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The Best Trackball for Gaming

With the rise of professional gaming, having top-notch gaming gear has become increasingly important for gamers. In particular, a high-quality trackball can enhance gameplay by providing precise control and saving valuable time. Additionally, a comfortable ergonomic design is crucial to prevent hand fatigue during long gaming sessions. To help you choose the perfect trackball for gaming, we have compiled a comprehensive guide of the top-rated options on the market. Each of these trackballs has been carefully selected to meet the specific needs and expectations of gamers.

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A List of Top 5 Best Trackball for Gaming

Kensington Orbit Trackball for Gaming With Scroll Ring

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It is a newly designed trackball that comes with a fantastic scrolling ring. Still, it offers the user two customizable knob choices, making it simple to utilize as per someone’s requirement. However, with Mac OS and Windows compatibility, the user can enjoy the favorite games on the functioning system that someone might want with the aid of trackball.

The scrolling rings work faster and allow the user to scroll the system via the pages even when playing the games. Additionally, effective optical technology means that this device maintenance is almost nil. Further, it uses little space, and with the aid of the USB connectivity, the user can efficiently utilize it in any game system. Moreover, the customizable buttons choices and scroll ring are the main reason most customers like using it.

(a) Simple to integrate
(b) Low maintenance
(c) Comes alongside with scrolling
(d) Two customizable knobs

(a) More swift compared to average

Logitech M570 Wireless Rated Trackball for Gaming (practical ergonomic layout)

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The Logitech provides functional and helpful USB connectivity. Besides, the shape of this trackball is easy to work with even for extensive hours. Amazingly, the user’s hand remains to a specific place when utilizing the trackball, reducing fatigue. It also provides convenient controls such as forward and back buttons, moving among the documents, and browsing to someone’s favorite websites. The cordless life ranges up to 18 months when the user utilizes a single AA cordless, and as a result, it prevents the user from staying charging the cordless time after time.
Further, you can also take out the trackball and tidy it up and return it to place without any problems. However, the play and plug connection mean that the user will not worry about installing any related devices, since you only have to utilize the USB port to connect it. Additionally, it comes with a wireless layout, meaning that someone can operate it anyplace within a radius of about ten meters. The highly efficient layout and comfort make it to be a beneficial option for any client.


(a) Excellent cordless life
(b) Simple to clean
(c) Comfortable to utilize
(d) Ergonomic layout


(a) The packaging requires improvement.

Kensington Expert Wireless Best Trackball for Gaming

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The Kensington comes with four customizable selection and adjustable cursor speed, meaning the user can effectively customize it for best gaming performance. However, with the aid of the optical tracking technology, someone can be sure of the accurate cursor movement that is particularly useful while playing superior-end online games. Besides, it has a scroll ring, which helps to browse the web pages quickly, and the big ball allows the user to have high precision.
Further, the detachable wrist support indicates that the ergonomic layout can eventually help the user play the games. Still, that unique layout is more comfortable compared to many other related options. On top of the auto-sleep modes effectively allow the user to conserve the AA cordless. Otherwise, it is more compatible with Chrome OS, windows, and the Mac OS, and the wireless precision and connectivity make it an abundant selection.


(a) Compatible with many operating systems
(b) Wireless connectivity
(c) Removable wrist support
(d) Superior precise


(a) Housing is not that flat.

Elecom M-HT1URBK Wired Best Trackball Mouse ( Big ergonomic design)

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With eight available knobs selections, this trackball can offer the user an edge compared to other gamers. Besides, it is designed overtly for tremendously multiplayer online games and also real duration gaming. As a result, if you want a trackball with the maximum numeral of programmable and customizable knobs, it helps if you go for this selection. Besides, the USB connectivity guarantees that there will be no lag in the execution of any commands.

However, the responsiveness is on the superior side, and got highly accurate trackball alongside helpful sensors, meaning the precise movement is highly possible. Further, someone is free to select among 1500, 1000, and 500 DPL. It delivered with three levels DPL that makes it simple for the user to customize the trackball’s actual performance. Additional, alongside tilt helm design, it is easy for someone to utilize this trackball for gaming.


(a) Three DPL levels
(b) Highly responsive
(c) Eight programmable knobs on offer
(d) Ergonomic layout


It a bit bulky

Logitech MX Ergo Best Wireless Trackball for Gaming ( adjustable ergonomic layout)

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Logitech MX Ergo is an excellent trackball for gaming with an ergonomic layout and compatible with Mac computers and windows. Besides, it provides Bluetooth and USB connectivity, which makes it superior versatile. However, its ergonomic layout can help the user customize this trackball angle from zero to 20.

Still, someone can cross processor control it with any aid of this trackball utilizing a Logitech flow. Further, with various knobs on offer and 70 days of power in one solitary charge, it can effectively offer an edge in gaming. Moreover, the precision helm control makes it simple for the user to gain the benefit during gaming. Lastly, the connectivity options and compatibility it offers alongside accuracy make it the best in the market.