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Top Best iPhone Lenses for Video

Want to take your iPhoneography to a whole new level? You need the best lenses for your iPhone. The iPhone camera has changed the way we view and capture the best the moments in life. What if you could add something extraordinary to your iPhone? Get the best lens for your iPhone to take your iPhone photography to the next level. This is a list of the best iPhone lenses you can buy this year. What is the best camera lens for iPhone? Getting a telephoto lens on iPhone? What to consider when buying one of your first best iPhone lenses for shooting video:

  • best for food photography
  • best for 4K video

Editor’s Top Pick: Xenvo Pro Lens Kit for iPhone with LED Light and Travel Case

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Want to transform your iPhone into a small DSLR camera? When I was working on creating this list, I tried to make sure that I can include the best lenses for most iPhones. Did you know that having the right lens can transform an ordinary, ho-hum snapshot into a memory that lasts a lifetime? With the best lenses for iPhone, you’ll take much better photos than ever before.

Are iPhone lenses worth it? We use our iPhone each and every day to capture some of the most beautiful moments. We’ve got our iPhone with us at home, at work, or for our travel. You may use your iPhone to take a lot of photos. The reason is simple. The smartphone is with you, in your pocket, most of the time. There are times when you leave your digital camera at home. Have the best iPhone lens will travel!

A List of Top Best iPhone Lenses for Video

Xenvo Pro Lens Kit for iPhone and Android

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With this Macro and Wide Angle Lens, you’ve got more than enough for shooting with your iPhone. Take your iPhone photography to a professional level. We recommend this for those who are looking for a top rated wide-angle lens for real estate, landscape, group photos. Overall, you nearly get an SLR quality for your iPhone.

  • Come with an LED light and travel case
  • GlowClip LED light clips
  • Great value and quality lens

The Best Lens for iPhone X: olloclip

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This olloclip mobile photography box set for iPhone X camera lens accessory is just under $100, but it gives all iPhone users dream of. This olloclip lens is compatible with caseless iPhone. Overall, the lens is great for video, live broadcasting, time-lapse, panoramas and 360° VR.

  • Works with all camera apps
  • Easy to use
  • Superior image quality
  • Multi-element coated glass optics
  • Swap with other Connect X Lenses (for iPhone X or Multi-Device Clip)
  • Clip expands to work with screen protectors

AUKEY Ora iPhone Lens

AUKEY Ora iPhone Lens

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With AUKEY Ora iPhone Lens, you could save a lot of money while getting great quality. The lens offers image quality as good as that of anything we tested. It is a nice looking lens and I love the integrated case design. You’ll need to remove your phone case to really get the most out of the lens. Incredible bang for the buck! In short, it’s one of the best iPhone lens. Period.

  • Minimize ghosting, reflections, lens flare, and other artifacts
  • Crafted with aluminum alloy for high durability

Amir 3 in 1

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Made of high quality glass, professional HD lens reduces glass flare & ghosting caused by reflections, Amir 3 in 1 HD camera lens was designed for iPhone users. This means that it can be used with a wide range of smartphones. The fish eye is super cool, but expect a small black ring around the picture.

  • 3 in 1 HD camera lens: fish eye lens, wide angle lens, and macro lens
  • Portable and universal

olloclip Active

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Designed primarily for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus only. This olloclip lense is compatible with front- and rear-facing cameras. Most camera smartphone lacks this type of lens. The ultra-wide lens for wide angle shots is the best for landscape photos. olloclip’s telephoto lens allows you to shoot distant subjects and isolates a small field. All in all, the The 2x tele is great for shooting outdoors and loving the creative options with the Ultra Wide.

  • Comes with the telephoto and ultra-wide lenses
  • 2x magnification
  • wearable pendants; precision-coated ground glass optics
  • lightweight, compact design

Luxsure universal

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This is one of the best lenses. It’s coated with frosted paint that is non-slip and feels great! Dust cap protects lenses from dust. The wide angle lens was wide enough for taking whole family photos. The macro lens is capable of taking close-up shots of plants and insects. Heavy duty, the lens is also easy to use.

  • 140° Wide Angle Lens & 15X Macro Lens
  • Perfect for landscapes, cityscapes, and even selfies
  • High quality aluminum alloy

Holigoo 2 in 1 HD

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The Wide Angle Lens is super wide, extremely low distortion, so you can shoot beyond what you saw! The lens holder is actually made of metal. The Holigoo lens is perfect for travel, selfie, a group of people in different campaigns, such as party, celebration, wedding and so on.

  • Best iPhone lens for close-up shots, catch the details of everything
  • Metal made lens makes it durable

Fuleadture HD

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Made with superior glass optics and strong aluminum construction. The lens will not be scratched or damaged easily. The HD glass minimizes lens glare, reflection, ghosting and other artifacts.

The aluminum bracket with ultra soft lining is well fit.

  • Perfect for nature photography
  • Fast and easy lens swap
  • Easy to use
  • 3x the magnification

YiKaiEn 2 in 1 Phone Camera 4K HD Lens Kit

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What I like about this 2 in 1 iPhone camera lens kit is that you it’s compatible with most modern smartphones. Made of high quality material, it’s a great macro lens (not really wide-angle).

  • Universal detachable clamp design
  • Made with German premium lens glass
  • Excellent light transmission performance
  • High-definition, no distortion, no blurring pictures.

Moment – Tele 60mm Lens for iPhone


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Are you looking for a top rated tele lens for your iPhone? Moment’s lens is one of the best for its price. It’s ideal for a variety of photography purposes, including portraits, dramatic landscapes, travel, and sports. We highly recommend this product as it’s very well made, really sharp and beautiful.

  • 2x closer to your subject
  • Compatible with Apple iPhone, Pixel, and Galaxy Phones

Pocket Lens iPhone Camera Lens 2-in-1, Macro and Wideangle lens

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Not just another iPhone lens, this product is universally compatible with other smartphone, in addition to the iPhone. This product is a great addition to your travel kit as it can capture crystal clear images with super sharp detail.

  • Portable and easy to use
  • Slip resistant and dust protection

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