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Top Best Portable Monolights for Photography in 2019

In studios, there is a special kind of light used in professional photography. In drama production, and capturing of photos a photographic light from moonlight.

Flash power produced by the moonlight is measured in watt-seconds. The following are the top rated portable photographic moonlights for most photographers.

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A List of Top Best Portable Photographic Lighting Monolights in 2019

1. Cowboy studio 400 Watt Photography Studio Monolight

Is a superior moonlight that creates bright flash when taking a photo?

It has good durability and construction. Its portable light design enables you to position it the way you want your picture to appear. I like this moonlight in that, it has its own power source which makes you take photos in areas without power sources. Its price is also cheap hence can be easy to buy.

  • 400 watts of power
  • Comes in three colors; light are interchangeable when necessary

2. Neewer 300W Strobe/Flash Light

It is another type of moonlight which is used to locate photography seasons. This moonlight is used by professional photographers. It is loved due to its features and reasonable price.

Its design easily allows you to connect an umbrella in order to hold the flash when you need it.

It can be used both as a backlight and main light. When you click on your camera you can have continuous lamp action. It is also convenient to use when traveling to photo functions.

  • 300 watts of lighting power
  • High durability

3. NEEWER 250W Studio Flash/Strobe Modeling Light

It has low lighting power of 250 watts but I’m happy with its performance when it comes to photography. It can be used as a meter light in professional photography.

With this sensor, you can create a dramatic effect on your photos because it has concurrently light on the direction of your desire. With just a touch of a hand, the monolight slave sensor produces continuous flash and lamp function.

  • Comes with a slave sensor to detect other strobes
  • A test button and variable dial for setting from dim to full
  • Versatile for use with an umbrella for nice lighting power

4. Flashpoint Rapid 600 HSS Monolight with Built-in R2 2.4GHz Radio Remote System (Bowens Mount)

It has good performance and durability. It is an excellent one for use which comes with a power code, cover and glass cover.

You can be offered a carrying case for all components of this moonlight. It has an inbuilt radio receiver system.

  • Recycle speed of 0.05 to 0.9 secs
  • 600-watt power high-quality monolight
  • Price is a little bit expensive
  • Portable design; easy to carry

5. Studio PRO Professional Photography Studio 200W/s Monolight

When looking for a budget-friendly product with good performance, this is the best monolight for you. It recycling speed is so high when dealing with faster action if photography.

When you buy this item, you are given essential requirements. It comes with a manual which can guide you on how to produce good pictures when you use it.

  • High functionality and portable and convenient design
  • Comes with a free 75 watt modeling lamp for probing
  • Best for wedding shoots and college photography

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Good to Know

The light carries useful information when it comes to the quality flash unit. But the monolight has an overall role in guiding used to specify the average speed of the film.

What distinguishes monolight from other lighting equipment in photography is the availability of its independent power source.

This makes them be so important than other devices used for light production in the film industry.

They can work independently and a person can set its power manually in the photography session.

The above list can enable you to choose the best monolight which is good for your need.

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