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The Best Selfie Sticks for iPhone

What is the best selfie stick for iPhone? A selfie stick can be very useful when you need to take photos from unique angles. You can adjust the stick to the perfect angle and capture your perfect shot. Choosing one of the best selfie sticks for iPhone is important for many people who enjoy taking photos and videos.

Versatility is key when choosing a selfie stick. Many models have a length of up to 30 inches when fully extended, allowing you to fit large groups or backgrounds into your selfies. However, it’s important to consider portability as well since you don’t want to carry a heavy and bulky stick around all day.

Compatibility is another important factor to consider when buying a selfie stick. For iPhone users, it’s crucial to ensure that the selfie stick is compatible with your specific iPhone model. For example, iPhone 7 and later models require a lightning-to-earphone jack connector to work with wired selfie sticks. Wired selfie sticks also don’t require charging, while remote selfie sticks use Bluetooth pairing and require charging.

If you plan to use your selfie stick for water sports or other activities where it may get wet, it’s a good idea to look for a waterproof feature. This will ensure that your selfie stick is protected from water damage and can withstand outdoor use.

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A List of Top 10 Best Selfie Sticks for iPhone

Premium iPhone Bluetooth Selfie Stick

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You can extend this Bluetooth selfie stick up to 27″. In a way, it’s like a monopod for your iPhone to shoot video. In term of quality, it’s unbeatable. A sturdy and well made selfie stick and tripod, you won’t find anything cheap or flimsy.

  • Easy to use
  • Made of quality materials

Kizen iPhone Selfie Stick

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Kizen’s Monopod selfie stick is a two-in-one selfie stick. Very compact, it has a selfie stick mode without much stretch. Therefore, it’s quite easy to load it in your backpack. The wireless remote are small and useful for most iPhone users.

  • Built-in tripod
  • Wireless remote
  • Retractable legs
  • Comes with a microfiber bag

Matone Bluetooth iPhone Selfie Stick

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Matone has added a third measurement to the traditional selfie sticks. You can either use it a tripod or a stick. Presently, what is that third angle to this unobtrusive selfie stick? It is your GoPro camera. Indeed, you can likewise attach your GoPro camera to this selfie stick and catch astounding photos and shoot videos during your vacation trips. This selfie stick is the best iPhone gear you can use during numerous events. Regardless of whether it is your family, social gatherings, office parties, experience outings, or solo travel.

  • Stable tripod with built-in removable Bluetooth remote
  • Portable pocket size design: lightweight and compact
  • Material: ABS, Aluminum alloy

StikBox iPhone Selfie Stick

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The Stikbox is for the prepared selfie-taker: the person who, in every case, needs their selfie stick on them consistently. A full-length, the Stikbox extends to around 20 inches. When it’s collapsed up, it fits the size of your iPhone. The stick part of the Stikbox comes with a completely computerized Bluetooth trigger.

  • A telescope slider that extends your reach by 20 inches
  • Made of lightweight aluminum

Me-Shot Deluxe iPhone Selfie Stick

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Me-Shot Deluxe is durable than the other selfie sticks in this review. It clasps right onto your iPhone, so it shouldn’t matter which model you claim. Stable, you won’t have to stress over your iPhone dropping out during use.

  • Bluetooth remote ready out of the box
  • Weighs less than 4 ounces, pole collapses to 9″
  • Ergonomic silicone grip and hard anodized finish prevent rusting

Fugetek Selfie Stick and Tripod

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The Fugetek Selfie Stick and Tripod comes with a remote shade and a robust and extendable arm. In contrast, the model comes with an essential tripod that extends out of the base of the stick.

  • Adjustable and removable mount
  • Universal compatibility for your phone and other devices

Anker Bluetooth iPhone Selfie Stick

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The Anker Selfie Stick can broaden 29 inches, overlap up to an insignificant 7.5-inch stick for simple stockpiling. Made of aluminum, it has a stable battery life of 20 hours. The Anker selfie stick holds your iPhone firmly. It’s one of the best selfie sticks for iPhone. Overall, we highly recommend this Anker Bluetooth iPhone Selfie Stick for most iPhone users who love doing photography.

  • An extendable body and flexible phone cradle
  • Built with sturdy yet remarkably lightweight aluminum alloy
  • Quick and easy shutter-release control

Premium HD 4-in-1 Selfie Stick

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This selfie stick comes with an adjustable collapsing small tripod. The set works with GoPro and iPhone cameras.

  • Rugged camera pole extends from 12″ to 36″ inches long
  • Universal for all your cameras
  • Heavy duty yet ultra portable

Mpow Bluetooth Selfie Stick for iPhone

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The Mpow is very small.

  • Made of aluminum amalgam: lightweight
  • Non-slip elastic cushions at the base of the tripod stand

Vicdozia iPhone Selfie Stick

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Victoria’s design is just great.

  • Made of soft rubber grip
  • Comfortable to grasp and hold on your hand
  • Lightweight aluminum
  • Non-slip handle and comfortable wrist strap