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Top Best Camera Backpacks for Travel in 2019: Reviews

July 6, 2019

A backpack is just a like home for your camera that will travel with you. The best camera bag will load and protect your must-have gears and accessories from unwanted harm. With a top rated camera backpack, photographers can keep our invaluable cameras, accessories, and gears from dust and damages. After putting a significant effort, this review will cover the camera backpack for:

  • international travel photographers with DSLR and mirrorless cameras
  • long lenses, micro four thirds, gimbal, and more than 2 bodies
  • women photographers

The top rated camera backpacks for international travel I selected for this recommendation are functional, stylish, and durable.

A List of Top Best Camera Backpacks for Travel Photographers in 2019

1. HEX Raven DSLR Backpack

Getting caught in the rain? Not a big deal. This water-resistant backpack is the top best for most photographers. Why? While it holds 2 DSLR cameras, 5-6 lenses, and 2 external flashes, you can accommodates one 15.0″ MacBook Pro laptop. Unlike most padded camera backpacks, the Hex Raven’s design is really unique. Overall, the Hex Raven is best backpack-style camera bag this year.

  • Coated canvas exterior made for durability
  • A quick access tripod straps
  • Not very ideal for those who travel in warm weather

2. Manfrotto MB PL-3N1-35 Backpack

Manfrotto MB PL-3N1-35 BackpackThis camera bag has 4 carrying positions, quick draw side access, one hand opening, internal Height-44cm, 28cm internal length, and 16cm internal width. Just like any other Manfrotto’s camera bags, this MB PL-3N1-35 Backpack Versatile is quite functional. This camera bag can hold your camera, two lenses, some accessories and a tripod.

  • Rain covers for waterproof protection
  • Extremely ergonomic

3. Tenba Cooper DSLR Backpack (637-408)

I like this backpack for its flexibility. When it rains, you can use the reversible rain cover. Load a DSLR camera with 3-5 lenses? No problem.

This is the best backpack for travel and street photography. Or to explore a city. The slim shape is just perfect for outdoor walk.

  • No dangling straps
  • Tough and hard-wearing

4. Lowepro ProTactic 450 AW Camera Backpack

Lowepro ProTactic 450 AW Camera BackpackThis ProTactic 450 AW camera bag by Lowepro features ActivZone System technology to deliver targeted support at shoulder blades, lumbar and waist for comfort on the move. This is a professional backpack for Pro DSLRs and DJI Mavic Pro Drone. The smaller version (ProTactic 250) or Photo Sport AW 300 would be better choices to carry your gear on.

  • Not comfortably load two pro cameras with battery grip
  • Built-in All Weather AW Cover

5. Vanguard Havana 41 DSLR Camera Backpack Case

Vanguard HavanaThis camera bag is best for a DSLR with lens attached, 1-2 lenses, a flash, accessories, 13″ laptop, and personal effects.

You can place a MacBook, a Kindle e-reader, a DSLR camera with two lenses, all necessary chargers and cables, two books, one magazine, camera accessories, water bottle, snack, glasses cases and more.

6. Chrome Unisex Niko Pack

Chrome Unisex Niko PackThis is a weather-resistant DSLR backpack. Its large zip-around opening reveals a spacious, fully customizable main compartment for lenses, flash, and other equipment.

There is a mesh pocket that closes with velcro to hold valuable items (passport) in place when grabbing a charging cord. It shouldn’t be difficult to organize the padding to fit your camera and lenses.

In addition to being adjustable and customizable, it’s also easy to organize your items. The bag straps is short for those with a broader chest and shoulders.

The Chrome Unisex Niko Pack is one of the most and efficient camera bags for most photographers.

Key features:

  • Weather-resistant with PU coated zipper
  • Front hook and loop fastener straps
  • Side access U-Lock holster
  • Fit your 15″ Macbook Pro laptop, chargers and small items
  • Carry a camera with several lenses
  • Comfortable and durable

7. Timbuk2 Sleuth Camera Backpack

This bag comes from the one of the finest camera bag makers. The reason I like this camera bag because it can protect your DSLR and mirrorless camera and accessories in a set of pockets.

This black color bag works well for most photographers.

  • Adjustable padded camera compartment
  • Made of nylon

8. Lowepro FreeLine BP 350 AW Backpack

This is another Lowepro camera bag that I must include in this list. What’s the best thing about this camera bag and why I chose it for this review?

The Lowepro FreeLine BP 350 AW Backpack is very ideal for mirrorless and DSLR kits that features the all-new QuickShelf technology.

  • Best to hold a 15″ Laptop, a DSLR camera, 70-200mm f.2 8 lens, gear, smartphones and accessories

A List of the Best Mirrorless Camera Bags for Most Professional Photographers

Unlike the DSLR cameras, mirrorless cameras are mechanically simplified and often smaller and lighter.

Not so bulky, it’s also easy for most photographers to have the camera with them most of the time. The best bags for mirrorless cameras are also smaller and lighter.

10. CosySpeed Streetomatic +

For travel photographers with a mirrorless camera, this is the one of the best cases I highly recommend.

The CosySpeed Streetomatic + mirrorless camera case will give you the most convenient way to carry your photo system on any given day. Safe, fast, flexible!

  • Sling strap but safe as bag
  • Safe against rain, bumps

11. Tenba Switch 10 Camera Bag

Made from rugged and durable nylon fabrics, the Tenba Switch is another great option for your mirrorless camera and tripod.

  • Water and abrasion-resistant
  • Quick access top zipper

A List of Best Nikon D850 Camera Bags

A good camera bag is extremely important when you’re out on a shoot or off traveling. With the best bag for Nikon D850 camera, photographers will feel secure when shooting outdoor or travel.

To protect your new Nikon 850 camera, you need a good camera bag. Why? You’d feel safer and more secure to have your expensive camera in a high quality camera bag. I created this list of the best bags for Nikon D850 for those who are looking for a versatile, stylish, or affordable one.

12. Lowepro Flipside 400 AW II

What if you’ve got a Nikon 850 camera with up to 7 lenses and flash or compact drone, and a MacBook Pro, an iPad and compact tripod?

All you need is a high-capacity camera backpack for them while you can still easily go out and shoot.

This Flipside 400 AW II gives you increased security, keeping gear safe and easy to reach. Believe it or not, the Flipside 400 AW II is one of the world’s best selling camera bags.

With its high-capacity storage in a customizable and protective pack, it has plenty of room and flexibility to fit your devices.

This camera bag has the extra protection from rain, snow, dust and sand. The bag is sturdy and comfortable with a heavy load.

What the Flipside 400 AW II bag can hold:

  • DSLR with up to 300 mounted lens or compact drone
  • 4-6 additional lenses
  • Flash
  • 15″ laptop

Also, the Flipside 400 AW II camera bag is very well made and good on the price too. So overall, it’s one of the camera bags I’d recommend for your Nikon D850.

13. Manfrotto Professional Backpack 50

Manfrotto Professional Backpack 50While the Manfrotto 50 might be much more than the money you’d want to spend, it’s the camera bag you shoud look into.

The material used for the bag itself does repel water. However, for heavy rain you will want to use that cover. The material is fairly heavy and durable.

  • Hold a Nikon D850, a battery grip, attached 70-200 F/2.8 lens, an extra camera body, 5 extra lenses, a flash, a tablet, a 15″ MacBook laptop, a tripod, and accessories

14. Lowepro ProTactic 450 AW

Lowepro ProTactic 450 AWWhile Lowepro Flipside 400 AW II is a recommended camera bag for your Nikon D850, I also have to add this ProTactic 450 AW to the list. It’s a professional backpack can can load up to two DSLRs, one with up to 70-200mm f/2.8 lens attached, 8 lenses/speed lights, 15″ MacBoook laptop, a tripod, and accessories.

In addition to this, you can store your DJI Mavic Pro drone. The build quality on this bag is amazing, is clearly a notch above the Manfrotto bag. the ProTactic is everything you’d hope after simply reading the headline.

15. Think Tank Photo Airport Commuter

Think Tank Photo Airport CommuterWhile there are many styles of camera bags, this is ideal for frequent travel photographers as they can take it as international or domestic carry-on bag.

In the box, there are tripod straps, reinforced padded dividers, and cable lockSeam-sealed rain cover.

  • Cable lock & locking YKK® RC Fuse zippers protect your gear
  • Fits up to a 15” laptop and a 10” tablet
  • Gripped DSLR

16. Case Logic DSB-101 Luminosity Medium DSLR

Case Logic DSB-101 Luminosity Medium DSLR
It’s a great backpack for a Nikon D850 camera and all accessories (two lenses, charger, cables, battery pack, wipes).
Key features:

  • Adjustable walls, dividers and safety straps provide dedicated storage for DSLR camera, 3-6 additional lenses or flash and accessories
  • Unique, patent pending snake divider system allows you to customize camera and accessory storage with just one hand
  • Simply slide tractable panels to either create more space or coil to envelope your gear with 360° protection

17. Kenora Backpack

Kenora Backpack for Nikon D850 Camera
The bag uses the finest quality hardware, materials, and components. The premium quality leather and waxed canvas backpack looks beautiful. The Kenora backpack is stylish and functional.

  • Durable
  • Side access for the DSLR camera
  • Carry an 15 inch MacBook Pro

18. Nikon 100th Anniversary Bag Premium Leather Bag

What a cool stylish messenger bag for Nikon D850.

While Nikon D850 is the top camera, Nikon D7500 DSLR camera is one of the best mid-range DSLR for most photographers. It came out in 2017, about the same time to the D850.

  • Full grain Italian leather
  • timeless design

19. DIGIANT Backpack Camera Bag

Strong and sturdy, this camera bag has a carrying capacity of 1-2 DSLR cameras, 4-6 lenses, flash, batteries and other photo essentials, as well as your laptop and tablet in a spacious main compartment.

This DIGIANT product would be great for new school backpack/camera bag.

Believe it or not, you can skate around the city or running to get your best shot. Overall, this camera bag is nicely made. It has great spaces. You can also create your own compartments.

20. Fastpack BP 250 AW II

This travel-ready backpack, made by reputable Lowepro, was designed to fit a DSLR like the Nikon D7500.

With this nice bag, you’ve got three primary zones — camera, device and open — to store, protect and carry a variety of gear.

It’s larger than the Fastpack BP 150 AW II, therefore you can store a 15 inches laptop.

21. Peak Design Travel Line Backpack 45L

Top rated this year is the new Peak Design Travel Line Backpack 45L. Although this brand-name backpack is not cheap, but you’ll get the best value for what you buy.

  • durable
  • beautiful carry-on travel backpack

Top 10 Best Camera Backpacks and Bags for Women: Reviews

Got a woman friend who’s a photographer? You should also consider a bag or backpack for her DSLR or mirrorless camera. She’ll have it with her all the time. The best camera bag for women needs its own category. It’s as beautiful and stylish as having a perfect purse. For most women, having a beautiful bag to pack the camera is essential. Getting yourself the best camera bag is one of the greatest ideas of doing photography without compromise! Not all camera bags are made for everyone. Some are stylish, vintage, and simple for some photographers. The top best camera bags for women should be:

  • stylish yet functional bags for a DSLR camera, a lens, a laptop, cables, and accessories.
  • made from high-quality leather

1. ONA The Capri Leather Camera Tote Bag – Antique Cognac

ONA The Capri Leather Camera Tote Bag

Handmade with genuine leather can protect a camera, up to three lenses and small personal items. There are two interior pockets. You can also keep fit a tablet or MacBook Air.

It’s one of the most beautiful camera bags any woman photographer. The leather is gorgeous. The inside is nicely padded and crafted. There is a nice leather cross-body strap that is included.

  • Italian-tanned leather
  • Detachable leather cross-body strap

2. Cheeky Lime Livy DSLR Women’s Camera Bag

If you love bright color, this camera bag is for you. It fits a DSLR camera and 3 lenses. This bag is for carrying your camera and all of the essentials for your day.

In addition to keeping your camera, you can place your tablet, notebook, and personal items. This stylish bag is a great fit and not too heavy.

There is a plenty of rooms in this bag, without being too big or bulky.

  • Adjustable interior velcro dividers
  • Outside zipper compartment

3. Propado Waterproof PU Leather DSLR Camera Bag

If you’re looking for a cheaper camera bag is also a good choice. One of the outstanding feature about this Propado is that it’s a waterproof leather camera bag.

  • Waterproof
  • Shockproof insert liner case

4. Kattee Professional Canvas SLR DSLR Camera Backpack

Not interested in a camera purse? This pink camera backpack is very beautiful. Its shoulder straps are air cushion straps, so it’s very comfortable to go out shooting.

  • Comes with removable camera case
  • Multi-space

5. Purple Relic DSLR Leather Camera Bag

If you have a taste of vintage, this is the bag for you. Made from premium genuine leather, Purple Relic DSLR leather camera bag can load a high end camera like Nikon D850.

  • Textured vegan leather
  • Wear on the shoulder or carry from the top

6. QualityArt Real Leather camera bag Women camera

A satchel travel camera bag, this is also one of the best choices for you. Very light and vintage. It fits your Fuji X Pro 2 with lens and an extra lens perfectly.

  • Handmade goat leather bag
  • Long and adjustable shoulder straps
  • Perfect DSLR camera size and comfortable feel

7. Floral Camera Bag for Women

If you’re looking for a woman camera bag for under $100, then you may want to consider this Floral Camera gag.

Made from nylon, shockproof and anti-resistant materials, this beautiful bag will keep your camera and belongings safe. This Floral camera bag is tough and uses durable foam exterior to last.

  • Nylon, shockproof and anti-resistant
  • Comfortable shoulder pad and strap
  • Small and compact for a DSLR camera or a mini camcorder, lens, charger, memory card, and other accessories

8. Gucci Bee Brown Web Camera Case

One of the most stylish camera bags you can buy. It’s not cheap though. But if you’re looking for premium quality product from a reputable Italian brand, then this bag offers you. The unique bag that will stand out from the crowd.

  • Made by the most popular brand Gucci
  • Italian leather made
  • Comes with a cross body strap

9. Aide de Camp – Valencia Travel Tote Bag

I include this camera handbag in my recommendation because it’s one of the light-weight nylon-made bags.

It’s perfect for work, travel and carrying camera gear. Creatively, this is both a handbag as well as a camera bag perfect for most women photographers.

  • cow leather handles
  • water-resistant nylon exterior

10. Kelly Moore Libby Orange Fashionable Camera Bag

Fashionable yet useful with a lot of rooms to carry up to a computer laptop, a DSLR camera and lens. It’s best for most women photographers’ need.


  • Adjust-ability of the various compartments
  • Ideal for a 17″ Laptop, Pro body or standard body with grip

Good to Know

As I’ve reviewed extensively about camera bags, I also did a comprehensive research into this product selection. I decided to pick the most stylish camera bags designed for most women who love doing photography as a hobby or profession. I created this this list to make it easier for you to decide which one you should buy.

Having the right camera bag that suits you in most situation is very important as a woman photographer.

My pick is the well-made ONA The Capri Leather Camera Tote Bag. Go for the best camera bag that suits your style, so you don’t have to compromise anything.

The Best Bags for Camera Lenses

There are many types of camera bags for compact, DSLR and drones: rolling bags, waterproof bags, for hiking, and for women. Each type of bag has its own purpose to serve photographers’ need. My lists above will help most photographers find the ideal choice. In my previous review, I wrote about the accessories and bags for D850. I believe the Nikon D7500 camera bags are very much worth a good review. Therefore, I decided to spend a good amount of time finding and selecting these top best Nikon D7500 camera bags. So what are you waiting for? Buy and start traveling! Having the best small camera bag life easier for most travelers, especially those who own a mirrorless camera.

There are many factors when it comes to buying a DSLR camera bag. Quality (durability) and price are the main factors to consider. In addition to this, it’s also about your favorite style, a messenger bag or a sling bag, or a backpack.

Professionals invest in the best camera bag, so we can can load the Nikon DSLR camera as well as its accessories. Not all camera bags are made equal.

Things to consider are: features and function, within your budget, durability, and water resistant for travel photographers. My list of the best camera bags, backpacks, and cases will help you find the ideal one to pack your DSLR and mirrorless cameras. It’s my recommendation of the best DSLR backpacks, mirrorless camera bags, camera sling bags, small camera cases, and waist camera bags.

With the best camera backpack, you’ll feel good to carry your camera with you. Enjoy your outdoor and travel photography.

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