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Best Bluetooth Audio Transmitters

Wireless devices such as headphones are suitable until you want to use them with a device that doesn’t have Bluetooth, such as an older television or a laptop lacking Bluetooth. A Bluetooth transmitter solves such problems by creating a bypass between the two gadgets and transmitting via Bluetooth. Bluetooth is one of the most common wireless protocols. A transmitter uses Bluetooth protocols to send signals to compatible devices. With a small Bluetooth transmitter that can fit in your pocket, you can stream easily by plugging it into anything. The major problem we have is choosing one of the best transmitters.

Best Bluetooth Audio Transmitters

Avantree Oasis plus

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Avantree oasis plus is one of the best Bluetooth transmitters overall. It has many features at a reasonable price and supports both analog and digital audio output. It can work as both a transmitter and a receiver when it has a toggle of a switch. The transmitter is equipped with a first-class Bluetooth receiver and can reach a range of 50metress/ 164ft.

Apart from the common bypass mode, it caters to a special use case as it can simultaneously share the same audio with two extra speakers.

Oasis plus is among the few audio transmitters that offer audio codec support of aptx HD. It can also maintain support for aptx low latency in the dual-link mode. However, oasis plus is a relatively expensive transmitter.

1 Mii ML300

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1 Mii ML300 is a small and portable Bluetooth transmitter that you can carry around even in your pocket and has everything you want in a portable Bluetooth transmitter. It has an assured battery life of 10 hours and supports an aptx low latency Bluetooth codec that enhances audio and video sync. You can pair two sets of headphones to it at the same time. It produces high-quality sound and is easy to use. ML300 is light, small, and easy to carry, and you can conveniently bring it to the gym or when traveling and comes equipped with everything you need to connect to an audio source.

Taotronic TT BA014

Taotronic TT BA014 comes at a very fair budget. When compared to the oasis plus most of their features are the same. One significant difference is in price, as the BA014 is relatively way cheaper. It reaches a range of up to 50 meters/ 164ft. It offers audio codec support of aptx, aptx LL. BA014 has a bypass mode and display interface and a rechargeable battery of 20 hrs. If looking for a relatively cheap Bluetooth audio transmitter, this could be a good option. You don’t have to bring a charger when using it, and you can choose the battery life of your choice between 15hrs and 25hrs.

Avantree orbit

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Avantree orbit is the best premium Bluetooth transmitter. If you don’t mind paying extra for some unique features, this could be an excellent choice to check out. It has features similar to avantree oasis plus, and you can connect it to any TV model at an extra price. It does not matter the tv version you have if it is the newest or the oldest.
Avantree orbit has a bypass mode, a pass-through feature, and compatibility with Hulu, Amazon, and Netflix. It reaches a range of 50 meters, and its audio output is digital optical/ aux/RCA/ microphone and a transmission mode of TX/RX. Like other transmitters requiring manual setup, avantree orbit does not require manual setup due to its premium feature. It only requires you to plug in your devices, and you can get started.


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Elegiant BTI 066 is the best option for a transmitter to use in making calls. It is among the most affordable transmitters but still maintains high quality and functionality. The Bluetooth audio transmitter has a built-in battery of 600 mAh, and with charging of 2.5 hours, it can last up to 24hrs. You can connect two Bluetooth headphones or speakers at the same time and can serve as a receiver.

Elegiant BTI 066 has dual-link support apx HD and LL and no audio delays. It has a unique feature of a built-in microphone that allows hands-free calling. You can also smoothly switch from playing music to receiving calls. Its wireless range is only 66ft, unlike other transmitters that can go up to 164ft. Most users look for a bypass feature, but it lacks in this transmitter.