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Top 10 Best Portable Podcast Microphones in 2019

If you are into recording-podcasts, you shall very well understand that among the most significant factors which dictate these success of one’s show, aside of good-content, is owning good sound character. You might have a pretty-juicy topic, though listeners would lose attention quickly if one’s audio is not clear & crisp.

A List of Top 10-Best Portable Podcast Microphones in 2019

1. Samson Meteor-Mic USB Studio-Microphone

Samson Meteor-Mic USB Studio-Microphone gives classy recording among a clear-sound. It’s engineered for creating amazing recording & can be utilized in home-studios. It is too perfect for speech recognition-software, Skype, & iChat. Its-diaphragm is of-25mm, bigger than several other microphones.

2. Blue-Microphones Yeti-USB Microphone

Blue-Microphones Yeti-USB Microphone is ideal as great as great on performance. It gives four recording-modes; bidirectional, cardioid, Omnidirectional, & stereo. You could record everything at every situation among its try capsules-array. This blue-yeti is perfect to voiceovers, conference-calls, interviews, musical-instruments, podcasting, vocals, & field-recording.

3. Rode-Procaster

The Rode-Procaster is the broadcast–quality, dynamic-microphone. These Procaster-was designed to record-professional standard-vocals, making it excellent for podcasting.
These Procaster remains a dynamic-microphone as restrained to a condenser-microphone. Condenser-mics are extra sensitive and would pick up extra detail while recording. Though, this could be both the the pro & a con, relying on these environment you’re recording-in.

4. MXL990

The MXL-990 is a condenser-microphone with a cardioid-polar pattern. These FET preamp & large diaphragm select for a fairly professional, balanced-sound quality while recording one’s podcast.
These larger these diaphragm means these greater surface space the sound-waves have to-be caught.  The 990-comes in a kind of-set-ups, XLR & USB, expecting quality sound to both digital & analogue-recordings.

5. Blue-Yeti

The Blue-Yeti microphone is these first microphone in getting the coveted THX-certified sound-quality. It owns integrated gain-control & four tape modes, including-stereo, which remains a rare discovery on such a-large capsule, creating it among the best options for USB-microphones on these market.

6. Cad U37

These CAD-U37 is a condenser-microphone with a cardioid-polar design. There are 2 switches on these front, one to volume-control and these other to bass-reduction & therefore background sound.
The-U37 is agreeable to all Mac & Windows & connects to one’s device through USB, suggesting no-mixer or either additional recording devices is needed.

7. Audio-Technica AT2020USB

The Audio-Technica-AT2020USB is condenser-microphone with a cardioid-polar pattern for rear-noise rejection. It’s compatible to all Windows & Mac, and one could plug it right into one’s laptop or either PC via-USB.
These AT2020USB is perfect for podcasting among an improved analog to digital-conversion feature & headphone-output for live-monitoring.

8. Samson-Meteor

The Samson-Meteor is a condenser-microphone among a cardioid polar-pattern. The USB-connection plugs within one’s laptop or either computer directly & is agreeable with all Mac & Windows.
There’s a jack so one can plug-headphones into these mic quickly for real–time-monitoring.

9. Shure SM7B-Vocal Dynamic-Microphone

Shure SM7B-Vocal Dynamic-Microphone gives exceptional frequency-response, controls among graphic display, bass-roll-off, pop-filter, cardioid-polar pattern, locking-yoke mount, close-talk-widescreen, air-suspension, & foam-winscreen.

10. Blue-Microphones Snowball-iCE Condenser-Microphone

Blue Microphones-Snowball iCE Condenser-Microphone guarantees a clear-audio for information, Skype, & FaceTime. It enables you to record-audio & create one podcast. It arrives with a USB-cable & a desktop-stand. People same its performance & portable form. The condenser microphone owns an easy-plug and play that’s compatible among PC or either MAC.

Good to Know

If one wants individuals to be speaking about one’s podcasts, then one needs to make certain that both actually live-up to their requirements. It’s why one can get more microphones today getting with features which can help among podcasting.

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