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The Best Photo Booth Printers in 2018

Searching for a great photo booth printer for your business? There are several types of photo booth printers to consider: Wireless, economy, and performance, and dual media printers. After spending hours on research, discussions, and tests, here’s a list of the best photo booth printers this year.

The Best Portable Photo Booths

A List of the Best Photo Booth Printers for Business Owners in 2018

1. HiTi P525L Roll Photo Printer – Bundle with HiTi 4×6 Media

Top of the list is HiTi P525L Roll Photo Printer, which is the best for on-site photo booth and event photograph. It’s not designed for use in a quiet home. The HiTi photo booth printer features the integrated mono-LCD and five hard-keys to monitor the status of printing jobs.

  • Best for heavy duty jobs
  • Compact and high speed printing

2. DNP DS-Tmini 10.1″ Kiosk Order Terminal – Bundle DS620A Dye Sub Professional Photo Printer

The great thing about the DNP DS-Tmini printer is you can print panoramic (up to 8×32″) photographs, double sided prints, and even photo books. The bundle will help most people to start a photo print business.

  • Comes with a USB Cable, 2 side panels, and a WiFi router

3. Mitsubishi CP-K60DW-S Eco-Value Dye-Sub Photo Printer

Unlike the other photo booth printers listed here, the Mitsubishi CP-K60DW-S Photo Printer is capable of producing matte finish, which is a growing demand among customers.

  • High Resolution: Reproduce smooth edges and natural images at 300DPI
  • Print Resolution: 300 x 300 dpi
  • Print Sizes: 2 x 6″ to 6 x 8″
  • Ink Rewind & Rollback

4. DNP Event Photo Printer DS-RX1HS 6″ Dye Sublimation

Unlike the DNP DS-Tmini 10.1″ Kiosk Order Terminal, the DNP Event Photo Printer is ideal for booth portrait printing.

  • Energy efficiency: 25% less power
  • Portable: 30 pounds

5. Mitsubishi Compact Digital Dye Sublimation Thermal Photo Printer

For heavy printing jobs, you should consider getting this Mitsubishi Compact Digital Dye Sublimation Thermal Photo Printer. Either you want to use it in or studio or at a photo booth, you’d be impressed by the 6 seconds per 4″ x 6″ print.

  • Dust-proof housing design
  • Advanced cooling system

6. Fujifilm Ask 300 Quick Print Station Dye-Sublimation Digital Printer System

This Fujifilm printer is an all-in-one solution at a very good price.

Good to Know

Of all self-service photo printing services, photo kiosks or photo booth printers are popular and capable of performing the heavy duty jobs. The above list features professional brand printers like Kodak, DNP, HiTi, and Mitsubishi photo kiosks and printer media.

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