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The Best Incident Light Meters in 2018

Most professional studio photographers are always anxious about exposure. The risk of getting underexposed and overexposed pictures is what makes photography challenging. However, with the right equipment and a little knowledge, pictures can come out great and exposure is no longer a mystery. The answer to this is an incident light meter. Today, there are loads of brands incident light meters for a variety of applications. To help you in the buying decision, we have made a list of the best incident light meters to make your shopping easy.

A List of the Best Incident Light Meters in 2018

1. Sekonic L-308S-U Flashmate Light Meter

Sekonic L-308S-U Flashmate Light Meter

Lauded as the best smallest light meter available in the market today. This pocket-sized model can accommodate a dual function of reading the flash exposure in both incidents and reflected models. The readings are precise from third-to-half-stop augmentations complying with the exposure settings of DSLR and digital cameras available today.
• Runs on a double A battery
• Can perform dual functions of reading flash exposure in either incident or reflective modes.
• The LCD screen displays accurate measurements
• Data are displayed in an easily readable format and icons are large enough to be seen in low lighting situations.
• The device is a little complicated to use for a newbie.

2. Dr. Meter DM-LX1330B

This is the best but inexpensive light meter with easy to read display screen. It is powered by a 9V battery and can measure lux range from 0.1 to 200,000, to guarantee ample exposure. It has a wide range of operating temperature to have optimum performance even in the worst conditions.

  • With the wide range of exposure measurement, it can be used by scenic photographers
  • Offers rapid response to deliver accurate measurements.
    With over-range indicator
    Can be set to a low power consumption to preserve battery life.

3. Extech LT300

Undoubtedly, this Extech LT300 is one of the best accident light meters. This model has a large LCD screen with an analog bar graph that displays the rise and fall of the distance in the reading, complementing the digital readings. There is also a remote light sensor to ensure superior accuracy.

  • Compact and rugged, can provide long-range reading up to 400,000 lux
  • There is an analog bar graph to compare the measurements on the spot.
  • It has relative and peak mode readings.


  • It automatically shuts down when not in use.

4. Cooligg Docooler HS1010

This small instrument is easy to carry and powered by two triple-A batteries that can be purchased separately. It is equipped to deliver provide accurate measurement on a broad measuring range. It also provides both minimum and maximum measurement to adjust the light as needed.

  • A professional looking device that is easy to use
  • Performs an automatic measuring level selection to determine the exposure level
  • There are two units of measure to select from


  • The button is exposed and prone to automatic power on

5. Extech LT40

This is the incident light meter for outdoor shooting and used mostly by government agencies to ensure compliance with public safety ordinances. It can also measure white LED lighting. It has easy to read display with overload indicator and auto power off function.


  • Can measure extreme environmental light levels
  • Can also measure not only LED lights but also other indoor light sources like metal halide etc.
  • With automatic power off and overload indicator


  • No back-lit on the LCD screen, difficult to get readings in poor lighting conditions.
  • You do not have to do guesswork when taking photos anymore.


With the best incident light meters, you can measure light accurately more the built-in camera meters. They can distinguish light in extreme contrast, back-lighting, in a snow or flash that usually result in a poor exposure. In choosing the best incident light meter, it is the same as what you would do when buying a camera; it is based on the features you want. After all the best incident light meters are the one that can accurately measure the amount of light falling onto the subject. Choose the best incident light meter is the one that has answers to your need.

Disclaimer: All recommendations are impartial and based on user experience, with no bias to the products or the brand. The products in this post contain affiliate links which help support