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The Best Dash Cams for Cars in 2018

The dash cam is also known as in-dash cameras for your car is very handy to record everything happening in front you while on the road. The best dash cam is one of the must-have accessories for most drivers. What features to look for when you want to buy the best dash cam or car on-dash mounted video for your car? You’ll learn more in this review about some of our selected, best dash cams. You’ll have some choices to choose, from the best dash cams (most expensive) to the cheap, good ones.

A List of The Best Dash Cams for Car in 2018

1. Garmin – Dash Cam 35 GPS Driving Recorder

Garmin - Dash Cam 35 GPS Driving Recorder
It’s a popular brand for drivers. What’s great about Garmin’s Dash Cam 35 GPS is that the recorder features a 3″ LCD screen and G-Sensor technology. This means that you can record and review footage of accidents in your vehicle. It comes with a built-in GPS, which offers detailed information about the time and location of incidents. When you unbox the Garmin Dash Camp, you’ve got a Dash Cam 35 GPS Driving Recorder, an adhesive mount, a power cable, a USB cable, a microSD card, and an owner’s manual. The Dash Cam is one of the best products to recommend.

  • 30 frames per second
  • up to 1920 x 1080.
  • Wide screen lens
  • Can use a microSD card up to 64gb

2. Spy Tec G1W-CB 1080P HD Car Dash Camera

This dash cam made by Spy Tec is about half the price of the one from Garmin. Two best things about Spy Tec G1W-CB 1080P HD Car Dash Camera is that it works well under extreme weather temperature. In addition, this cheaper dash cam produces full HD quality video with a 120 Wide Angle Lens. So it’s a robust dash cam with tons of features. It has a nice sturdy mounting bracket and is easy to use. It gets great picture quality in both day and night driving, something others in much higher price brackets still lacks. The Spy Tec dash cam is pretty simple.

  • Plugs and plays with a micro SD card
  • Excellent quality

3. Cobra CDR-855BT

We also recommend this dash cam by Cobra. The CD-855BT records the road ahead in 1080P Full HD video. It is very easy to use. Simple to mount, power, and drive! The intuitive user-interface makes setup and control a snap.

4. PAPAGO Car Dash Camera GoSafe 535 Super HD Dash Cam 1296P Car DVR

For most drivers, PAPAGo Car Dash Camera GoSafe 535 is the best to buy this year. It’s got the high resolution than others on this list.

  • Good LCD screen
  • 1296p Super HD resolution
  • 160 degree wide angle

5. Magellan 1080P Plus Super HD Dash Camera

With Enhanced Low Light feature, the Magellan is an Amazon’s Choice. I recommend this for its large 2.7” Hi-Definition display.

  • Parking Mode Motion Detection
  • GPS, date and time stamp

Good to Know

With this list, I hope you’ll be able to decide quickly which dash cam to go for. Remember that this is one of the most useful gadgets to have in the car in our modern time.

Disclaimer: All recommendations are impartial and based on user experience, with no bias to the products or the brand. The products in this post contain affiliate links which help support