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The Best 4K Micro SD Cards

Are you an avid photographer or videographer who loves capturing every moment of your adventures? Then, you must know the importance of having sufficient storage space on your device to store all your media files. This is where the 4K micro SD card comes in handy. With its large storage capacity and high transfer speed, you will never have to worry about running out of space or slow data transfer rates again.

However, not all 4K micro SD cards are created equal. When choosing the best one for your needs, you need to consider specific features that will ensure that you get the most out of your card. First, the capacity of the card is critical. It would be best if you had a micro SD card with sufficient storage capacity to accommodate all your media files. If you plan to shoot high-quality 4K videos, you should consider getting an SDXC-compatible card with a capacity of more than 32GB.

Another essential feature to consider is the speed of the card. A high-speed card will ensure that your files are transferred quickly and efficiently. When selecting a 4K micro SD card, ensure that it has a reading and writing speed of at least 90MB/s. It is also crucial to purchase your card from a trusted and certified vendor to avoid getting fake cards that may not deliver the speed advertised.

Finally, you should look for a 4K micro SD card with a tough build. A durable card that is water, magnet, x-ray, and shockproof will last longer and withstand harsh conditions. This feature is especially crucial if you are an adventurous person who loves exploring rugged terrains and unpredictable weather.

In conclusion, when selecting the best 4K micro SD card, consider its capacity, speed, and durability. By doing so, you will get a reliable card that will serve you well for a long time and give you the storage space you need to capture all your precious moments.

Top 5 best 4K micro SD card

SanDisk Extreme Micro Memory Card with Adapter

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With the SanDisk extreme, you will be able to capture 4k UHD uninterrupted full HD video, and you won’t have to skip any frames. It is 10x faster than other 2.0 USB readers making it worth all the cost. This micro SD will help you capture a high-resolution video very fast without any interruptions or anywhere you are. You get a read speed of 160MB/s, which means you don’t wait for long when you transfer files. The write speed is 90MB/s which is essential in capturing detail fast.

The SD card is durable and compact, allowing you to go anywhere with it as it can hold its own no matter how much it is tossed inside the bag. When it comes to performance rating, it records faster with u3, c10, and v30. You will also be able to load apps more quickly with the A2. It is also compatible with 3.0 USB ports and on the backside USB 2.0. Even if the SD card is high-speed at a 160MB/s rate, you have to use it with devices compatible with that speed.

Features and pros:

Temperature, Water, shock, and x-ray Proof

Faster loading and app performance

Manufacturer lifetime warranty

160 MB/s read speed

90 MB/s write speed

HD and Full HD Ready



SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS EVO Select Memory Card with Adapter

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If speed is what you are after, then the Samsung EVO select is the SD card for you. It comes with reliability and speed that will ensure you get the most out of your devices. Its read and write speeds are very fast, and they include 100MB/s and 90MB/s, respectively. It is backed by four-proof protection that assures you it will last a long time.

Your data will remain safe no matter the season, be it winter, high temperatures, or any other types of harsh conditions. You will always be comfortable using this micro SD card as it can capture, store and even transfer 4k UHD videos, music, photos, and other large files. All the memories you capture will be irreplaceable and unforgettable, and with the Samsung micro SD, they will last forever.

Features and pros:

Can withstand harsh temperatures

10 Year Limited warranty

High speed and reliability

Extended compatibility

Ideal for 4k UHD videos

More space

Built to last


Inconsistent performance

SanDisk 128GB High Endurance Video Micro SDXC Card

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The SanDisk high endurance is a micro SD card that ensures you always have peace of mind. Be it your dashcam, security system, or home monitoring, and all the footage will be captured with no interruptions while it is happening. It has a capacity of up to 256 GB giving you an array of options to choose from. You can record and save 4K HD videos with no worry about space running out. It also built to last and can withstand extreme heat and cold.

Its tough build ensures that it cannot be affected by shock, water, or even x-rays. For most memory cards, writing and re-writing can take a toll on them. However, that is not the case with the above SD card. The card has been built tough, enabling it to withstand any task put on its way. If you capture footage in harsh conditions, the SanDisk micro SD card will be there for you without fail. When it comes to rating, it is rated class 10 and comes with a video speed of U3 and V304.

Features and pros:

Ideal for any compatible recording device

Can handle harsh conditions

Records in 4Kor full HD

High endurance design

Two-year warranty

High capacity

Fast backup


Not as fast as stated

KEXIN 128GB Micro SD Card micro SDXC UHS-I Memory Card

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KEXIN 128 GB micro SD card is a memory card that can help add capacity to lacking devices. It will help you free up space on your devices and enable devices like your phone to run smoothly. That way, you will not need to buy another phone to get more capacity. This SD card can record up to 20 hours of HD video with high storage space, 6 hours of 4K UHD up to 19000 songs, and 37400 photos. For the 4K UHD, you get a class 10 video and playback, and if you want the best, you have to use a card that is 64 GB and above.

The card is also compatible with EXFAT format giving it technology points. It is built to withstand high temperatures meaning you can record with it in harsh environments. It also supports smooth and continuous recording, and it does not compromise the quality. The KEXIN SD card also has an impressive transfer speed of 90MB/s, which is fast enough for transferring a lot of photos and videos. That way, you can capture great moments all day without having to worry about space.

Features and pros:

Outstanding app performance

Can handle harsh conditions

Perfect memory solution

High-speed transfer

High-quality chip

Super capacity

Tough build


Expensive than most SDS

Amplim Micro SDXC Micro SD Memory Card with Adapter

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Amplim is a micro SD card that is a must-have, especially if you are an adventurous person. It is a versatile memory card that has a slim design enabling you to convert it from micro to an SD card, not forgetting an array of uses. With Amplim, you are sure that your data is always safe whether you are using it to record security footage, snapping photos, or recording videos. All the memory cards are factory tested, ensuring that they can stand any severe challenges.

The card is of very high quality, which means it is durable and will last a very long time. Another feature that makes it worth buying is its speed, and it has a high rate of 667X 100MB/s which means you will save a lot of time. It is also very versatile as it is compatible with multiple devices, making it worth having. The card is also built tough as it is designed to withstand harsh conditions. It is also water, x-ray, and shockproof.

Features and pros:

Water and magnet proof

Great customer support

Shock and x-ray proof

High-quality build

Ultra high speed



Inconsistent performance