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Top Best Waterproof Laptop Backpacks for Travel in 2019: Reviews

April 1, 2019

Gone are the days when you would wrap your laptop with a polythene bag to protect it from the rain. Advanced waterproof laptop backpacks are now in the market to maximize laptop protection. The best waterproof backpack should prevent even the slightest drops of water from entering the bag.

Some of the best water resistant laptop backpacks you can get in the market you should buy this year.

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A List of the Best Water Resistant Laptop Backpacks for Travel in 2019

1. eBags Professional Backpack

This is one of the best water resistant laptop backpacks you can find online. The interior is made from Teflon which maximizes the safety of the laptop.

It can carry laptops of up to 17- inches. The eBag backpack is comfortable on your back and comes with several compartments. The bag has handles which makes it easy to convert it into a briefcase. This makes it easy to carry the bag around in wherever you are going.

  • Made from polyester material which does not absorb water
  • Tough enough to withstand any twists


This is a heavy duty backpack designed for cyclists. Its made from denier nylon which is waterproof. It also comes with waterproof zippers to ensure there are no leakages into the bag.

It has a compartment which can carry a laptop not more than 17- inches. It has a tablet compartment which would keep your tablet dry till the rain or snowfall is over.

The backpack has sleeves which protect the laptop from the bottom of the bag.

  • It has various pockets which can be used for different purposes
  • The bag has a 42-liter capacity hence suitable for a cyclist
  • Comes with reflective trim and LED lights for the cyclist’s safety


The bag is manufactured from nylon material which is waterproof. The backpack has waterproof zippers to enhance its waterproof capabilities. The shoulder straps are well cushioned improving its comfort-ability.

It has one inner pocket and several outer zipper compartments. Its one of the stylish backpack in the market.


This is one of the best waterproof laptop backpacks. Apart from its waterproof capabilities its also impact resistance. The bag offers maximum water resistance.

It can be submerged in water for a duration of up to 30 minutes. The depth of the water should not be more than three feet deep.

The features of the backpack make it one of the best for professional use.

  • It can carry laptops of up to 17-inches and also tablets
  • It comes with a crush-proof compartment for storing the laptop
  • The tablet compartment is also impact protected


This backpack has cutting edges which give it a sleek look. Its made from water safe form which makes it waterproof. This backpack is useful for a commuter since it comes with a blinker light and a reflector. This enhances your visibility from a distant.

  • The bag is lightweight and can support laptops of up to 15-inches
  • It comes with a laptop and tablet compartment
  • Its simple in design and comes with side water bottle pockets
  • The bag has various compartments including a top pocket which is used for storing items

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Good to Know

Anyone can use waterproof backpacks to carry their laptop. They come in different designs and sizes.

The price ranges of the bags vary depending on the features and the dimensions.

These bags are also designed for different purposes. This review offers some of the choices you can have for the best waterproof laptop backpack for your travel photography.

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