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Best Canon Lenses for Portraits

Finding the right lens for portrait photography can be a hustle if you don’t know what you are looking for. If you have rad from above, we believe that you have all you need to find the best canon lens for portraits. Know the kind of features you want in your lens and then go ahead and start canvassing.

With portrait photography, the photographer gets the chance to be up-close with his/her clients or subjects. If it is done well, the photographer will have the opportunity to capture their subjects’ full personalities. One of the most important things they must have to achieve is a portrait lens, and the best are from Canon.

Whether you are shooting environmental portraits indoor or traditional studio portraits, you need to have the correct Lens type. A canon lens will make all the difference in getting the best shot. The article below will discuss what to look for when looking for the best canon lens for portraits and the top 5 canon lenses for you to choose from.

What makes a good Canon lens for portraits?

When buying a canon lens, just like other types of lenses, you have to know what features to go for. We are going to discuss the essential elements that make a good lens. That way, it can be easier for you to choose one that fits you the best.

Quality material

Canon lenses are costly, and most of them are made from very high-quality materials. However, you cannot just assume that all of them are great. You have to make sure that the lens is made of quality material to last long.

Compatibility with camera

Before you buy a Canon lens for portraits, you have to make sure that it will be compatible with your camera. It will be a waste of time if you purchase and then figure out that it does not fit after it arrives. Making sure it fits before you buy will get rid of unnecessary hustle.

Lightweight and compact

Get a canon lens that is easy to carry around. If you are a photographer, then you know that you will spend the whole day with the camera either in your hands or around the neck. If the lens is heavy, it will make you tired, and you won’t do your work well. A lens with a compact design will give you an easy time moving around with it and make you more productive.

Top 5 best canon lens for portrait’s

Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L IS USM Macro Lens

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The Canon EF 100mm is the first macro lens that comes with excellent image stabilization. It has the highest optics, and they come with life-size close-up abilities and ultrasonic focusing. All these features don’t need an adapter, and that makes this lens unrivaled. With hybrid image stabilization tech, you get both shift and angular camera shake when doing the close-up shooting. The main reason this lens was developed is so that it can give the user an expanded photographing range and allow its users to enjoy macro photography.

The lens is used when doing portrait photography and nature, product/close up, and even concert photography. The filter size is 67mm, and the closet focusing distance is 0.99 feet. The TheCanon EF100mm also has a 1:1 true magnification ratio. That means the size of the object you are photographing will be the same as the camera sensor size. The lens is very versatile and will ensure that portraits look great; hand-held movies will also turn out excellent. That’s all thanks to its ability to reach shallow depth field and all that with beautiful bokeh. Its lightweight design and built-in image stabilization also help a lot.

Features and pros:

Optional full-time manual focus

Hybrid image stabilization

Inner focusing system

100 mm focal length

Lightweight design

F2.8 aperture


Build quality can be better

Noisy IS

Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM Standard Zoom Lens

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Digital photography comes with many demands, and you need a great lens to meet them. The Canon EF 24-70MM is a redesigned latest update to the EF series. It can establish new standards when it comes to superb optics. The lens is a high-end aperture with durable construction and can perform well, just like other professional zoom lenses. Its focal length can feature a large aperture, which makes it very advanced in optical lens design. It can utilize the UD lens elements to minimize chromatic aberration in the wide-angle periphery.

It also reduces color blurring around the edges of the subject. The lens is also a combination of two aspherical lens types and is very helpful in reducing the spherical aberration through the free zoom range and the whole image area. The lens also has optimized coatings that help balance color and minimize ghosting. With the 9-blade diaphragm feature, you can achieve beautiful soft backgrounds. This lens has a very high-end construction that makes it very durable and able to perform well in professional zooming.

Features and pros:

18 elements in 13 groups

84° – 34° diagonal angle view

Rotating type zoom system

1:2.8 maximum aperture

24-70mm focal length

High-quality build


Very expensive

A bit heavy

Canon EF 50mm f/1.2 L USM Lens

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If you want a soft background with an ultra-large aperture, you need to get the Canon EF 50mm. It is a peerless standard lens that is loved by a lot of photographers all over the world. This lens is suitable for every type of shootings; the construction and lens coating alone make sure that ghosting is minimized and there is no flare. This lens is a very high-performing lens, and if you are a photographer who does portraits most of the time, you need it. It is designed to resist weather, making it very convenient in different shots and different places.

You will get the excellent image resolution that is expected in the canon series lenses. The focal length and maximum aperture of this lens are 50mm and F/1.2. When it comes to the closest focusing distance, you get 1.48ft/0.45m. You get AF with full-time manual focus and a 72 mm filter size. However, the lens is not zoomable like others, but another great feature that you get is the ultrasonic motor. Ensure that you register this product so that you can be eligible for repair or replacement when it gets destroyed.

Features and pros:

Focal Length 50mm & Maximum Aperture- F/1.2

1.48 ft. / 0.45m Closest Focusing Distance

Weather-resistant Lens

Ultrasonic Motor

72mm filter size


Problem attaching to speed booster

Can lose focus in the dark

Canon RF 35mm f/1.8 IS Macro STM Lens

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The above macro STM lens is a unique wide-angle prime that has the specialty of a 1:2 macro optic and a general wide lens versatility. It features a super spectra coating that is very helpful in controlling ghosting and flare when you are shooting in backlit and bright conditions. It is compact and lightweight in design, making it easy to carry it anywhere you go. The magnification ratio is o.5x, and a 0.56ft/0.71m close focusing distance. All these features ensure that you get to experience excellent macro photography. You also get five image stabilization stops ensuring that you get reliable performance.

It works well with a large 54mm diameter mount to give you remarkable sharpness on the edges. This lens can be used when shooting different types of subjects or in other places. Whether shooting minute details, landscapes, and everything in-between, the lens is very lightweight and capable of giving you great results anyplace and at any time. This lens is also compatible with canons Speedlight flashes, including macro ring lights and macro twin lights. They help give controlled lighting in any situation.

Features and pros:

0.56 ft./0.17M minimum focusing distance

Control ring for setting changes directly

Communication system-12 pin

Optical image stabilization

0.5x magnification Ratio

Compact macro lens


Distortion at wide apertures

Canon RF 85mm F1.2 L USM Lens

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The Canon RF 85mm, just like the name says, has an f1.2 wide max aperture and an 85mm focal length. It is not only great in portrait photography but also other types of photography. It is designed to produce great shots even in low-light situations, giving you soft, beautiful backgrounds that will make your client very happy. The autofocus is noticeably improved when compared to previous versions. It partners well with the AF eye detection feature in EOS RP and EOS R cameras, giving an excellent focus on the subject.

Another great feature is the blue spectrum refractive optics, it is responsible for reducing air sphere coating and chromatic aberration, minimizing ghosting and flaring. The lens also comes with a control ring that enables you to change settings with no problem directly. This lens is compatible with mirrorless cameras that are from Canon. They also have to be full-frame like EOS R6, EOS RP, EOS R5, and EOS R.

Features and pros:

2.79 ft. /0.85M minimum focusing distance

Blue spectrum refractive optics

Bright f/1.2 aperture L lens

One Aspheric element

High image quality

Control ring


It can’t be used on bigger canon lenses


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