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Best Universal Docking Stations

In essence, incorporating a top-notch universal docking station presents an economical and uncomplicated method to enhance the capabilities of one’s laptop and other associated devices. This external accessory serves as a gateway, facilitating the utilization of additional peripherals to optimize user tools. Moreover, a well-designed and powerful docking station embodies sturdy construction while maintaining a lightweight profile, making it an ideal choice, especially for individuals facing port scarcity.

However, it is crucial to note that the following is a comparative review, evaluating the benefits and utility of current universal docking station options.

A List of Top Best Universal Docking Station

Targus Universal 4K best docking station

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Top features

Harbors – 6*USB 3.0, Audio out/in, 1*Ethernet, USB Type-C
Type- Mac Compatible and Windows
Layout- Horizontal
Supported displays- 2*FHD ( 1920*1080P) or 1* UHD ( 3840*2160P)
Output- DVI-D, DVI-I, and Display Port.

The Targus universal docking station comes with manifold connectivity ports, which are helpful and useful. Again, it has DVI-D and DVI-I monitor an output port that works simultaneously. The user can connect around two external exhibitions with a maximum resolution of FHD or 1920*1080. Further, it has four USB ports, and all of them support 3.0 USB standards and one of the harbors designed to charge the user’s smartphone rapidly.
Also, it offers a firm builds quality and can last long without wearing out. Moreover, it still comes with a dedicated Ethernet harbor that is very helpful, as many apple MacBooks and modern laptops do not embrace Ethernet port. However, for the individuals who require connecting their external accessories or smartphones, which only delivered with USB Type-c, this device comes with TYPE-C harbor that offers USB 3.0 statistics transfer hastes.


All USB harbors support USB 3.0 standard
Premium strong build quality
Double DVI harbors
Quick charging for all smartphones
Supports the 4K resolve external monitor


Proprietary input harbor
Single audio harbor

HP USB-C/A Universal Dock G2 (5TW13AA#ABA) edit

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Top features

Layout – Vertical
Type-Mac Compatible and Windows
Output – 2* Display harbor 1*VGA
Supported Display- 2*UHD (3840*2160)
Harbors- 2* USB 3.0, 1*Ethernet, 3* USB Type-C

Besides, this universal docking station comes with Olufsen and Bang or rather built-in B& O speaker setup. However, this speaker setup embraces the capacitive knobs utilized to send or receive a call with comfort. Additionally, this docking station comes with two effective USB-A harbors with USB 3.0 supports, utilized to attach the external hard disks and other related devices that use the interface.
Likewise, it has three USB Type-c harbors to support the rapid data transfer hastes. Otherwise, its build quality and design look similar to Bluetooth speakers and smart speakers and help discriminate normal-looking machines with comfort. Otherwise, if you have an HP laptop and finding the best universal docking station from a similar brand, this one might be the superlative selection for you.

VGA port
Double display harbors
Built-in speaker
Unique layout
Manifold USB Type-C harbors

A bit expensive
Does not have the audio outputs

Plugable USB 3.0 best universal docking station

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Best features
Output- HDMI and DVI
Layout- vertical
Harbors- 1*Ethernet, Audio In, 4*USB 2.0, Audio Out, 2*USB 3.0
Type- best windows compatible
Supported Display- 2*FHD ( 1920*1080) or 1*QHD (2560*1440)

The pluggable 3.0 is among the best top-rated universal docking station for windows 0S -motorized laptops. It operates with the current windows 10 OS and still with the earlier generation versions like windows 7, windows 8, Windows XP, and Windows 8.1 virtually. Further, its peripheral hub is much light in heaviness and compact, making it simple to carry around using a laptop bag without issues.
Another admirable feature with this device is that it comes with a double output harbor capable of powering up to (1080P) FHD single 2K (1440p) resolution monitors the moment it is connected utilizing the HDMI port. Also, it supports the monitor Link where the user can play and plug an external display without installing the drivers. Additionally, it has six USB ports in total, where four provides USB 2.0 haste, and the other two provide USB 3.0 rush. Moreover, this device still offers a dedicated audio output and input port; it also supports Display hot-swap.

Vertical layout
Decent of USB harbors
Supports up to strong 2k resolve output

Middling build quality
Does not support the mac Linux/OS

Dell 452-BCYT active D6000 universal docking station

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Top features

Supported displays – 3*UHD ( 3840*2160) or 1*5K ( 5220*2880)
Output- 2* monitor port and 1*HDMI
Type – Linux compatibility ( utilizing Displaylink), Windows, Mac Compatible
Layout- Horizontal
Harbors- 1* Ethernet, 4*USB 3.0, Audio Out/In, 1*USB Type-C

It’s a handy universal dock which can be utilized on a laptop running on windows OS OR macOS. Besides, this docking station even operates with laptops based on windows 8, windows seven operating schemes without any issues. Concerning the monitor support or external Display, the Dell universal dock can eventually support 5K Display or drive 4K resolve. Remember, if someone connects the three 4K displays simultaneously, the two shows will work at 60 Hz while the third Display will operate at 30 Hz.
Further, this device is a dedicated USB Type-C harbor supporting a maximum output ranging 65W, ensuring that the user’s laptop charges rapidly when connected to this durable laptop universal docking station. Still, it offers a firm build quality where its external chassis are manufactured utilizing durable aluminum. Otherwise, this is the most-elegant universal docking station for individuals who own superior-end laptops and runs with manifold external superior resolve monitors.

Supports up to robust 5K resolution
Quick charging for many laptops
USB Type-C
Operates excellently with Dell laptops
Premium finish and build

A Bit costly

Kensington SD47700P universal docking station

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Top features

Layout- Horizontal
Output- 1*HDMI, 1*monitorport
Type –Mac Compatible and windows
Harbors- 5*USB3.0,1*Ethernet, 2*USB Type-C
Supported Display- 2*FHD (2048*1152), 1*QHD ( 2560*1600)

Kensington station dock comes with a decent layout with a squire form factor, making it simple to place on a table or desk without any issues. Besides, any client receives this device with five USB-A harbors in total and with support of USB 3.0 standards. Still, it has double USB Type-c harbors, which are useful with MacBook users and offer USB Type-c robust connectivity only. Moreover, it has active Ethernet harbors which support the Gigabit haste internet connection, providing superior –speed internet to the user’s laptop.
However, out of the two USB Type-C, one supports 15W quick charging, which is utilized to charge tablets and phones. In contrast, the other Type-c harbor supports fast charging and charges computers and laptops without any external power adapter. In terms of external support, this Kensington can probably drive a single Display with only 2K resolve. It is preferably capable of supporting the two displays simultaneously with a strong 1080p determination.

Classic layout
Quick charging for many laptops
Gigabit-class best Ethernet port
Rapid charging for tablets and smartphones

Slightly weighty
No separate useful microphone jack