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Top 10 Best Accessories for Canon EOS M50 in 2018: Reviews

Love doing photography? It’s essential to have good gear. To get the most out of Canon EOS M50 camera, you’ll need the best accessories to run with it. After hours of research, discussions with my photographer friends, and tests, here’s a list of the best accessories for Canon EOS M50. Some are these gears and accessories are must-have for most photographers.

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A List of Top 10 Best Accessories for Canon EOS M50 Camera in 2018

1. Expert Shield Screen Protector

Clearly, you wouldn’t want your new camera screen to get scratched and impair the quality of the pictures you take, would you? The best screen protector for your Canon M50 is the Expert Shield screen protector. To begin with, it’s so easy to get them on the screen without getting air pockets in them. Plus, they don’t impair your view or clarity at all. Even the anti-glare adaptation produces clear photos even though it removes the glare. So you can get the crystal clear ones or the anti-glare forms- whatever you want.

2. SanDisk Pro 95MB/s, 64 GB Memory card

This is currently one of the best mem cards on the market today. The Canon M50 underpins a most extreme of UHS-I speed which is exactly the speed of this mem card. It’s super quick, dependable and features everything a photographer needs from Full HD recording to Canon’s 4K recording. Plus, they are very affordable. You can’t afford not to grab one for yourself.

3. Canon BR-E1 Bluetooth Remote

The Canon M50 doesn’t come with a port for a wired remote which means you will need to get a Bluetooth remote for convenience. While you can connect your remote using the Camera Connect app, it is easier with a BR-EI remote. The app works fine but it takes a lot of time just to get it working. The BR-EI remote has a switch that allows a 2-second delay. This makes it convenient especially if you are taking selfie portrays so you don’t wind up with so many photographs.

4. Zomei 55″ Compact Tripod

You will need a tripod to take scenic, architecture, night and studio photos. The Zomei 55″ gives great stature, support and max stack. Since the M50 is a minimal mirrorless camera, this tripod will effortlessly deal with any camera+lens combination.

  • It is only 150cm high, 1.2kgs heavy and bolsters a maximum weight of 5kg.
  • Perfect for slow shutter speeds and for shooting fireworks.

5. Neewer TT560 Flash

Why would you burn through many dollars for a flash when there is a cheap yet perfect flash. To begin with, it will work with a wide range of models of cameras, which incorporates Canon, Nikon, Sony and what not. Over that, it has a slave mode so it can fire all the while with other flash units.

  • It can pivot vertically (90 degrees) and on a level plane -270 degrees

6. Canon EF-M 28mm f/3.5 Macro IS STM Lens

You can easily expect a high degree of sharpness and clarity from Canon’s compact prime lense for macro photography.

  • EF-M Mount Lens/APS-C Format
  • 44.8mm (35mm Equivalent)
  • Maximum Aperture: f/3.5

7. Lowepro M-TREKKER BP 150 Mirrorless Camera Backpack

If you’re looking for a nice backpack for replacement, this Lowepro is major upgrade. It’s the best bag for mirrorless camera.

  • Discreet design and body-side access safeguards against theft
  • Flexible interior organizes your mirrorless camera equipment
  • Compartment for a 12” laptop or 13” tablet

8. Lensbaby Trio 28 Lens with Filter Kit for Canon EF-M

With this Trio 28 with Filter Kit from Lensbaby, you can easily pair the Canon EF-M-mount Trio 28mm f/3.5 lens with a three filter kit containing 46mm neutral density, circular polarizer, and star filters.

9. Canon EOS M Mount Adapter

This is the best, must-have mount adapter for Canon EOS M Compact System. Very well-built. I tested it on my M50 with the following lens: 24L, 35L, 50L, 24-70L II, 70-200L II, 100L IS. It works like a charm.

  • Detachable tripod adapter

10. Canon Battery Pack LP-E17

Love doing outdoor photography? You should have this as an extra battery.

  • Compatible with the optional LC-E17 charger

11. Canon EF-M 18-150mm f/3.5-6.3 IS STM Lens

If you want a good Canon lens for everyday photography, you should consider getting this EF-M18-150mm. It’s also the best choice for for travel, although not so much for low light and video shooting.

Good to Know

The Canon EOS M50 has all that we have been longing for, including a 24 MP imaging sensor and the 4K video recording. Most photographers prefer to have the best accessories for Canon EOS M50 cameras. They are ideal, paying little respect to what kind of photography you are into, since they’re so adaptable. You can even give them to someone as a gift. The list above will give you a number of choices for your camera kit.

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