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Best Sound Cards for Recording

Are you a music composer or a sound engineer who caters to the extremely demanding audiophile market? You need a decent sound card that is capable to render audio tracks with great details needed for music production. The best audio card enables you to get high-quality audio and you can connect other essential studio instruments such as microphones, synths, electric guitars, and other instruments during your recording sessions.

There are so many sound cards for recording on the market today and it can be difficult to tell which one to get. To save you some trouble, we have done extensive research and picked the best sound card for recording. Let us look at them.

In terms of audio quality and performance, all of them delivers professional-grade sound that you can stream live or used to improve music production. They are perfect for beginners to use and they feature a lot of connectivity options.

A List of Top 5 Best Sound Cards for Recording

Focusrite Scarlett Solo Studio USB Audio Interface with Headphones and Microphone

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When you purchase the Focusrite Scarlett sound card, you will get a complete recording bundle. Right in the box, you will get a 3-meter XLR microphone cable, condenser microphone, closed-back headphones, USB audio interface, and free software allowing you to start recording music any time. It features a single upgraded Scarlett mic preamp that has switchable Air mode to provide your acoustic and vocal recording a more open and brighter sound.

Typically, this sound card has high performance192kHz/24-bit AD-DA converters that guarantee professional sound quality. You just need to plug your bass or guitar into the high-headroom instrument and then start recording without unwanted distortion or any clipping. You can connect it straight to your PC or Mac via USB cable.

• Has switchable air mode to give an acoustic and vocal recording
• Include pop filter and basic microphone shock mount
• Equipped with high performance 192KHZ AD-DA converters
• Offer high sound quality when recording

BEHRINGER UMC404HD Audio Interface

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BEHRINGER is a very popular brand known for producing many products. This audio interface stands out with analog controls, plenty of ports, and an exceptionally low price. This sound card is compatible with most recording software such as Steinberg Cubase, Ableton Live, and Avid Pro Tools. What’s more, it has four USB 2.0 MIDI/Audio Interface for recording instruments and microphones.

It will record perfect vocal on the computer-based DAW as it has 4 astonishingly world-class, pure MIDAS-designed mic. Whether you are a producer, singer-songwriter or you just need a rock-solid interface to use for recording backing tracks, this ultra-dependable audio interface will assist you to shine in the digital domain.

• 24-Bit/192 Khz converters for best sound quality
• Has Mono/Stereo switch for direct monitoring
• Analog Inserts to use external effects
• Fast USB 2.0 for easy and simple connection
• It has a Frequency response of 10 Hz to 43 kHz

PreSonus AudioBox USB 2.0 96 Studio Recording Bundle with Microphone, Headphones, and Interface

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This is another surprisingly noble package that comes equipped with essential accessories for recording audio. It is a rugged audiobox USB 96 MIDI/audio interface perfect for recording vocals. You can use it for recording demos, creating multitrack recordings, podcasts, live recordings, field recordings for sound and video effects, and much more. This handy little and simple audio interface has just the best features for basic recording needs.

This recording device is compatible with most recording software for Windows and Mac. Moreover, it is also equipped with a professional-quality 96 kHz, 24-bit converter, and high-performance microphone preamplifiers. Extended treble response and accurate midrange let you pick out the fine details of a track or a mix.

• Ideal for vocals and acoustic instruments
• Include everything you need to record at home
• Simple, portable, and reliable audio box
• Comes with high-definition hd7 headphones
• Compatible with most recording software

MOTU UltraLite-MK3 Hybrid USB2/FireWire Audio Interface

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The MOTU UltraLite audio Interface is a remarkable piece of music equipment that will make sound and audiophile engineer’s smile. It is going to connect all of your recording studio equipment such as drum machines, keyboards, synths, guitars, microphones, MIDI devices, and even effects processors. Ideally, it is housed in a compact, rugged half-rack enclosure that you can take anywhere. Moreover, this sound card is well suited for stage and studio, with or without a computer.

The UltraLite-mk3 Audio Interface provides 14 separate outputs and 10 separate inputs. Moreover, it has hybrid USB2 and FireWire connectivity to connect to your computer by either hi-speed USB2 or bus-powered FireWire.

• It has USB2 and Hybrid FireWire connectivity
• provides 14 separate output and 10 separate inputs
• Made with high-quality material
• Provides a good surround sound effect
• Simple to configure


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You can never go wrong with the BEHRINGER (UMC204HD) – an audio interface that provides high-resolution music recording, up to 192 kHz and 24-bit. It allows zero-latency direct monitoring hence you can experience your performance clearly with no lag or delay in the returning signal. This results in better recoding and performance. At the back of this sound card, you will find a USB 2.0 port for an easy and simple connection to your PC. There are also a lot of analog playback options such as RCA, ¼” TRS, and XLR.

This sound interface is compatible with most well-known recording software such as Steinberg Cubase, Ableton Live, and Avid Pro Tools. It is an amazing portable sound card interface if you have the budget for it.

• Compatible with most popular recording software
• Has Audiophile 192 kHz/24-Bit resolution
• Has two USB 2.0 MIDI/Audio Interface for recording
• Support Mac OS and Windows XP or higher
• The device quality is good.