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The Best Lenses for Wedding Video

When it comes to wedding videography, choosing the right lenses can be a daunting task. Lenses come in various shapes and sizes, each with a different cost. Some cameras can be quite expensive, making it challenging to invest in the right equipment.

In this article, we will introduce you to the different types of lenses available and help you choose the best lens for your wedding photography needs. By understanding the various lenses and their features, you can select the perfect lens to capture your dream photos.

So, what is the best lens for wedding photography? Let’s explore the options together.

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A List of Top Best Lenses for Wedding Videography

35mm lens

It has an angle that is wide. It’s best for capturing everything taking place in a wedding. The best thing about this lens is that it makes you get the image is as real as possible. It has a small size hence can be hidden and thus take photos secretly without those people at the wedding even noticing. When it’s taking photos using this lens even those people available will not notice it’s taking them photo hence preventing them from feeling humiliated.

The best moment to use this lens is during the exchanging of rings of the new couples as well as those people within the gathering. The 35 mm lens can also be used to take photos during the after-party occasion of the wedding ceremony. The 35mm lens’ wide-angle helps it capture a lot of objects at a single shot.

Canon 35 mm lens

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The lenses take photos of people at the wedding who are in a natural environment hence producing images that look like normal people at the wedding ceremony. It has a wide focal aperture of ¼ that allows maximum light to get through hence be able to take photos even in the dim lighting environment.

Zeiss 35mm lens

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It is also used to take photos in a natural environment and also gives images that are too real like human beings. It can be used to take compact sequential photos at the wedding where there are a lot of people. Another advantage of this camera is that it can fit in different cameras. This camera is a little bit cheaper than the other one on the list.

50 mm lens

This is a good lens for taking videos as well as photographs. To focus properly all you have to do is take some steps backward or forward to focus properly. This types of lenses are very nice when capturing the bridegroom and the bride laughing or tasting the cake. This type of lens cannot be used in small rooms like a hotel room. It gets very finer details like even a spoon on the table, a slice of bread, a cup as well by zooming. You should use this lens if you can only afford only one type of lens during the wedding ceremony. You can adjust the lens and get different pictures by zooming in and out. It can also be used to take a photo of people sitting behind the couple since it focuses very clearly.

Two categories of this lens are:

Canon EF 50mm

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This lens features well when it comes to focusing on people. It blurs those people in the background. Another advantage of his lens is that you can take photos very fast way due to its silent quality that’s supported by the Stepper Motor technology.


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It has a focal aperture of 1/8 that allows enough light to get through hence it’s able to get photos under dim light. It’s a great lens to be used for cameras that do not autofocus.

85 mm lens

This type of lens captures the images in a portrait way. From a distance, you can be able to shoot some great photos of the couple very clearly. This lens gives a clear picture of the couple since it burs those in the background. This lens can take photos using dim light. This makes it an ideal one to be used at night during dinner with the couple. It can take photos for persons at a distance.

Another advantage of this lens is that it can be used to captures couples especially when they’re dancing on the floor. Unlike the 50 mm which shows people behind the couples this one blur the people behind the couple.

One problem about this stuff is that it’s very heavy to carry around as you shoot photos on different venues during the wedding. It requires an experienced photographer. This lens is better than its earlier version called bokeh.

Some of the features are:

  • It has a fixed focal length of 85 mm
  • It has an ultrasonic AF motor
  • It has a higher precision lens element
  • It overrides the manual focus

Two types of this lens are:

Pentax 16-85 lens

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It’s weather-resistant hence you can take photos under any climatic condition. It’s mostly used for weddings taking place from the outside as well as some adventurous scenarios like along the rivers, some escarpments and so forth. You can autofocus this lens which helps you to take sharp images.

Sony lens

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This lens shoots portrait photos which are of high quality. It’s also resistant to moisture hence can be used under any weather condition. It also takes photos very fast.

70mm-200mm lens

This lens is very good to take videography in wedding functions whereby you can take pictures when you’re at the back and not distracted by people at the ceremony. This lens is also able to zoom in and out hence being able to take a single photo of everyone on the ceremony. This type of lens requires an image stabilizer to function properly. This type of lens helps someone to hide in a picture hence you won’t be noticed about the guest.

It can take a picture of one particular spot or zoom out and take the picture of the whole people in-front of the camera.This type of lens requires a lot of time to focus and is very difficult especially when the bride and the bridegroom are dancing on the floor of the stadium. It is good to use to take group shots.

Categories of this lens are:

Tamron 70-200 lens

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This lens can autofocus and has an amazing optical performance which helps you to take a very sharp image very fast.

Sigma 70-200 lens

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This type of lens has an aperture that’s constant which makes your photo very stable. It also requires a few seconds to take a photo.

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