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Top Best Heavy Duty Light Stands in 2018

If you are dealing in studio photography and video shooting, you definitely need enough light whether its day or night time. If you are unable to get enough lighting then, you are bound to get a low quality outcome. Therefore to acquire a good result, it is necessary to note that light is an essential part in the whole process and that’s where it will be important to have a light stand so as to add more light and also brightness to your videos and photos, making them to look natural with enough light or even dark vision on your shooting subject. Henceforth, to get a good light stand, choose based on your need and ability to purchase.
Before choosing your preferred light stands, it is essential to know its main purpose and advantages of the light stand. For you to choose the best light stand, it is necessary to first confirm if it will meet your need and its purpose. There are majorly two types of light stands which includes; a standard and heavy-duty. How to identify the best light stands? The most essential part of a light stand is a receiver, also known as an adapter by others. A good receiver should be long enough so as to hold all the fixtures you’ll want to use. Therefore, the metal used to make the best light stand should not be cheap and too mouldable. This is to avoid cases of wearing off more quickly.

A list of the best heavy duty light stands in 2018

1. Ravelli ALS Cushioned Light Stand


  • Adjustable to 10ft tall
  • Designed to have an air cushioned shock so as to give smooth adjustments
  • has reversible male-studio spigot adapter- to enable easy use of photographic accessories with 1/4ft and 3/8ft threads
  • Its adapter is equipped with 2 indentions to give necessary support to the light kit.


2. PBL

PBL studio light stands are specially structured to provide a perfect height to add more light to your work.

  • the stands are made from metal locking collars
  • Additional package of an extra carrying bag when purchased.
  • easy to carry-weigh less
  • its strong and very stable
  • Has a designed rubber tips on the legs to prevent it from moving or even falling.
  • has an extra light footprint

3. Ravelli ABSL Video Backdrop

It is very strong and stable to suit the heavy tasks involved in the photography industry. it is well designed to withstand all making it durable.

  • It moved upto 13ft-tall and 15ft-wide.
  • has five 3ft cross-bars section in addition to 2 tripod stands, these enhance smooth as well as safe adjustments.
  • It has air cushioned shocks
  • Has a male-studio spigot adapter to enable easy use of photography materials.
  • It’s simple and easy to set up and disassemble.

4. Ravelli ABS-Photo Video Backdrop Stand Kit,with two Air Cushion stands

If you like using aluminum light stands that has stable stands and is easy build up and disassemble then this is the recommended stand for you!

  • it’s stands are adjustable
  • it has 2 tripods stands and an additional package of a heavy duty carrying bag
  • Its tripod stands is equipped with cushioned shocks to enable smooth adjustments.
  • it also has a reversible male-studio spigot adapter to enable easy use of photographic materials.


  • Its adapter is designed to have 2 indentations so as to effectively mount light kits.

5. Cowboy-Studio Photography Light Stands

If you are looking for a big light stands then this will be your ideal light stand.

  • Equipped with a black anodized aluminum finish enhance the outcome of workLess expensive compared to other brands.
  • Easy to assemble as well as disassemble
  • Its stands are made of black aluminum alloy, making it strong and stable
  • It weighs light, making it easy to move and carry around.
  • Has an additional package of cases


  • You can use this light stand with continuous light, backgrounds and flashlight to come up or make your photos and videos look more natural and perfect.
  • Cowboy-Studio Aluminum Adjustable Light Stand
  • The best and unique feature of this stand is its ability to provide light from a higher level.
  • It provides more direct light above the subject you are working on.

Its stands are 6 ft tall to hold, tall enough thus enabling it to hold most equipments

  • It’s easy to carry, making it comfortable for traveling
  • It is made from a strong aluminum alloy.
  • Has an additional package of cases

6. Cowboy-Studio Heavy Duty Cushioned Premium Black

for a less-expensive, lightweight, and stable stand that provide a stable support for a soft box, umbrella and even portable flash, go for a cowboy-studio.

  • Its 8 ft long thus giving a new dimension to strength, height as well as technology applied.
  • It’s equipped with spring cushion technology to reduce possibility of the product
    damage in addition to making you feel secure while using it.


  • Since it is made of aluminum alloy, it can be used with continuous light, boom stands, reflections, flash lights and backgrounds to come up with a perfect outcome.

7. Limo-Studio Top Quality

Based on its name, “Top Quality”, this light stand is very strong and stable making it last for years. It is of the best quality.

  • it is equipped with a solid locking system to fortify the light safety.
  • it also has an output umbrella flash strobe of high quality.
  • its designed with 3 legs stages which are lightmaking it easy to lift and move around.

8. Neewer Stainless Steel Light Stand

This lamp stand is very abgus to be used for you who want to use softbox and others, its price is not too expensive but its very good quality you can buy tool in Amazon. In addition to cheap lamp stand is very strong and not easy to fall this lamp stand recommend for you who have a capital that is not too much.

9. Light-stands-pro-heavy duty 7’6″ set of two

This lamp stand is very bagu and maybe this is arguably the best. But the price of this lamp stand is a bit expensive compared to the first lamp stand. This lamp stand is very-very nice this lamp stand is recommended for you who have a lot of capital. This lamp stand can also be used for softbox. For those of you who want to make videos that use your softbox you can probably buy this lamp stand on Amazon. In amazon you can find different lights stand but I think this one is the best and suitable for you. For the shortcomings of this light stand may be the setting of the lamp stand a little difficult so maybe you should learn from people who already have satand this light first. Because if you are desperate for setting up yourself may be risky later and it is not a good thing for your softbox and light stands.

10. Lightdow-200W Photographic-Equipment

This lamp stand is very simple and very small form although the shape is small but this lamp stand is very interesting for use and the lamp stand is not easy to fall even though the shape looks small. For-the-price is almost the same as the stand lamp number 1 is just a little bit for-the-price.-I think to choose the lamp stand is very easy. Just adjust it with your needs if you want a light booth a little high maybe you should look for a good brand and see the quality and discuss used in the material. For this lamp stand you can buy it on amazon there you will find many options and its price is a little cheap.

11. LimoStudio

Photography-Photo-Studio-Lighting-Kit-Softbox-Lighting-with Photo-Bulb Socket & Boom-Arm-Stand Hair-Light-Kit, Light-Stand-Tripod, Photo-Studio, AGG1301. Next there is a lamp stand that is perfect for you to make a video in the house of this lamp stand is already packed with its softbox. I think the lamp stand is very nice to use but maybe the price is a bit expensive. Maybe the price is not a barrier for you guys who intention to make a good video with this lamp stand. Especially with the price of 69.00 USD you can be able to stand lights and softbox. I think the price is in accordance with the goods are not too expensive not too cheap, you can buy this item on amazon, ebay and others.
If you are focusing on giving beautiful photography based on amazing light and filter then this is the best light stand for you.

  • It has 3 legs stages in addition to light weight making it easy to move and lift.
  • It also has a solid locking system to secure enough light.
  • Easy to build up and disassemble
  • It has adjustable clamps that tend to fit with various boom diameters.
  • It has a well-built boom arms to hold speed light perfectly and small modifiers as well.

12. StudioFX 400W

This lamp stand has a really good effect to use. The effect of the lamp stand is very simple but solid feel is not easy to fall and can be used mini softbox and softbox is great for the relatively cheap price you can check the price in amazon and other online stores. If you buy this lamp stand you will get :
1. 28″x20-Easy-Softbox-(Includes Diffuser Cover)
2. (1) 85w-fluorescent
light-bulb =400w-regular bulb
3. (1) x-31–71-boom-arm
4. 7ft boom stand
5. Sandbag-and-grip-arm included


A good light stand should

  • Use a stainless steel or alternatively chrome plated to avoid rusting.
  • Be relatively expensive- if it’s made of lower-grade alloys then it’s a cheaper one and may rust. Mostly they use aluminum.
  • They should be thick, many having a diameter of 25mm.

Purposes of a light stand

  • To support light fixtures’ weight
  • To enable the light fixtures to operate to its fully designed potential.
  • To quickly enable the positioning of the light fixtures in the 3D space set for shooting
  • To maintain balance of the light fixture at all times.
  • To enable other light stands to operate closer if needed
  • To stay straight on bumpy areas or stairs.

Lastly, a suitable light stand should take up minimal space and safe to use. in addition, it should be easy to fold up for easy transportation and storage. My message is you guys do not stick with the price because not necessarily expensive is good, because there are also cheap goods that have good quality. After reading this, please do not forget to comment or share if you agree with review.
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