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Top 10 Best Sim Card Adapters for iPhone

For most travel photographers, having the best sim card adapter is essential. Landing in a new city without a mobile network or internet connection is a challenge. As a result, smartphones are getting bigger every day and SIM cards getting smaller. For a few years, in the new models of smartphones, SIM cards have changed. I have many types of them, and here’s a list of the best sim card adapters you should have before you travel.

These are accessories that we usually see in any electronic store. They are very cheap and allow us to use our SIM card in any device that carries SIM, micro SIM or nano SIM.

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A List of Top 10 Best Sim Card Adapters for iPhone and Android Smartphone

Samdi Brand SIM Adapter

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It’s a SIM adapter kit for nano or micro SIM in an easy way. It also includes a needle to can switch it in a fast way. People tend to use this type of adapter for iPhones. The texture of it is transparent so you can see inside of it.

TechRise 5 in 1 Sim Card Adapter Kit with Sander Bar and Tray Open Needle

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These type of adapters has five pieces to give you the chance to switch your nano sim into a standard o micro SIM. This kit is one of the cheapest in the market. It includes a needle to help you change the SIM as fast as possible. Besides, it’s easy to recognize by their colors. They come in red, yellow and blue.

Mobi Lock 3 in One Sim Adapter

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This kit is an elegant and useful piece. You can use it with any device, however, people tend to use it in Apple devices. This set allows you to change nano SIM into a micro or standard SIM and micro SIM into a standard one. Made from plastic, this is a big advantage as it cannot be easily break or bend.

This kit is perfect if you want to have as many adapters as possible in a low price. It comes with an excellent SIM extractor tool. To use it, you just have to put your SIM card into it and slide into your new device. The kit has different adapters size so that you can use micro, nano or standard size without problems.

MediaDevil Simdevil 3-in-1 SIM Card Adapter Kit (Nano / Micro / Standard)

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This kit has three adapters in one. A special feature is that it is fully reversible. Made by a machine that can provide them an exact precision for the SIM card shape.

Generic SIM Card Adapter

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This is one of the cheapest card adapter in the market due to it is unbranded product. With this kit you have the opportunity to change from a nano SIM into a micro SIM and from this one into a standard size. This is convenient if you have an old phone and switch constantly to other devices.

Aerb Adapter Converter Complete Kit

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This adapter is one of the most interesting in the market. It looks like if it had puzzle pieces. It is made from high quality hard plastic so that it cannot be broken when converting. It has precise measure helping the SIM fit correctly into it.

Lention 5 in 1 Nano-Micro-SIM Adapter

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It is other colorful kit which has five adapters in different sizes, an ejector pin and a polish clip. This kit is made from aluminum which is more durable than plastic.

The polish clip is an incredible option for cutting SIM cards and the ejector pin helps you to take out the SIM without getting it damage.

iCoolKit Nano, Micro, and Standard SIM Card Adapter

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It is the best way to convert you nano SIM into a micro or standard size in other devices. The manufactures made it with precision to fit the SIM perfectly into it without having the problem to slipping out the plastic holder.

iSYFIX 4 in 1 Complete Set

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As its name said, it is a four black set which contains three adapters and one ejector pin. The adapters are completely reversible made by plastic and the pin reduce the necessity to touch the SIM card. Besides, the manufactures provide you a 1 year of guarantee which makes it more desirable.