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Top 10 Best LED Video Lights

An LED video light remain an essential tool for photographing and filming. When capturing high quality video, photographers cannot depend on these sunlight every time. So, having the best LED video lights is a must for most wedding photographers. There are times when we don’t have enough sunlight to take advantage of. Thus, you can rely on camera extra LED lights for video, photography, YouTube, and vlogging. What are the best LED lights for video?

Not relying only on sunlight, you should have one of the best LED video lights for production. Both are convenient units with flexible lights to excellent results. What is more, both are affordable, & this means you can get it anytime.

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A List of Top 10 Best LED Video Lights for Wedding Photography

Nanguang on camera LED Video lights

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Fits on a camera shoe and features color temperature control 5600K-3200K, NanGuang CN-LUX1600C LED On Camera Light uses high efficiency, low energy LEDs.  A part of the characteristics of the merchandise is alluring on the point which they give it a unique and one of its sorts of on camera LED light. It’s impeccable for using the pictures as great as videos & subsequently improves if vlogging happens in your mind.

YONGNUO YN216 on camera LED lights

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Those who have used these on camera LED lights from YONGNUO understand how wonderful both are in improving the outcomes. Among their characteristics of modifying these splendor & shading while on the same period taking these photos ensure which the best outcome would do gotten.

  • 4 color temperature plates
  • 216 high quality LED lamp beads
  • Comes with a 2200mAh li-ion battery and charger

Linco Lincostore Continuous 2000 Watt

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If you want soft, also three point light at your subjects, when the Linco Lincostore Continuous 2000 Watt remains a great choice. It does not allow for changes to these brightness of these boxes, though, therefore it is not ideal to dramatic effects. Overall, the Linco Lincostore is an essential lighting kit for beginners.

  • Quick and easy to install
  • Big handle light head

Aputure LS Mini20 Light Storm Flight

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For cinematic applications that will benefit of spottier lights than most LED panels have to give, the Aputure LS Mini20 Light Storm Flight gets the cake. The units are suitable to illuminate nearly any micro budget indie set beyond these director’s expectations.

  • Long lifespan and steady light
  • High efficiency, energy saving bulbs
  • Best value for the price

Aputure Amaran AL 528

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Among the best information about LED units is the portability, and these handy Aputure Amaran AL 528 arrives with 3 panels & six series, as great as a charger dedicated to every unit. As great as you’ve access to the outlet everywhere near your location, you will own light.

  • High color rendering LEDs (Ra>85)
  • PWM technology for low power consumption

Best Portable Monolights

Neewer 2 Packs Dimmable Bi color 480 LED Video Light

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While these LED’s could go to great kelvin levels, both also emit these two color temps (warm & cool). By placing these camera to unity or the different and switching these lights to these corresponding shade, a very precise color rendition could be achieved. The lights too have a CRI of 96 out of 100, that made them famous for video! Overall, the Neewer 2 Packs LED video light is the best product to complement in-studio shooting.

  • Made of high quality aluminium alloy
  • 240 White and 240 Yellow LED long lasting bulbs

Manfrotto MLH360H Midi 36 Hybrid LED Panel

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Designed especially for use among HDSLRs, these Midi 36 involves of 36 LEDs on the light panel uttering 6000 degree Kelvin light. It attaches on the camera via the hot shoe and actually could emit “flashes” which are 4x these normal continuous light output to illuminate still images.

  • Stackable design
  • Not support flash mode

Smith Victor KT500U Two Light Thrifty Kit

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A back to basics floodlight kit that gives the essential illumination requirements to shooting video or stills, these kit includes 2 lights with 2 ECA-250 Photoflood lamps, 2 socket and cord sets, two 10 inch reflectors among 5/8 inch stand mounts, two UM6-umbrella mounts, two white 32 inch shoot through umbrellas, and two Raven RS8 eight foot lamp stands.

  • Easy mounting on DSLR cameras and digital camcorders
  • Dimmable, high-power 144 LED lamp count in a compact, on-camera panel

Flashpoint LED On Board Video Light VL100A

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This pro caliber on camera LED light involves a two-leaf barndoor, filter set, xlr and cigarette lighter cord, & a 3200K conversion glass to tungste balanced gunfire. It gives 35W of output on a daylight balanced 5600K but utilizes only 11W of power to extend battery life.

  • Flicker-free Daylight 1100 Lux & Tungsten 893 Lux lighting at 50cm
  • Wraparound 60 degree angle emission

ESDDI 176 LED Video Light

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You require the best LED camera light to get these perfect shoots. That is why we’re very happy in introducing you to the ultra bright dimmable camera panel light. It begins with a battery & USB wire to make certain that you’ve everything you need to obtain started. It is 176 LEDs ensure maximum illumination to give you among the outstanding-results you’ve been searching for.

  • 176-LED Ultra High Power lights
  • Rotate switch for on/off and brightness adjustment from 100% down to 10%