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Top 10 Best Fluid Tripod Heads in 2019

Professional-filmmakers require a lot-of options. Different conditions and environments ask for bespoke-filming methods. Among the ways one can tailor one’s shoots to grow to the time is by using specialized tripod-heads.

A List of Top 10 Best Fluid Tripod Heads in 2019

1. Meco- VT-1510 Fluid-Drag Video-Head

Not anyone can manage to spend-hundreds of money on the tripod head. More Youtubers & streamers need to start-out small, and which includes one’s equipment. But only because one doesn’t have more money to operate with, that does not mean one doesn’t want to make the most-out of one’s equipment.

2. E-Image-GH10L 100mm-Fluid Video-Headhunter

One of these more expensive-E-Image video-heads, the E-Image-GH10L is the professional-grade, high-end-tripod head. It is clearly not cheap, & as the result isn’t really changed for more of vloggers, streamers-or casual clients . But to serious filmmakers-or for those that insist on these best, that is a great option.

3. Manfrotto-502 Video-Head

If you are looking to a fluid-head in some similar-price range on the Benro-S6 but want something a little-heavier, one might need to consider these Manfrotto 502-Fluid Video-Head. With some maximum-payload of 15.4-pounds (7 kg) & a counterbalance-of 8.8 pounds-(4 kg), the Manfrotto-502 will hold no just-your camcorder, without all of these equipment & accessories one’s need to record.

4. Benro-S6 Video-Head (S6)

Benro gives a quantity of benefits in their-S-Series of video-heads, ranging of the S2-to these S8, which us reviewed for the article. The Benro-S6 is constantly in these middle of these S-Series. It will not provide these same elegance as a further expensive model, though it has any advantages beyond cheaper products.

5. Manfrotto-MVK502AQ Video-Tripod with-MVH502A Fluid-Head

Whether you are using heavier-rigs involving professional-camcorders or either a lighter-setup which utilises the DSLR or either CSC, these combination of these Manfrotto-MVK502AQ Video Tripod & the MVH502A-Fluid Head remains a superb-choice. Offering a 20kg-payload, these spreader-less design from the legs too means that these tripod is smart to set-up & pack down.

6. Velbon-DV-7000N Video-Tripod among PH-368 Fluid-Head

Generally accessible for fewer than-£199, this tripod or head combo remains ideal to low-budget film-crews, with its-6kg load capacity best for these DSLR or either mirrorless setups the crews will possible be utilizing.

7. Kamisafe-KH-6710 fluid-tripod head

The fluid tripod-head comes among a decent price-tag. It owns a total-capacity of 4kg. It’s durable & lightweight. The fluid tripod-head is among the best-ones and more photographers’ best due to nature, durability & ease of application. It’s lightweight & very convenient.

8. Coocheer-camera fluid-tripod head

That is a great-fluid tripod-head. It arrives with an beautiful price tag & gives you these ultimate price for one’s money. The fluid tripod-head features a specific and so easy control. It’s lightweight though very stable.

9. Neewer-camera fluid-tripod head

Neewer remains a great-brand and every their produce are the excellent quality. It could tilt 180-degrees and could pan 360-degrees. This fluid-tripod head highlights a bubble-level design which promotes stable-shooting. If one’s really require to buy a great variety fluid tripod-head, this is among them.

10. Magnus-VT-3000 Professional-Tripod System among Fluid Head

While it arrives to these design, we really appreciated these crutch leg design-which was great for confidence and these legs locked accurate and tight among the setting-screws. There’s also a bubble-level on these head near these bowl so we could change the head on level also if these legs are each little bit-off due to irregular ground or either floor states.

Good to Know

When there’s no shortage from fluid-video heads at the market, more of these products-leave much to equal desired. More are cheap budget-models that operate fine for casual-use but doesn’t hold up-well when actually put to these test.

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