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The Best Outlet Surge Protector in 2018: JOTO 2

In today’s world, we rely on all kinds of sophisticated electronic equipment; not only for our entertainment, but also for meeting the basic needs of our daily lives. One lightning strike or other picking that can disrupt the power structure near or in your area can damage expensive equipment in your home or office. This damage can be very costly. Due to the fact that today we use technology, as it is done today, it is necessary to protect our equipment with appropriate surge protection devices. It is here that plays the role of an outlet surge protector, such as the JOTO 2 outlet surge protector. The following is a complete overview of this surge protection, the best pick for this year.

JOTO 2 outlet surge protector

This multi-functional charger with electric drive is a high-strength, ultra-portable charger for various electronic devices. This power strip has everything you need for a nightstand. It has 2 power sockets, 2.4 A ports for charging your phones, a long cable from the middle of the wall to the night stand, and a small area.
You no longer have to charge your devices at various locations around the house with this protective device. It is very useful as a portable charging station for up to five devices at a time. It’s simple, it provides a sufficient number of exits without any annoying lights and is hard enough to stay on the nightstand.

Features of JOTO 2 surge protector

Great Design
With 2 outputs for surge protection and 4 USB ports for charging, this surge protector ensures that you get universal convenient charging. You can simultaneously charge your mobile phones, tablets, laptops, digital cameras and other devices such as USB.
The charging output is able to handle even the devices with the highest demand. It’s a sleek design, and a right angle plug allows you to adjust even in tight spaces if you’ve pressed into place.
This is a very convenient surge protector. It is quite small, but it has everything you need. It has a flexible and long 6.6-foot extension cord for easy access. Small pads or feet on the bottom do not allow it to slip off the bedside table.
This surge protector is an extremely versatile and portable charging station that can be used literally anywhere. This charger for mini-chargers can be inserted directly into the palm of your hand, it is good for home or office use and is convenient to carry around and clean for travel.
Smart IC technology
The chip inside this surge protector detects intelligently the input current of the connected devices to maximize the compatibility and charging speed (each USB port with a maximum of 5 V 2.4 A, Port type c: 5 V 3 max.). This ensures that your electronics will not be damaged by excessive power or as a result of too much charge.
Great circuit design
This surge protector has a complex circuit with overheated, over-current protection against overload. Charging stops automatically when the battery is full. This not only saves your electronics from damage caused by excessive charging, but also guarantees energy savings.

Pros and Cons of this Surge Protector


  • Great design – small and compact
  • Excellent functionality
  • The flat plug connector allows to block the walls. Well suited for limited space or furniture
  • Cord length of 6 feet – good length USB-C for those who use it
  • Sufficiently spaced sockets for plugs with a moderate size
  • Very strong


  • Large connectors (3DS) can click on other large plugs in the sockets. However, this is not a problem with one large and one regular size.
  • The extension screw cannot be turned, so only one can fit in a double outlet due to grounding
  • No UL Listing


Overvoltage protection plays an important role when it comes to the fact that all your office or home electronic equipment will be safe only in the event of a power stroke or thunderstorm. Using this surge protector, you will not be wrong. Although this over-voltage protection filter looks small, it comes with great features and functionality. Being extremely expensive or very cumbersome is the two main features associated with most power strips with USB. However, this does not have any of these properties. This gives you excellent charging capabilities for USB devices. With the USB-C-port, you will definitely be ready for anything in the future. Due to its small size, long cable and low profile plug it is very convenient to use next to the bed. It even works for travel, although a short cable version can work better for this. All in all this is surge protector is great combination of electrical outlets and USB charging ports.

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