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The Best Portable SSD Hard Drives for Photographers in 2018

What we need most is digital storage to keep all their photographs. Having the best SSD hard drive is essential for most photographers. Why do photographers should adopt this new SSD hard disk technology? The reason is simple: just like a memory stick, there are no moving parts within an SSD hard drive. So you’ve got both reliability and high performance. I’ll go through some of the best portable SSD hard drives by looking into two main factors, speed and reliability. I chose SSD hard drives over normal external hard drives because of these two factor, although the SSD storage capacity is still limited.

The Best Portable SSD Hard Drives for Photographers

1. SanDisk Extreme 900 portable SSD

Top of the notch SSD hard drive from global brand SanDisk, the Extreme 900 portable SSD is unbeatable in term of speed. This SanDisk SSD hard drive can read up to 850 MB/s and write up to 850 MB/s, using USB 3.1 Gen 2. This is amazing. Photographers with high-end DSLR camera love this kind of high-performance portable SSD hard drive. The Extreme 900 portable SSD is completely compatible with PC & Mac computers. You don’t even need drivers when connecting your computer to the hard drive. The other important feature we should not overlook is temperature and impact-resistant.

2. Samsung T3 Portable SSD

Second after SanDisk, we’d recommend Samsung T3 Portable SSD. The Samsung SSD T3 works well with PC, Mac, and even Android operating system. It’s very compact and lightweight. This sleek SSD hard drive fits well in your pocket, so you can take all your photos with you anywhere you go. This external SSD hard drive from Samsung allows you to read-write up to 450 MB/s of your high-resolution photos. If you really want to achieve the best performance with USB-C cable, make sure you have a USB-C cable support at least 5Gb/s transfer speed.

3. VectoTech Rapid Portable SSD

This portable SSD hard drive is a great addition to your storage needs. It’s easy to use; it’s plug and play. The SSD drive offers fast transfer speeds. Slick and lightweight is usually preferable by travel photographers. In addition, VectoTech Rapid Portable SSD is shock and vibration resistance, so it’s a plus when you move around a lot. Surprisingly, the VectoTech Rapid Portable SSD comes with 2-year manufacturer warranty.

4. PNY Elite Portable SSD

This external Solid State Drive is ideal for photographers, videographers, graphic designers who needs to back-up or transfer large files. It was built with performance and reliability in mind. The PNY Elite SSD hard drive can read up to 430 MB/s and write up to 400 MB/s. It’s also probably one of the most compact SSD hard drives in portable SSD class. Look, feel and quality of material is good. It works on MAC and Windows out of box. Plug and play. The down size is storage capacity available, unlike the above reviewed portable SSD hard drives, which offer more capacity.


The best portable SSD hard drive make life easier for most of us. There are times we our normal external hard disks are having issues due to its old technology. With the best SSD hard drives you’ll feel more comfortable storing your valuable photos.

Disclaimer: All recommendations are impartial and based on user experience, with no bias to the products or the brand. The products in this post contain affiliate links which help support