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Best Time Lapse Cameras for Plants (2022)

Time lapse cameras have been used for shooting plant growth and nature videos. You can also use your camera in your greenhouse and enjoy watching your seeds springing into life. If you’re planning to give a time lapse photography a go, then you’re at the right site. We’ve the best time lapse camera fitted with appropriate features and functionality. You’ll shoot incredible videos and later edit them. Cameras with time lapse feature will let you to easily shoot subjects. Other features that will make your time lapse videos more impressive include slow motion, photo burst and video looping.

Best Time Lapse Cameras for Plants

BRINNO Empower TLC2020 Time Lapse Camera

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Here is the ideal time lapse camera packed with full features to let you to shoot high-quality, sharp images and videos. The functional features will make any photography enthusiast to love. The time lapse function will let you to capture tons of shots or videos and create a series of great images without wait. In addition, the new quick menu will let you to use the camera with ease and it has full menu mode to let users to manually choose the filming set. This model is a great choice for long-term projects.

It’s a camera that has been made to ensure that you get the best quality. The superior battery life that it has been made with also ensures that you get up to 82days of using 5-min shooting intervals. It is a trusted brand and you can be sure of the best results.


  • Comes to easy-to-use 8 option capture theme menus
  • 3-mode versatility to allow small business owners to produce their footage
  • Compatible with the BCS18-5mm lens
  • Supper battery life to let you to shoot more footage

Brinno BCC200 Construction & Outdoor Security Time Lapse Camera

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Looking for an outdoor and construction time-lapse camera? This one is suitable for short-term outdoor construction projects, as well as, security surveillance. It includes a waterproof housing to let the camera functional regardless of the weather condition. Interestingly, this camera is made to make your shooting time hassle-free. Your work is to set and forget it, just set the daily timer to schedule the hours to begin and end shooting each day. A 360-degree rotting ball joint let you to shoot from any preferred angle.

You can now enjoy an 80 day battery usage. That’s why it is always a great device to have when you are having outdoor construction projects. One great thing that you will learn from having it is that it has the ability to be set to start shooting automatically at certain time intervals.

This 720p camera has waterproof housing to let you to shoot anything without worry. Furthermore, the two cameras will capture more subjects and make you a professional photographer. You can easily share the recorded date with a push of a button. It uses 4 AA batteries and a single charge means 80-days battery life. This model is a perfect choice for use where Wi-Fi is not needed. Also, the 360-degree rotating ball joint is designed with 90-degree tilt to let you to capture targets from any desired angle.

It is a compact with a clamp that is able to provide stable base that you can attach it to any surface outdoors. The camera has been made to just shoot from any angle as it is set. You will love how it works and how easy it is to use.


  • Attaches to any surface
  • 360-degree rotating ball joint
  • Waterproof housing for remarkable performance
  • Two cameras will expand coverage
  • Long-lasting battery gives services up to 80-days
  • Wireless setup is suitable for off-the-grid areas
  • Waterproof resistant case will protect your camera
  • Stable base is made to stay stable on any surface

ATLI EON Time Lapse Camera for Photography

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You can now time-lapse everything with the help of this powerful camera. This model is special and it will let you to shoot up close of your plants to dazzling city light streaks or magnificent starry sky. In addition, you can change settings on the fly and create desired time-lapse videos. It is effortless to use by simply choosing and clicking. If you want to make yourself a pro photographer today, then this model is absolutely meet your special needs.

Changing of effects and settings is never going to be something that will tire you out at all. It is an easy process so that you get it working in no minute. The macro shooting sequences are set to work in 1.4s of shutter speed.


  • Works well even in low light environments
  • Designed with flexible schedule to save you time
  • Power saving mode let you to use the camera for days
  • Wide range of capabilities to meet your entire needs

Brinno TLC200 Time Lapse Green Camera + KIT

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Grab this new class of camera and make HD time-lapse photography effortless. In addition, you can easily change custom program time intervals and lens and create serious time-lapse movie maker. The goodness is that, this model has an advanced power management to deliver months of battery life. It even features an optional external shutter release to let you to create stop-action movies. You can set the camera on a flat surface or munt on a tripod.

High definition photography is not always an easy thing to get and accomplish. That’s not a hard thing when you are prepared with this kind of lapse camera. It will bring all the photos that are lively right to you. Easy to use and no professional guidance will be needed.


  • 1.44” LCD preview screen for precise targeting of subjects
  • Advanced power management for extended battery life
  • High-resolution power for crystal clear images
  • Can support up to 32GB external memory card