A List of Best LED Par Lights

How to Choose the Best LED Par Lights

The choice of the best LED par lights narrows down to the features offered by each of the lights. Consider the following features when making the optimal choice for your LED par lighting needs.

Size of the LED Par Lights

You expect that LED par lights to come in different sizes based on the fact that they can be used for different environments. For optimal usability of an LED par light in your desired environment, choose the size that works best for the available space.


One of the factors to consider when purchasing an LED par light is its brightness. With a varying number of lumens, comes a different light output with more lumens yielding to more light. Here, you need to ensure that you purchase the LED par light that is compatible with the intent of the par lights.


While some LED par lights offer few colors that can be used individually, others offer different color combinations. The choice here narrows down to personal preference in terms of fun and how you intend to use the lights.

A List of Top 5 Best LED Par Lights in 2021

To arrive at the top five best LED par lights, customer reviews and individual testing were used as the ultimate measure to find out which LED par lights offer value for your money. The following are the top five best LED par lights one could purchase in 2021.

LUNSY DJ Par Lights, 36LEDs Stage Lighting

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Upon purchasing, these lights come in a pack of two having each light possess thirty-six LED beads. Thanks to their dual-designed brackets that are easy to hang or mount, that these lights offer excellent performance for your lighting needs. Users might like the infra-red control while operating these lights in switching between the seven different modes that they come with.

With the LUNSY DJ par lights comes an infra-red controlled sound-activated mode that yields fun to your party. Notably, each of these lights possesses an aluminum shell hence making them lightweight and durable.

What You Might Like

  • Sturdy and beautiful aluminum shell
  • Seven different lighting effects
  • Infra-red controlled
  • Comes in a pack of two lights

TENKOO LED Par Stage Light

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The TENKOO LED par stage lights are rich in bright colors for your party, home use, or even concert. Notably, they use an LED set that comes with twelve blue lights, twelve red lights, and twelve green lights, making a sum of thirty-six LEDs. You might also like the cooling fan installed in the lighting which enhances their lifespan by preventing them from breaking down from overheating.

With the TENKOO LED par stage light, you can be assured of lots of control over its different effects. Users can shift from pulse, sound-activated, master/slave, jump, gradient, and many others.

What You Might Like

  • Its myriad DJ effects
  • Ease of use
  • Bright colors
  • Affordable price

OPPSK Stage Light

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Despite having not a lot of LEDs like some of the par lights in this list, the OPPSK stage light still offers value for your money, thanks to other great features it possesses. With this 70-watt light, you are guaranteed great power and brightness, making it one of the best concert light setups. Also, the OPPSK stage light might be integrated into a performance setup inside a venue and be used as stage wash lighting.

With this LED par light, users can be guaranteed 50,000 hours of use making it one of the most durable par lights in the market. You might also like its beam angle of 45-degrees, especially for your stage lighting needs. The OPPSK stage light offers a total of nine different operational modes for use including strobe, hopping, and color fade. Users might also love the DMX controlling having them find in and out ports in the back of the light.

What You Might Like

  • Nine operational modes
  • DMX compatible
  • Have a long lifespan of 50,000 hours

Easydancing, Stage Lighting LED Par Light

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The Easydancing stage lighting LED par light is one of the most-sought after LED par lights. Notably, the light is used for stages, parties, and clubs in general. The light also offers the RGB smooth color mixing effect. With this purchase, one can get a total of seven modes with great effects for a wider range of use.

Its seven modes include auto, color fade, color-changing, master/slave, static color, and DMX controlling. With this light, you can freely adjust the sensitivity of the speed and sound output.

What You Might Like

  • Comes in seven different modes
  • Easy use and control
  • Possess the RGB Smooth Color Mixing Effect

Missyee, Sound Activated Uplighting 18LEDs RGB Color Stage Lighting

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With the Missyee LED par lighting, users can expect more with its dual-functioning lights. Whether chained with DMX cables or placed on the ground, the performance of the Missyee LED par lights remains both reliable and powerful. While their appearance might look small, the lights possess a long lifespan hence offering value for your money.

Thanks to the automatic control over its colors, rotation speed, and strobe function that the Missyee LED par lights are easy to use. Notably, your purchase comes in four lights with each light coming with its remote control for enhanced ease of use. With each of the lights comes eighteen LEDs with RGB smooth color stage lighting.

What You Might Like

  • Comes with the RGB smooth color lighting
  • Ease of use, thanks to the remote automatic control
  • The lights are durable
  • DMX compatibility