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Best microSD Cards for Raspberry Pi

A raspberry depends on a microSD card as a hard drive and also for the storage of information. It is very vital to consider the kind of microSD you7 require. In order to function correctly and run the operating system, Raspberry pi 4 requires a microSD. There is a variety of microSD you can find in the market. They vary according to brand, price, quality, and storage amount. You may even end up getting confused about the microSD to choose for your raspberry pi 4. Getting the right microSD for your raspberry pi 4 will improve performance and storage on your gadget. Sticking to a microSD is an excellent idea and very affordable.

Which SD should you choose?

The option of microSD card you choose for your raspberry pi 4 depends on what you use the gadget for. The types of projects you are using it for and the amount of money you are willing to purchase the SD card. However, it is wise to have more than enough rather than less than enough. Taking an SD card with little storage may run out of storage quickly and become a headache. For large projects, it is good to go for large size microSD cards. Therefore, you can choose one that works best for you in terms of storage depending on the size of your projects, your desired brand, and the amount of money you wish to spend.

Here are some of the 5 best microSD cards to choose for your raspberry pi 4

SanDisk Ultra 32 GB

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SanDisk Ultra 32 GB is one of the best microSD cards to use. It is neither the fastest nor the slowest but among the quickest to use on your raspberry pi 4. It offers enough storage to install the operating system of your choice, such as the Raspbian Buster or any other operating system you may want. There is also enough space left to install games or a programming environment. This microSD card is the best fit for general use.

SanDisk Extreme pro 64 GB

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SanDisk Extreme pro 64 GB is a high-speed microSD card. Speed is no longer considered a luxury but an expectation as no one wants to take more than a few seconds to load. If your major objective on your raspberry pi 4 is to game or critical data applications, looking at the SanDisk Extreme pro 32 GB would be a pretty good option. The microSD retails at around 60USD, which is a reasonably reasonable price. You can also use it for any other project you choose, although it provides enough storage for many games.

The Samsung 64GB EVO Select. Works

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Storage is an essential aspect in a microSD for your raspberry pi 4, depending on the activities you perform on your gadget. The Samsung 64GB EVO Select comes with a pretty large storage of 64 GB. At times, such storage or even beyond is necessary, depending on what you are using it for. In case you want to use your raspberry pi 4 as a desktop computer or a gaming console, the likelihood is that there will be much formatting and therefore require large storage like 64 GB. This microSD card provides large storage that could apply to huge projects. It is relatively cheap and goes for around 12USD.

The Kingston 16GB micro SD card

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You sometimes desire to keep it minimal with cost and storage concerning the microSD you choose for your raspberry pi 4. If your objective is to keep it cheap, you can go for the Kingston 16GB micro SD card. It comes with a storage of 16 GB which could be enough for most of your storage. It goes for a relatively low price of around 4USD. However, this microSD might work slower compared to other SD cards with larger storage.

Giga stone gaming plus microSD card

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If you want great value for your money, you can go for the Giga stone gaming plus microSD card. It is specifically designed for portable consoles but works perfectly fine with the raspberry pi 4. It has a large storage of 64 GB. The card comes with a warranty of 5 years and proof of different things such as water, shock, and temperature. It is rated to have high app performance. You are assured of a read speed of 90mb/s and a write speed of up to 30mb/s. It is a good fit to use on your Rpi 4. The SD card has proven performance and durability. Giga Stone Plus could be a good fit if you want to major in gaming on your raspberry pi 4.