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Best Portable Record Players (2022)

When it comes to vinyl enjoyment, the above 10 items are the Best Portable Record Players around. After reviewing each one we’ve chosen only those which have excellent features! Check out the various models and decide which would best suit your needs. Make the final sale, await its arrival and start enjoying those classic vinyl records.

Portable record players are popular among those in the music community. The feel of vinyl records in one’s hands brings about fond nostalgic memories. And unlike old bulky stereos, portable players are light and much easier to transport as well! But, searching through hundreds of models can be a bit time-consuming.

Portable Record Player Must-Haves

When searching for a reliable portable player, there are some key factors to consider. Concentrating on various product specs and customer reviews, we’ve selected only the best.

Sound Quality

Because you deserve an excellent, you want to find a portable record player with top of the line speakers. Most of which include built-in speaker systems that have good sound quality. Presenting the user with the ultimate vinyl record enjoyment.

Record Player Portability

Portable record players should be easy to carry and transport from one location to the next! Most high-end models are compact in size and include their own carry case. They also come with long-life batteries for extended listening enjoyment that’s plug-free.

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A List of Top 10 Best Portable Record Players

1. Crosley CR8017A-WB Voyager Vintage Portable Turntable with Bluetooth Receiver and Built-in Speakers, Washed Blue by Crosley

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Vintage music enthusiasts love the Crosley Portable turntable! Its convenient compact design and locking lid allows for easy portability. This Crosley player also has wireless speakers to amplify your favorite tunes anywhere. Making a great party addition or in-home entertainment system.

Product Specs:

* 3-Speed Turntable

* Adjustable Pitch Control

* Built-In Bluetooth Receiver

* Auxillary Headphone Jack


* Crosley’s portable turntable comes with an adjustable control knob. Putting you in charge of music amplification.

* Plugs into existing stereo systems that have RCA outputs for added propulsion.

* Is capable of playing 33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM vinyl records with ease.


* Record player arm gets loose after years of use.

2. Vinyl Record Player, ammoon 3 Speed Turntable Blue Tooth Record Player with 2 Built-in Stereo Speakers, Replacement Needle, Supports RCA Line Out, AUX-in, Headphone Jack, Vintage Suitcase by ammoon

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This Ammoon turntable is one of the Best Portable Record Players available today! Its unique retro design gives record player a trendy vintage appeal. Unlike other products of its kind, this has a special synchronized recording feature! Ideal for storing your number one vinyl hits to share with family and friends.

Product Specs:

* USB & SD Recording Devices

* 3-Speed Operation For 33, 45, 78RPM

* Durable Carry-Case W/Handle


* The portable record player converts vinyl records & radio programs to MP3s. Allowing you to save and playback any digital files via USB flash drive/SD card.

* Includes wireless connection to tablets and Smartphone devices. Allowing the user to play music through the turntable speaker system.


* The Ammoon player is a reliable low-price item whose only downsides coming in one color variation.

3. Vinyl Record Player, Portable Suitcase Turntables for Vinyl Records, Belt-Drive 3-Speed Vintage Lp Record Player by GRC

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The GRC Portable Record Player’s equipped with classic bronze handles and textured exterior. Giving it that vintage oldie but goodie look and feel. Plus, the operator-friendly design and durable case makes it easy for kids to use as well. Making an ideal gift for both the young and young at heart!

Product Specs:

* Headphone & RCA Jacks

* Vinyl To MP3 Recording Ability

* Shock Absorption Spring

* Built-In High-Quality Stereo Speakers


* Portable turntable’s locking case maintains its condition while keeping out dirt & debris.

* The RCA Line Out W/Headphone Jack incorporates vintage style with modern technology.


* Volume tends to be inaudible for those with hearing impairments.

4. ClearClick Vintage Suitcase Turntable with Bluetooth & USB – Classic Wooden Retro Style by ClearClick

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Turn back the hands of time with the Vintage Suitcase Turntable by ClearClick! And you can’t go wrong for it even comes with a 3-year Company Warranty. Along with its Handmade Wooden Design, this ClearClick item is a real work of art. Looking quite breathtaking in your family room or den area.

Product Specs:

* WIndows & Mac Computer Compatible

* Bluetooth, Aux-In, & USB-Out

* Dimensions Of (18 x 15.2 x 8.5 inches)


* Its aux-in audio port allows you to play songs through your phone & other digital devices.

* The portable record player comes at a great low price which includes free shipping.


* The exterior of the suitcase fades when kept in sunlight.

5. Vintage Turntable-Vinyl Record Player, D&L 3 Speed Bluetooth Portable Turntable with Stereo Speakers (Vintage Turntable) by D&L

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Unlike your typical run of the mill portable player’s this one by D&L includes a detachable stand. Allowing for quick and easy set-up while on the go. It also has the capability of hooking up to existing Hi-Fi systems. Providing the user with excellent high-quality amplification.

Product Specs:

* 45 RPM Adapter

* PU Leather Wrapping

* Bluetooth Player

* 3.5mm Headphone Jack


* The adjustable 3-speed portable turntable is capable of playing 33 1/3, 45 or 78 RPM vinyl records with ease.

* Includes a secure rest clip to protect the player’s pick-up arm.


* The product does not include an RCA Cable for amplifier connection.

6. Record Player, JORLAI Vintage Turntable 3-Speed Vinyl Record Player with Speakers/ Rechargeable Battery/ Vinyl-to-MP3 Recording/ Headphone Jack/ Aux Input/ RCA Line Out ¨C White by JORLAI

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Play all your favorite pieces of vinyl on the JORLAI portable record player. Its gentle one-touch lever enables the arm to rest on your records without doing any damage. On the back of the player, there is an RCA 2 channel connection. Providing a user with the option to hook the system into external stereo speakers.

Product Specs:

* Built-In 2100 mAH Rechargeable Lithium Battery.

* Customized Metal Decorative Panels

* Built-In Wireless Speakers

* Electroplating Turn Knob


* JORLAI’s portable player has a classic suitcase design that enhances its retro appeal.

* It allows you to play iTunes via the wireless aux-in option.

* The included software enables you to record WAV/MP3 audio from vinyl records. Allowing for later playback on most mobile devices & home computers.


* Unit is not equipped with an auto-return device, thus requiring the user to lift off the arm when done playing.

7. EBTOOLS Bluetooth Vintage Vinyl Record Player, 3-Speed Turntable Vintage Vinyl Jukebox with Headphone Jack for 18/20/30cm Record(US-Plug) by EBTOOLS

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Enjoy playing all your 70s and 80s vinyl hits on this EBTOOLS Vintage Record Player. The system supports Bluetooth playback thanks to the 3.5mm jack, enabling you to stream music through phones and other electronic devices. One thing that sets it apart from the rest is a durable Ruby Needle. Picking up sound with lightning-quick accuracy.

Product Specs:

* Voltage Capacity Of 100-240 Volts

* 100% Real ABS Materials

* 3-Gear Speed Of 33,45, & 78


* EBTOOLS player’s 78 RPM system allows you to enjoy old-time 18, 20, & 30-cm vinyl records.

* The genuine PU leather wooden jukebox design is both attractive & extra durable.


* Its price is a bit steep for those with limited resources.

8. Victrola Vintage 3-Speed Bluetooth Suitcase Turntable with Speakers, Cobalt Blue by Victrola

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It’s easy to see why the Victrola Suitcase Turntable has so many 5-STAR Reviews! Besides the cool auto/manual stop option this player also has a Bluetooth capability of up to 33 feet as well! Giving one the chance to play tunes from a nearby friend’s home with crystal clear clarity.

Product Specs:

* Volume & Power Control Knob

* Textured Exterior

* Sturdy Carry Handle

* Intricate Chrome Accents


* The unit has no cords or wires for quick & easy set-up and visual appeal.

* Its 3.5-millimeter Aux-in provides users effortless music play via their non-Bluetooth devices.


* Very nice system, the only setback is needing external speakers for better amplification.

9. Popsky Record Player, 3-Speed Vintage Style Turntable, Bluetooth Record Player with Built-in Stereo Speakers, Portable Suitcase LP Vinyl Player, Headphone & USB & RCA Jack by popsky

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Bring back nostalgic memories of old with the Popsky Vintage Portable Turntable. The classic antique design and modern techno mechanics give it a unique appeal. Making this player ideal for in-home use or as a Birthday or Anniversary present to give your loved ones.

Product Specs:

* 45 RPM Adapter

* 2 Built-In Full Range Speakers

* Vinyl-To-Mp3 Recording Capability

* 3-Speed Belt Driven Turntable


* The portable vintage player requires no assembly for instant vinyl play.

* Its anti-resonance design helps to lessen exterior sound vibrations.

* The solid base is lightweight & durable for easier transport.


* Popsky player begins to slow down over time.

* Bluetooth connection takes time to figure out.

10. Numark PT01 Touring | Portable Suitcase Turntable with USB Connectivity for Conversion, Retro Styling, Onboard Stereo Speakers & Built-in Rechargeable Battery – Three-Speed (33 1/3, 45 and 78rpm) by Numark

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The Numark PT01 portable turntable is nice and rugged. Ensuring its protection to and from your home base. There is also an integrated handle for double protection while carrying around town. Giving you added protection during your travels out and about.

Product Specs:

* Playback Function

* Rechargeable Battery

* RCA Output Connection

* Onboard Stereo Speakers


* It is effective at playing record vinyl with speeds of 33 1/3, 45 and 78 RPM.

* Allows for simple connection to your home audio gear via its RCA outputs.


* The player does not work well with certain digital devices.