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Top 10 Best Projector Ceiling Mounts in 2019

Projector-mounts are basic units that help to transpose images onto one’s projector screen. Both are meant to enable one to achieve more picture quality & image measurement. In these meantime, every kinds of those amounts have done used in these meeting place of hotels, education-institutions, & business centers.

A List of Top 10 Best Projector Ceiling Mounts in 2019

1. QualGear-QG-PM-002-WHT-Universal Projector-Ceiling Mount

This system features a strong cold rolled-steel construction. It includes several fixing holes with the minimum of seven point one inches separate and a peak of 17.5-inches apart. This allows it to suit most projectors which incorporate mounting-holes of among 7.09-12.40-inches.

2. BenQ 5J.J4N10.001-Universal Ceiling-Mount for All-Models

The mount is meant to fit every BenQ projector models with these exception of these GP & CP220 series. The universal mount includes a durable building and could easily be connected to one’s ceiling. It arrives with a column-connector that could extend among 5-22.7-inches.

3. Projector-Gear Projector-Ceiling Mount for BENQ W1070

The mount is built of 100-percent Aircraft-Grade aluminium. It’s a low profile-mount which extends 4-inches below these ceiling. This system offers a most tilting angle-of 180 degrees and a more rotation angle-of 360 degrees. The mount could be quickly fine-tuned at hand with no-tools needed.

4. Mustang Low-Profile Projector-Mount

This system comes into a sturdy & durable building. It highlights a low-profile design which offers an elegant-ceiling-flush installation. This incorporates some full-motion plan that enables one to align these projector for maximum-viewing. The mount highlights 360-degree-rotation. It could support projectors showing a maximum-of 33-pounds.

5. The Loctek-PT3 Projector Ceiling-Mount

The Loctek provides you these ability to position your projector into different directions. It comes among a 2-in-1 mounting-design. With so design, you could mount it being a flush-mount or telescopic-mount. It owns a height change ranging of 22.45 inches over 32.36 inches. Beside that, one’s can have these precision mount which you require.

6. The Amer-Universal Projector-Drop-in Ceiling-Mount

Here is among universal projector ceiling mount that arrives with each tool needed to a successful-mount. You doesn’t have to purchase separate-tools for this projector-mount. All washers, screws, & vital equipment remain included in these unit. This provides you each fast & perfect fitness through installation.

7. The VIVO-Universal Extending-White Ceiling Projector-Mount

The VIVO-projector mount remains a unique unity. It arrives with telescopic-height design that is highly uncommon. If you require a projection-height of 23-inches above these ceiling covering, VIVO is these answer to this. It is totally adjustable & very handy.

8. VIVO Universal-Adjustable White Ceiling-Projector

These MOUNT-VP01W signifies yet different excellent ceiling projector-mount. It is these type of projector-mount that is proper for home & office projection requirements. If one’s projector does not weigh above 30-pounds, the mount is to you. It too comes with flexible arms which is suitable for more projector brands at the business.

9. Cheetah-Mounts Universal-Projector Mount

Created to fit around all kinds from projectors, the classic black colored-universal projector-mount from Cheetah-lures your application at the original place. There exist no troubles in installation the reason being it comes among safety cable to simplified connection. For low-profile setups, the mount is these best.

10. Loctek-PT2 LCD/DLP Projector-Ceiling Mount

Soon there is neither concern of using the space among the ceiling the reason being the projector mount of Loctek is the ideal answer for ceiling-mounting. You’re assured on availing a wonderful house cinema-experience, but in extension to that, these projector-mount is too suitable to adhere the office-needs.

Good to Know

These choice of one’s best projector-mount will rely on durability & flexibility. If one’s projector is portable, you could choose every of these mounts noted above. Though if one’s is heavy, work for these likes of VideoSecu-LCD DLP Projector-Mount.

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