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Top 10 Best Rolling Laptop Bags for Air Travel: 2019 Buying Guide

Rolling-bags for laptops have become a kind of pattern in recent times, and many want to roll-bags from their laptops to carry the load on their backs. These bags are a lot of versatile workplaces that are spacious enough to bind your laptop, office basics and belongings.

Read my buying guide before shopping your first rolling laptop bags for travel:

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A List of Top 10 Best Rolling Laptop Bags for Air Travel in 2019

1. Laptop-Rolling-Catalog-Hanging-System

As it’s named after, the bag has everything in one. It is a box-shaped compartment that has a front area with pockets for small things. Its padded laptop security sleeve is removable. It is perfect for all sizes of laptops.


  • Robust; does not overturn
  • Spacious compartments


  • The wheels cause a great shock when being rolled
  • The handle does not click on different heights, only when it is pulled all the way up or down.
  • The versatile housing for hanging documents is useless.

2. Targus-Compact-Rolling-Backpack-TSB750US

Although not as smooth as Wenger’s-Swiss Gear-wheel-bags, the Targus-TSB750US can absolutely coordinate and, over and over again, outperform some of its models.

It is spacious, with two huge compartments, one of which can hold up to sixteen-inches and a large compartment for front coordinator with many different sized openings Pros

  • Durable
  • Strong
  • Folding


  • The wheels make a lot of clamor.

3. Perry-Ellis-8-Wheel-Spinner-Mobile

The Perry-Ellis-8-Wheel-Spinner-Mobile is one of the top rated rolling laptop bags. Its compartments and interior dividers provide enough space for a laptop and accessories.

This rolling-laptop case with wheels basically has three compartments: front for ornaments, center for envelopes, discs and a seventeen inches laptop, and back to dress in.

There really is a fourth compartment – a useful zipper that is valuable for save things you have to access quickly, for example, to airline tickets or your cell phone. Pros

  • Durable on wheels
  • It has enough sum space


  • Expensive

4. Samsonite-Womens-Mobile-Office-Black

It has a padded compartment worked for the safety of your laptop. It has four handles for simple development and ensures that you do not have manual-loads.

You brush your pockets with dark-nickel material for solidity. Vertical handles facilitate versatility with splendid stripes, and requires all sizes of laptops. The bag only gives an expert look, as it is a portable office business case.


  • Spacious
  • Water resistant
  • Compartments for additional luggage


  • Turn sideways from time to time.

5. Solo-Bryant-Rolling-Laptop-Black

In understanding its name, this bag is a progression of the course of type action. It is a box-shaped bracket that has a front segment of downward speed with pockets for small things connected to it.

Its padded-laptop security cover is removable, and has a droppable-contour separable for a registration-frame. It is a well-arranged checkpoint and is perfect for all sizes of laptops. Pros:

  • Does not overturn effectively; it is robust
  • It is very moderate
  • Large compartments


  • The wheels cause a great shock when being rolled.
  • The handle does not click on different heights, only when it is pulled all the way up or down.
  • The portable case for hanging-discs does not make sense.

6. Backpack with wheels High-Sierra-Powerglide

The High-Sierra-Powerglide backpack with wheels is the most spacious & large, and some may say that it is the best laptop bag with wheels in our summary.

The medium-term rear-compartment can be fully opened to the level of overlap or either can be anchored by the tabs on both sides.

The separate center compartment houses an included removable-laptop sleeve that supports laptops up to fifteen point four inches.

Same number of spaces and pockets in contrast to other laptop-bags with wheels, but the fundamental-design is deep & open.


  • Durable
  • Spacious
  • Best Quality


  • Expensive

7. Kenneth-Cole-Reaction-Wheeled-Overnighter

The Kenneth-Cole-Reaction-Wheeled-Overnighter is the lightest & thinnest-laptop case with wheels in this review. As a result, if those qualities are necessary for you, you should consider this bag.

This briefcase with wheels comes with useful features, for example, an external deposit of work to store-bottles, a tablet to take in the front compartment and a removable and quilted cover for fifteen point six inches laptop Pros

  • Durable
  • Cheap


  • Less space

8. Alpine-Swiss-Rolling-Briefcase-Attache

If you are looking for the best budget product, choose the Alpine-Swiss-rolling-bag.

The posterior segment of the Alpine offers double capacity with a separate record segment for storing papers and notepad. However, it can also be evacuated to function as a medium term packer for a limited supply of garments.

The in-line skid-wheels move easily on any smooth-surface and combine with a retractable-wrapped-handle that has 2 levels of height for customers of any height. The option of a compromised tablet-case adds to the estimated-capacity while complying with FAA-controls for portable-estimates.

Finally, the overall size of Alpine’s likely methods doesn’t fit serenely under a seat, yet, in spite of everything, it offers a perfect combination of ability & esteem. Pros

  • Durable
  • Easier to use
  • Better storage


  • Not calmly in shape

9. Solo-Macdougal-Rolling-Laptop-Espresso

We are in love with the shining cowhide of this current-bag.

It has a separable bargaining framework that allows you to move or transport it. However, in contrast to your partner, this bag comes in dark & dark tones. The laptop case accompanies the high thickness padded foams for greater security.

There is a front zippered pockets arrangement and front coordinator for desk items and incidental items. Your laptop-sleeve is also safe and is a friendly checkpoint.

It also has stunning, non-slip & customizable-tabs. It has a record divider for reporting. Pros:

  • It is of high caliber
  • Has separable wheels
  • Spacious with compartments
  • Waterproof cover


  • It is expensive
  • •Wheels make a lot of clamor when used.
  • The handle is free when pressed with substantial things.

10. Tumi-Tegra-Carry-Briefcase-T-Graphite

One of the toughest useful wheeled-bags on the market today is built of Tetris, a thermoplastic material used in the manufacture of life-saving defensive layers, defensive devices for NFL-players and boisterous-vehicles.

It has a divider of registry, pocket of adornment with a handle that extends for multiple-statures. It has large pockets with efficient interior and double-rotating-wheels.

It is a strong & valuable-bag. It has defensive guards, a coordinated pin and a removable-portable hideaway. It has a better handle like the front zippered pockets for business fundamentals. It also has space for connecting a bag.


  • High caliber with a surprising appearance.
  • Lightweight and has a cleanable-surface
  • Spacious with a sturdy-handle
  • Has a smooth-roller-wheel


  • We did not find commands on the best way to use the built-in bolt.
  • The cost is ridiculous.
  • Its surface is scratched effectively.

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Good to Know

What to look for before buying your first top rated rolling bags for laptops for long distance flight.

Portable Computer Accommodation

Something you should check in a laptop bag is if your notebook can fit into it in a useful way.

Quality of the Rolling Bag

The calf leather bags are the most ideal. The zippers should be of high caliber and the shoulder tabs should have non-slip pads.

Lock Handles

It should have handles that are screwed to different heights to force customers of different heights.


It should have padded handles and reinforced corners to prevent wrinkles from fraying.


It should be spacious enough to contain a laptop and other hardware. You should also have simple opening pockets for simple access to your PC.


Regardless of whether the bag is expensive or in poor condition, when you can pay the cost of it and addresses its problems, I ask that you leave it all.

I trust that, at this point, you have decided which laptop rolling bag with wheels to buy for your long distance flight travel.

I recommend that you opt for a high-level if you can bear the cost. Something else, manage with which you could support.

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