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Top 10 Best DSLR Shoulder Rigs

What is a shoulder rig? DSLR shoulder rig is becoming the most sought after camera accessories in today’s markets. The most recent versions of DSLR cameras are significantly lightweight hence easily portable. A DSLR Shoulder rig is an imperative tool for video content creators and photographers. Although most people regard it as a pointless accessory, a shoulder rig comes with a number of benefits.

However, a shoulder rig is essential as it allows free movement for film makers and photographers. The best DSLR shoulder rigs have an anti-shock design that enables you to keep your camera steady. It also evenly spreads the weight of your camera on your body preventing fatigue.

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A List of Top 10 Best DSLR Shoulder Rigs

Fancierstudio FLO2M

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Made from aluminium, Fancierstudio FLO2M is light and adjustable over a 360-degree axis to widen your coverage scope when shooting. The shoulder rig is compatible with a 15mm support rod which makes it one of the best DSLR shoulder rigs on the market. The lightweight property of this shoulder rig makes it extremely portable. It also has shoulder pads that evenly spreads the weight of your camera on your body.

  • Gears Nylon and ABS Dial Index Adjustment : 360 degrees
  • Mattebox Material: ABS Follow Focus Mounts onto 15 mm Rod Support
  • Compatible with industry stand 15mm rods Shoulder Pad

Movo MFF400

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The most important feature of shoulder rigs is the ability to allow a photographer or a film maker to move freely and with ease. Movo MFF400 guarantees you all the comfort you can ever get. This shoulder rig is highly adaptable. Another outstanding feature of the Movo MFF400 is the pair of powerful motors that allows you to find focus and zoom presets.

  • 4 programmable preset switches
  • Speed control dials
  • Enhanced design includes an adjustable base plate with a ¼-20” mount screw
  • Quiet durable motors and focus/zoom presets

Morros DSLR Rig Movie Kit Shoulder Mount Rig

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It is regarded as the best shoulder rig in terms of value for money. It is a great shoulder rig for professional video content creators and photographers. This shoulder rig is clearly designed to produce high quality photos and videos. It is considerably light and comfortable, supports 15mm rods and has a weight adjusting mechanism. It also possesses a precision follow focusing system.

  • Innovative and needed function: Movable Focus Indicator
  • Easy begin/end setup for accurate and highly repeatable racking between your desired indicator location with 2 hard stoppers
  • Completely gear-driven design for slip-free, accurate, and repeatable focus movement
  • Universal design for all camcorders and DSLRs
  • Fits industry standard 15mm supporting rods
  • Heavy-duty aluminum and stainless steel construction

FILMITY DSLR Camera Cage Shoulder Rig

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FILMCITY DSLR Camera Cage Shoulder Rig provides videographer and photographers with stability so as to move the camera easily through various angles during a shooting. It features well-fitting shoulder pads, a counterweight balancing mechanism, height adjusting handles and 4×4 inch rotating filter holders. It is comfortable and easy to use.

  • Shoulder support constructed from industrial grade
  • High- impact, High-strength Polyamide resin
  • Adjustable comfort shoulder support pad of energy absorbing, pliable rubber
  • Soft grip rubber handles for reduced stress
  • Quick Release Plate with leveler
  • Standard camera mount thread setting of 1/4‘’-20 – 1/4‘’-20 for Tripod Mounting

ePhotonic RL01

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ePhotonic is one of the best shoulder rigs on the market in terms of flexibility. It accommodates more shooting styles. It features a light aluminium frame hence does not weigh you down, flexible padded handles for maximum comfort and an adapter that perfectly fits lenses.

  • Transformable design for different shooting style
  • Easily adjust into different shooting mode
  • Provide stabilization during video production
  • The Handles with rubber grips give your arms rest while shooting
  • Lightweight and compact design for easy carrying
  • All hand grips and joint are rotatable and adjustable

Neewer Portable FilmMaker

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It is intentionally designed for videographers and photographers who enjoy outdoor shooting. The frame is lightweight as it does not weigh you down allowing you to move freely. The design is also firm to stabilize unsteady hands. It is compatible with both cameras and camcorders. The shoulder rig also features two padded and non-slip handles for maximum comfort.

  • Lightweight for mobile film-making, suitable for long-hour continuous work
  • Ergonomic design, angle and position adjustments enabled
  • Can be installed with video-capture series of related accessories
  • Suitable for 1/4 “screw-holes digital SLR cameras and camcorders

IMORDEN IR-02 Shoulder Support Rig Video Making

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Subtle movements interferes with the quality of a video due to poor shoulder rig design. To avoid this problem, IMORDERN IR-02 is your go to shoulder rig. It is light and easily portable. It also features a balanced design that is immune to shaking and unsteady hands. It is recommended for shoots that lasts for hours. It has foam shoulder pads for comfort.

  • Durable construction with double-hand Handgrip and C-shaped shoulder pad
  • Designed by ergonomics for comfortable operation.
  • 15mm rail system to attach follow focus, matte box and more other
  • Space between two rails is 60mm


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Quality is the principle when it comes to video shooting. Shaky videos are undesirable for any videographer. To get the best out of our camera, SUNRISE DSM-802 is among the best shoulder rigs you can opt for. It is stable with a steady design. It also features a durable aluminium frame, 5 support rods, shoulder pads for comfort and quick release mechanism.

  • Lightweight and flexible for moving film making and videos shooting
  • Suitable for long-hour continuous work
  • High quality: Aircraft Aluminum Alloy made material makes the rig more durable
  • Ergonomic design

Neewer Aluminium Alloy Foldable DSLR Rig Shoulder Mount Support Rig Stabilizer

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Neewer is one of the biggest brand on the market in relation to photography. It is widely known to produce high quality products. Neewer Foldable shoulder rig is light making it portable with shoulder pads for comfort. I highly recommend this product for amateur photographers as it helps with stability. It also has an adjustable rear arm that makes allows effortless control of mounted cameras.

  • Easy for shooting
  • More effects, flexible portfolio, easy to use, easy to carry
  • With a variety of interfaces to connect video light, LCD monitor screen, supporting frames and other equipment

Lightdow LD-F 4 in 1

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Lightdow design is an intentional middle ground between professionalism and amateurism in terms of performance and budget. It is highly durable and versatile. Camera can be switched with minimal stress. It also features extendable shoulder pads.

  • A precision machined and black anodized shoulder rig and DSLR cage system
  • Universal Base plate fits most DV, HDV and DSLR Camcorders
  • Custom adjustable soft shoulder pad for comfortable use
  • Stress and fatigue reduction for hours of continuous shooting
  • Easy mount capability for follow focus