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Best SD Cards for 8K Video

Are you working with 8K HD camera devices, requiring an excellent storage SD card? To ensure you only get HD videos captured by your camera, you also need to make sure the SD card you install matches. The SD cards made for 8K and other HD storage needs have high read and write speed, plus are equipped with ample storage space to accommodate large files; one of the reasons they are used for professional photography and videography. Well, here are the top five best SD cards for 8K videos worth checking out.

Working with 4k or 8k video devices, these are the top five best SD cards to acquire for that extra storage space. Our reviewed 8K SD cards have high write and read speed to ensure you don’t get blurred videos and images while achieving consistency.

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Note the SD cards have varying storage capacities. Thus, if you need an SD card for significant storage needs, consider the models with more than 64 GB of storage capacity.

A List of Top Best SD Cards for 8K Video

Prograde Digital SD UHS-II 64GB Card V90 – 250MB/s

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An 8k video device requires high storage, and we present you with this fantastic storage tool from Prograde Digitals. The SD card is suitable for ample storage needs considering it can accommodate up to 64 GB of data. Some of the people who will find this SD card valid are people in vlogging and filmmakers.

If you create youtube content, be sure this SD will not let you down when recording and editing your content. The SD card also has a writing speed of 250 and a reading speed of 300MB per second, so no wasting time when retrieving and editing your captured content.

Special features

· This SD card has a storage space of 64 GB

· It writes at 250 megabytes per second and reads at 300 megabytes per second

· This SD card saves HD videos

· This SD card is highly affordable

· It has high compatibility with other devices

MKING Digital SD UHS-II 1TB Memory Card V60

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An SD card that can store HD and multiple data is a great choice. It saves time, and you will never need to worry about deleting your captured content, especially if you are in the entertainment industry. Well, this SD card from MKING Digital is designed to ensure you achieve these and more. The SD card is made with 1 TB storage space which means; it can store multiple data. The other great feature that we love about the SD card is the writing and reading speed.

The write speed of 130 Mb per second and a read speed of 250 MB per second guarantees you quickly save and retrieve your data, especially when editing. The other crucial point worth noting is that the SD card stores the data as it is. So, if you are using an 8K device to capture crispy clear videos and photos, be sure the SD card will store them as they are.

Special features

· This SD card has a storage space of 1000GB

· This SD card ships with a 3-year warranty for quality and functional assurance

· It has a write speed of 130 MB per second and a read speed of 250 MB per second

· It is multifunctional

SanDisk 64GB Extreme PRO SDXC UHS-II Memory Card

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Whether you are using a 4 K or 8 K device, rest assured this SD card will suit you perfectly for storage needs. The SD card is designed with a storage space of 64 GB. Thus, I would recommend it for professional photographers and videographers since you will save multiple HD videos and images for editing later.

Besides that, this SD card is highly compatible with different gadgets, smartphones, and cameras, as long as they have the same speed capacity. The high write speed of 260 MB per second in this SD card is exceptional since it ensures you get consistency when recording your videos with no buffer.

Special features

· The SD card has V90 video speed and UHS Speed Class of 3

· It is made with quality materials

· The SD card is suitable for 4k and 8 K devices

· It has a write speed of 260 Mb per second

· It has a read speed of 1050MB per second

Gigastone 32GB 5 Pack SD Card- UHS-I U1 Class High-Speed Full HD

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If you are in the professional photography or videography business, this SD card is a jackpot for storage needs. First off, it will not compromise your HD videos and pictures since it has an HD recording capacity. Also, the SD card has a high data read and writing speed to prevent buffer when recording photos and videos simultaneously and at high speed.

The package consists of 5 pieces of SD cards, with each having 32 GB storage capacities. So, one pack will last you for a very long time. The materials crating of these SD cards are top-notch as they are resistant to water, dust, high impact, and many other elements that may damage them.

Special features

· The SD card pack comes with a 5-year warranty

· They collect HD videos and images

· The SD cards have double recording and reading speed

· These SD cards are compatible with multiple camera brands

Ritz Gear Extreme Performance Video Pro 128GB 4K 8K Ultra HD

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Apart from the vast storage space in this SD card, the other two features you will love are the write and read speed. Therefore, if you are a professional photographer or videographer, chances of getting a recording error are pretty slim. The SD card has a High Definition recording power, making it compatible with the 4 and 8K devices. This SD card is exceptionally light and has quality construction for durability and protection against weather elements.

Special features

· The SD card has a storage space of 128 GB

· This SD card records Full HD, 3D data

· Has a write speed of 120 GB/s and a read speed of 265 MB/s

· The SD card can be used with 4 and 8 K devices