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Five great podcasts about photography

Photographers can benefit from listening to podcasts about photography for several reasons. Firstly, it can be a great way to learn new techniques, tips, and tricks from experienced photographers and industry experts. Podcasts can provide insights into the latest photography trends, tools, and technologies, helping photographers stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the field.

Secondly, listening to photography podcasts can also provide inspiration and motivation for photographers, as they share their experiences and perspectives on the art and craft of photography. Photographers can gain new perspectives and ideas for their own work, as well as learn about the experiences of other photographers and how they approach their craft.

Finally, photography podcasts can also serve as a platform for photographers to connect and network with other like-minded individuals. Listeners can interact with the hosts and guests of the podcast, share their own experiences and perspectives, and even connect with other listeners who share their interests in photography.

5 great podcasts about photography:

The Candid Frame

Hosted by Ibarionex Perello, this podcast features interviews with a variety of photographers discussing their work, inspiration, and process.

This Week in Photo

Hosted by Frederick Van Johnson, This Week in Photo (TWiP) covers a wide range of photography-related topics, from gear reviews to industry news to interviews with photographers and other industry professionals.

The Art of Photography

Hosted by Ted Forbes, this podcast explores a wide range of photographic topics, from technique and gear to the history of photography and its impact on art and culture.

The Martin Bailey Photography Podcast

Hosted by Martin Bailey, this podcast features interviews with photographers, as well as tips and tutorials on a variety of photographic techniques and genres.

The Photography Podcast

Hosted by Scott Bourne and Marco Larousse, this podcast covers a wide range of photography topics, including gear reviews, technique, and interviews with photographers and other industry professionals.