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Best DI Boxes for Bass

The right DI box for bass will eventually benefit any bass player irrespective of its circumstances and level. Besides, it is a helpful unit as someone is only required to inject or insert something to alternate the entire signal.

It is also known as (direct box), a transformer-based unit used to convert unbalanced signal right to low-impedance instruments high-impedance and balanced signal. In the studio, when we need to solve any problem regarding the impedance differences between studio electrics and guitar pickups, a DI box is essential.

We spent days and hours in the studio testing different DI boxes for bass with many bass guitars for you. We compared recordings, narrowed down our specific results, and came up with this list.

A List of Top Best DI Boxes for Bass

Countryman DT85 85 DI box

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Countryman direct box is the best indispensable professional and favorite. Further, It is among the top-rated selections of 9V cordless or phantom power. Plus, when utilizing the latter, this unit will provide 400 hours of performance. In essence, it is designed to be essentially indestructible, that even on the product page, you will find an image of a truck driving on it.

Further, the circuitry is best and class-A, meant to emulate a specific tube microphone amp. You will love how it is billed as coming with a sweet, smooth sound, meaning that it improves or colors direct tone slightly. And this precisely a good thing where some active Dis may have a somewhat punitive tone.

Additionally, its sound is effectively fixed since it does not include any additional whistles and bells here. You can be delighted and satisfied with this direct box since it offers all the necessary features you would need in direct boxes.

(a) Microphone settings or selectable pickup
(b) Ground lift switch
(c) Very rugged construction
(d) Well-loved by many professionals

(a) The active directive box fits all users

Tech 21 sansAMP DI box for bass

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With this direct box, the user controls blend, drive, presence, treble, and bass. By adjusting this box’s blend button, someone can discern the dry signal’s ratio right to pedal signal and send it to the front house. This can effectively go an extended way in rivaling the variety of tones right from vintage to modern.
Further, tech comes with a switch for bass and mid buttons, designed to shift the specific frequency response down to the account. There is a plus10dB knob for affected ¼ crawl out, 20dB knob for XLR out, so the user will dial it right for his setup. This unit can also get powered with a separate adapter, phantom power, or 9V cordless.
Additionally, many individuals loved this DI box after its capability to replace other related amplification. It is ideal for the cant dial in proper response or doesn’t want to effectively lug the bass around regardless of how much he spends on gear.

(a) Optionally powered through DC power supply, phantom power, or cordless
(b) Wholly adjustable active EQ
(c) The blend button lets you dial in the ideal amount for sansAmp signal or dry
(d) Affordable yet durable

(a) It takes some to dial in perfectly

Radial J48 MK2 active direct box

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Radial boxes are perfect and delivered with enough flavors to content almost every player and situation. It receives its power right from a recording or mixing console, also known as phantom power. This is designed to eliminate the requirements to be separately powered via its supply, avoiding submissive boxes’ pitfalls when utilized with low production pickups.

Further, the functions comprise a ground lift, polarity reverse, 15dB active switch, high-pass filter, and marge button. All this is meant to convert the Thru and Input jacks to the right and left inputs, which are the mono outputs through XLR.

Additionally, the box is designed to be superior-headroom to avoid having harsh clipping whenever driven. If you have active pickups or play keyboards, this unit will never disappoint you.

(a) Sturdy chassis
(b) Industry-standard direct box
(c) Reverse polarity switch
(d) Merge knob for right and left inputs

(a) No adjustable EQ
(b) A bit expensive compared to other related

MXR M80 Bass direct box

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This directive box comes with its version, which is impressive with a notable extra distortion channel. Plus, it offers the best color knob, which is specifically valuable and beneficial for slap. This direct box’s control comprises distortion switches and separate effect, separate rate volume, three-band EQ, distortion, and clean channels.

Besides, the color switch affects the clean channel, and the gate switch affects the distortion. Further, the blend button alternates the ratio of dirty to clean signal and the drive to control it using the gain button. Virtually, the trigger button sets sensitivity of the gate whenever engaged.
If you love snasAmp and want more drive, this direct box is the right option. It will effectively do its job perfectly and also comes at an affordable price.

(a) Relatively affordable
(b) Same output selections as the sansAmp
(c) Separately switchable active distortion gain stage
(d) Optionally powered by DC power supply, phantom power, or battery

(a) The noise gate might only get used with built-in distortion

LR Baggs Venue direct box

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This unit will effectively allow the user for complete control for essentially every parameter and route to supply a direct box signal to the recipient console. Plus, you find five–band rather than three–band EQ. Apart from that, this direct box comes with two-tune buttons which offer finite feedback control. And gain button for controlling preamp gain.

You will love the foot-switchable boost function, adjustable on the back panel right from zero to nine effective dB of boost. Besides, this unit still topographies an effects loop, while the other switch is designed to control mute that triggers the built-in tuner.

Admirably, the direct box still is delivered with ground lift switch; phase inversion switch and can run on 9V cordless and adapter. And this is the latter that takes advantage of cordless check gauge. Further, this same gauge operates similar to the clip meter the entire time, letting the user see how gain is operated.

(a) Effects loop
(b) Five-band EQ
(c) All-in-one audio guitar performance solution
(d) Built-in boost and tuner
(e) Durable and got perfect performance

(a) Some find it expensive
(b) Some got quality complaints