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Top 10 Best UV Filters for Lenses

If a camera lens is a sword, the filter is the scabbard. In this list, we are going to walk you through the best UV filters for lenses out there that will help you reduce the “mistiness” you often find in daylight photography. Experienced and professional photographers use top-rated lens filters to safeguard the lens (read our basic guide to camera lenses for beginners) from dust and moisture and to enhance the photo quality. These filters allow you to block out ultra-violet light, rendering a more vibrant image. Now if you thought that looks cool. Well, it is. Of course, you cannot step out there to get any kind of lens filter. What are the best UV filters for lenses? Here are our top picks for UV protection lens filters for digital cameras most photographers should have.

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A lens filter is a transparent or near transparent object that is attached to the front of a lens for either protecting the lens, modifying the attribute of light that passes through the lens or supplying special effects to the image. Take the UV lens filter for example.

There are many types and options available based on budget and quality. In this list, you’ll find the best camera lens filters you can buy this year. If you ask professional photographers about their cameras, they are more than likely to throw a myriad of technical jargon your way, some of which you might recognize as you might have heard of them before, while others might pass over your head like leaves on a windy day.

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What they will all agree on, however, is the importance of lens filters. The major difference between a cheap filter and an expensive one has a lot to do with the quality of the glass. When it comes to have one of the must-have accessories for most photographers, the camera lens filter is typically on the list.

Usually, a camera lens that operates with or without the filter has a significant difference. I believe my list above will help you choose the right lens filters for your photography demand. With the best filter, you no longer worry about water, oil, dust, and fingerprints.

With this list of the best DSLR camera lens filters, you’ll be able to perfect your photography in a way that you dream of. So there you have it folks, our top UV lens filter that will add the “oomph” to your images.

What are waiting for? Grab your lens filter and start clicking!

A List of Top 10 Best UV Filters for Lenses (2021)

Tiffen 67mm UV Protection Filter

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For the newbies out there (and we do not mean that in a derogatory way. After all, everyone starts as a newbie before taking pictures worthy of a being included in a National Geographic magazine), this is an incredible camera lens.

The Tiffen 67mm is a mono-coated lens filter that provides you with a basic reduction of ultra violet light. The lens effectively eliminates the bluish cast that appears in images. What’s more, you will also be able to add additional filters to this lens, though stacking more filters softens or shades away the edges of the image.

AmazonBasics UV Protection Lens Filter – 77 mm

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One of the reasons this filter is popular among novice and veteran photographers is its price point. For the amount you spend on this filter, it gives you a fine quality image without degrading the picture in any way. The AmazonBasics UV lens filter gives you your general UV protection, reducing the bluish cast found in images that we had mentioned earlier. However, what the filter also does is protect the lens from dust, scratches and other small particulates. We think that is a win in our books!

Tiffen 49mm UV Protection Filter

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The Tiffen makes a return in our list (and for good reason). If you are wondering what the difference between this lens and the previous Tiffen UV lens filter is, then here is the rundown. The Tiffen 49mm UV Protection Filter offers the same UV protection as the Tiffen 67mm, but what makes it stand out is that it also offers a much better protection for the lens.

Tiffen 77mm UV Protection Filter

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Three Tiffens in the house ladies and gentlemen! Not that we are complaining. Once again, what sets this lens apart from its younger siblings is that it absorbs up to 22% of the UV light that it’s the filter. Talk about a crisp quality photo.

AmazonBasics UV Protection Lens Filter – 58 mm

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Here we are. At the top of our list. Why is this lens on the top of the charts? Let’s do a feature count shall we?

  • It’s much cheaper than the other lenses on this list
  • It gives you great UV protection for your lenses
  • Protects your camera lens like a bouncer in a club
  • Awesome quality

Ultra-Violet (UV) reducing filters: Tiffen 52mm SKY 1-A Filter

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If you’re looking for an additional protection for your optics with enhanced filtering of unwanted light spectrum, I highly recommend that you take a look into this Tiffen 52mm SKY 1-A Filter. It’s the bang for the buck. Proudly made in the U.S.A.


  • Reduces Bluish Cast of Daylight
  • Provides Greater Color Accuracy

UV haze filter: Chiaro 67mm 98 UVAT UV Filter

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This is the second best protective UV filter to consider if you’re looking for higher quality. In this case, if you’re a photographer who demands the highest-quality glass, just buy this right away.


  • 99% Light Transmission
  • Clear UV Protective Filter
  • Polished Schott Glass

Polarizing filter: Kaesemann Polarizer MRC Nano Filter

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The Kaesemann filter is more expensive than the basic filters above. However, with this filter you feel like a big upgrade. The Polarizing filters are ideal for making clouds seemingly pop out from darkened blue skies. This circular Polarizing filters are mainly for use with auto focus lenses. The linear ones are best used with manual-focus lenses.

Circular Polarizing Filter for Camera Lenses by Breakthrough Photography

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This is the kind of of filter that’s as great as much more expensive filters. What I really like about this Breakthrough Photography Circular Polarizing Filter is its sharpness and neutral color.

    Compatible with all 77mm camera lenses

LEE Filters 100 x 100mm Little Stopper 1.8 Neutral Density Filter

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This is the best ND filter I highly recommend.

  • Neutral density filter
  • Reduces the light entering your lens by six stops
  • Ideal for low-light conditions