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Best Surge Protectors for Gaming PC

Investing in a reliable surge protector for your gaming PC is a wise decision that can save you from the potential damage caused by power fluctuations or unexpected electrical surges. These surge protectors are not only capable of safeguarding your expensive digital cameras and computers but also provide added convenience and versatility.

Over-voltage protection is a critical feature to consider when selecting a surge protector. It ensures that all your home or office electronic equipment remains safe during power outages or thunderstorms. Opting for a surge protector with comprehensive over-voltage protection will offer you peace of mind and protect your valuable devices.

One highly recommended surge protector combines compact size with powerful features and functionality. Despite its small form factor, it offers exceptional surge protection and USB charging capabilities. This versatile surge protector is an excellent choice for both home and office use. Moreover, its compact design and long cable make it suitable for travel, although a shorter cable variant may be more convenient for on-the-go usage.

The best surge protectors strike a balance between electrical outlets and USB charging ports. Look for models that feature USB-C ports, ensuring compatibility with future devices and providing optimal charging capabilities. This combination of outlets and USB ports makes these surge protectors perfect for charging multiple devices simultaneously.

Multiport USB wall chargers are another essential accessory that ensures efficient charging for your electronic devices. When selecting a multiport USB wall charger for travel, there are a few key factors to consider. The charging speed is crucial, as you’ll want a charger that can power up your devices quickly. Additionally, opt for reliable brands that have a proven track record of producing high-quality charging solutions.

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A List of Top Best Surge Protectors for Gaming PC

JOTO 2 Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip with USB Smart Charger

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This multi-functional charger with electric drive is a high strength, ultra portable charger for various electronic devices. This power strip has everything you need for a nightstand. It has 2 power sockets, 2.4 A ports for charging your phones, a long cable from the middle of the wall to the night stand, and a small area.

You no longer have to charge your devices at various locations around the house with this protective device. It is very useful as a portable charging station for up to five devices at a time. It’s simple, it provides a sufficient number of exits without any annoying lights and is hard enough to stay on the nightstand.

With 2 outputs for surge protection and 4 USB ports for charging, this surge protector ensures that you get universal convenient charging. You can simultaneously charge your mobile phones, tablets, laptops, digital cameras and other devices such as USB.

The charging output is able to handle even the devices with the highest demand. It’s a sleek design, and a right angle plug allows you to adjust even in tight spaces if you’ve pressed into place.
This is a very convenient surge protector. It is quite small, but it has everything you need. It has a flexible and long 6.6-foot extension cord for easy access. Small pads or feet on the bottom do not allow it to slip off the bedside table.

The chip inside this surge protector detects intelligently the input current of the connected devices to maximize the compatibility and charging speed (each USB port with a maximum of 5 V 2.4 A, Port type c: 5 V 3 max.). This ensures that your electronics will not be damaged by excessive power or as a result of too much charge.

This surge protector has a complex circuit with overheated, over-current protection against overload. Charging stops automatically when the battery is full. This not only saves your electronics from damage caused by excessive charging, but also guarantees energy savings.


  • Great design – small and compact
  • Excellent functionality
  • The flat plug connector allows to block the walls. Well suited for limited space or furniture
  • Cord length of 6 feet – good length USB-C for those who use it
  • Sufficiently spaced sockets for plugs with a moderate size
  • Very strong


  • Large connectors (3DS) can click on other large plugs in the sockets. However, this is not a problem with one large and one regular size.
  • The extension screw cannot be turned, so only one can fit in a double outlet due to grounding
  • No UL Listing

Tripp Lite Isobar 4 Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip

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The Trip Lite Isobar Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip will protect your outlets and shut down connected equipment in case of overload.

  • Extra-long 6-foot AC power cord

Belkin BE112230-08 12-Outlet Power Strip Surge Protector

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The Belkin BE112230-08 will protect your heavy-duty devices with a 3,940-joule energy rating. This product is the best value for its price.

  • Clamping Voltage : L-N: 400V, L-G: 500V, N-G: 500V

AmazonBasics 6-Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip 2-Pack

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The AmazonBasic Outlet Surge Protector is capable of protecting your small appliances, phones, and lamps. This affordable yet quality product is one of the top rated protectors for computers.

  • Red “protected” LED indicator light
  • 2-foot power chord

APC P11U2 SurgeArrest with USB Charging ports

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APC is one of the most reputable brands in this product category. The APC P11U2 SurgeArrest with USB Charging ports will provide you the most reliable and safest protection from lightning, surges and spikes.

  • 11 outlet surge protector power strip
  • 2 USB ports provide 2.4Amps of charging power

TP Quality 3 Outlet 3 Fast Charging USB Ports Switch Power Strip Surge Protector

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With 3 USB port, this TP product can work against overload, electricity leakage and power surges.

  • USB built in auto-detect technology
  • Heavy Duty with compact size

NTONPOWER Smart Power Strip Surge Protector

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This NTONPower comes with built-in internal surge safeguards. It’s the best choice for most home studios.

  • USB Smart Recognition Charging
  • made from anti-scratch and high-quality ABS+PC material

Tripp Lite 3-Outlet 2 USB Surge Protector

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This Tripp Lite 3 will shield your DSLR and laptop charging from the strongest surges and line noise. I like its compact design as it the 90 degree plug fits behind dressers, beds, chests, and nightstands. Ideally, the product can protect your computers and electronics from damaging surges and disruptive line noise.

  • 2 USB Charging Ports
  • Small and compact
  • Perfect cord length

A List of Top 10 Best Multiport USB Wall Chargers for Travel

Sabrent (60 watts)

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This USB wall charger features smart port technology that maximizes compatibility with Apple, Android among other gadgets. It also allows charging power of up to twelve amps. This is enhanced with its ten ports that provide 2.4 amps in every port. Not to mention, its 60 watt (12A) which is able to charge ten gadgets at once. Travelers are always encouraged to use this USB wall charger.

  • 10-USB 3.0 ports allow data transfer speeds up to 5Gbps
  • Sync Card Readers, Phones, Hard Drives and other USB peripherals
  • Power switches with Blue LED to indicate power status for each port
  • Fashionable mirrored surface with a compact design
  • Plug & Play: No driver installation required


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With its 5 ports, this accessory has the capacity to charge five gadgets simultaneously. Here, 2 ports are meant for an iPad of Apple (2.1 amps and 5 VDC). One port is designed to serve a Samsung tab(1.3 amps), another port suits an iPhone(1 amp) and the other one is meant to serve android phone (1 amps-output current). This charger has the ability to output up to 5 amps when all the 5 ports are in use. This gadget is ideal for office and family use.


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This multiport USB wall charger features 40 Watt with 4 ports. It encompasses a foldable plug and enables four gadgets to be charged at the same time while using a single outlet. This USB is small in size and can only occupy the palm of your hand. Its real plug is retractable and this makes it possible to get tangled in the real cables and being compact. Besides, it also exhibits PowerIQ tech that enhances its functionalities. Its charging speed is very encouraging.

  • Advanced Charging Technology: up to 2.4 amps per port or 12 amps overall
  • Ultra Powerful: ten ports pump out 60 watts of power
  • Certified Safe: Anker’s MultiProtect safety system
  • Worldwide 100-240 volt AC input voltage


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With its 24 Watt and four ports, this multiport USB wall charger is detachable and it is considered as a universal multiport USB wall charger that provides a charging station.

  • Compatible with any USB-powered device
  • Receptacle outlet with USB ports
  • No special tools or wiring required to install this USB power outlet

EasyAcc (20W)

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This multiport USB wall charger is able to charge your phone very fast. With its 4 ports and folding plug, it enables several electronic gadgets to be charged at once.

It features smart technology which exhibits units with a blue light that usually glows when the cable is connected to a source of power. The blue lights that hit walls when it glows provide romantic ambiance in your room.

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Vastar 3.3 Feet Lengthened Premium Quality 4 in 1 Multiple USB Charging Cable Adapter

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This is a four in one multiport USB wall charger with adapter connector that has mini/micro USB ports that allows its users to connect iPhone (4,5 and 6)., iPad (2, 3 and 4), Nexus 5 and Galaxy (S 4 and 5). This charging cable provides an unforgettable experience when in use.

Bestek (40 Watt and 8A)

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With its five-port USB charging station, this wall charger provides around 1700 joules(power/energy). It also contains two power outlet that allows five electronic devices to be charged while at the same time providing strip surge protector as the gadgets get is black in color with five feet cord. It provides a perfect charging station.

AmazonBasics 60W 6-Port USB Wall Charger

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This multiport USB wall charger was developed for iP X / 8/8 + /7 / 7 +, two in one eight pin audio splitter that makes it easy to employ a charge and headphone simultaneously. It also provides encouraging sound quality and it also features universal compatibility as it is able to support iOS (113).

Ravpower (40 Watt and 8A)

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This multi charger which is black in color with 4 ports provides universal compatibility with mobile versions such as Galaxy (S6 edge, 7, 8 and 9), iPad pro(air mini), tablet, iPhone (XS, XR, Max, X,7 and 8+).

It also has the capacity to produce a current of the first 2 ports (2.4 amps) and the other two at 1.2. Generally, it offers smart and efficient charging.

Feel2Nice (5 pack ,1Oft)

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This multiport USB wall charger is compatible and charging port for iPhone and also provides a protection case. It is long enough (10ft) to allow the user to charge their gadgets in different places. It has a premium copper wire that boosts charging of devices. It comes with a one year warranty and provides quality service to its users.

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