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The Best Lecterns

A lectern is a versatile reading desk commonly used in churches, schools, conferences, and office meetings, among other events. Its purpose is to hold books or notes for the speaker or reader to reference. With a slanted top, the lectern ensures that the book or notes are at an optimal angle for comfortable reading.

There are various types of lecterns available in the market, including free-standing models and those that require placement on a desk or table. Modern lecterns come equipped with electronic features, such as touch screen controls, which allow for easy video and audio presentations. With these electronic models, you can adjust the volume, lighting, and power point presentations with ease.

If you are in the market for a lectern, we have reviewed the top 5 models to help you make an informed decision.

A List of Top Best Lecterns

LIXHZJ Lectern Clear Stand Portable Lectern

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Key Features
• Clear finish
• Contemporary design
• Easy installation

The clear stand portable lectern is exquisite and a perfect high-end speaker’s stand .It is made of colorless acrylic material, which makes it easy to blend with contemporary decoration. He lectern helps the speaker quickly set up an attractive modern platform.
The acrylic material is durable and also gives the lectern a sleep look while maintaining light weight. It weighs only 20 kilograms making portable and usable anywhere away from indoors. It suits different people with a height of 4.5 inches, table length of 2.36 inches and 0.39 inches depth.
The acrylic lectern takes a few minutes to assemble. It comes with installation hardware that includes screws to fix its base and the reading surface. The base if stable with four feet, which ensure it stands on any type of floor. This lectern is a perfect choice for conference halls, religious places, classrooms and restaurants.

Stand Up Pneumatic Desk

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Key features
• Adjustable height
• Professional but sleek design
• Adjustable reading surface
• Two caster for easy portability
• A lip that keeps papers and other things in place
The Stand-up Pneumatic desk is versatile with a clean design that makes it versatile. It has a convenient and stable foot pedal for easy use in different environments. It can be moved and adjusted quietly thanks to the pneumatic foot. This lectern’s height is between 28 inches and 42.5 inches allowing the user to choose what suits them comfortably whether sitting or standing up.
The reading surface is also adjustable; it can be tilted or changed into flat workstation. It is ideal for religion, school and office presentations. With its two casters, the desk is easy to move to any desired platform. The best thing is that it has rubber feet that stand securely on any type of surface. Besides, it comes with a paper-stopping lip to keep your speech, preaching or classwork in place.

Stand Steady Electric Mobile Podium

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Key Features
• Portable desk
• Ergonomic dual work surface
• Durable steel
• Compact design

The Electric Mobile Podium is versatile lectern that can be used while seated or standing up. The adjustment is just a single button touch. It can also be programmed to remember three height settings.
This lectern is popularly known for its portability, thanks to its four swivel casters that enable you to carry your desk to wherever you want to use it. Once it’s set for use, the desk is securely locked with two brakes to ensure it doesn’t move while in use.
The work surface comes with a dual tier surface design to give you maximum comfort when working. It keeps the elbows at a position of 90 degrees while the ensuring the monitor is at your eye level.
This lectern with a compact design is strong. It is made of steel frame with a beautiful powder coat finish. It can support up to 88 pounds making it ideal for various workspaces.

Audio-Visual Direct Wheeled Lectern with Storage Shelf

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Key features
• Elegant and modern design
• Durable steel frame
• Allows use of magnets to hold signs during presentations
• Angled reading area
• Storage shelf

The Audio-Visual Direct lectern is an elegant, eye catching European designed desk. It is lightweight, which makes it easy to set it up and move it from area to the other. During presentations, users can use the privacy screens to stick magnetic logos. You can tilt the double-side board to the desired angle to view or write while doing your presentation.
Whether you want to use papers or a laptop, the reading surface can be tilted to your desired angle. Anything you do not need on the top surface goes to the lower storage shelf.

Wonderwall Floor Standing Wooden Pedestal Lectern

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Key features
• Aesthetically appealing
• Angled reading surface
• Versatile

The Wonderwall Floor Standing Wooden lectern is simple, yet classy. It is available in either maple or black MDF finish. It weighs 16.35 kilograms, which makes it a stable desk. It comes with everything you need to assemble and start using immediately. It is a perfect choice if you are looking for a functional contemporary lecturn.This is the podium to go for if you want to add a touch of class to your presentations in conference halls or religious events without going overboard.