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Best Home Studio Lighting Kits

Are you currently looking for home studio lighting kits? You’re now on the right page as I spent some weeks working on this review. The best home studio lighting kits allow you to do more and better in your spare time for your indoor photography. With the right lighting kits, you can take on your photography work to higher level in term of professional quality. When it comes to having this studio lighting kit, it means it’s all about investing in the equipment for a long term that makes it easier for you to to start shooting studio-type photographs. With the best home studio lighting kits, you can start setting up a home studio, which is now easier than ever before. I’m sure that choosing the right lighting kits can also help you to create wonderful studio images in your home or on-the-go studio. Please take a look at some lighting options.

Best home studio lighting kits

Westcott Photo Basics Educational Kit

This particular kit is not just a necessary tool, but also a guide into the world into professional photography since it is packed with an instructional content – DVD step-by-step guide. This guide will not only take you through the whole setup process but also teach you how to achieve mastery in the art of photography.
The kit by itself is accompanied by an easy-in-use floor mat, which will help you to place your subject, light, and camera properly. The hardware includes two StrobeLites, 6.5′ light stands, and 43″ white umbrellas. Power cables are included and the whole system fits perfectly into its supply case.
The 150W polycarbonate heads are used as a source of light and the 100W additional lamp will help you easily model your shadows and highlight composition.

CowboyStudio 220

Cowboy studio 220 is one of the best affordable options to get exactly everything you need in your first home studio.

This kit includes two 110W monolights, 33″ black and silver umbrellas, 7ft metal stands and 16×24 softbox.
The monolights will fit any standard 5/8″ light stands. That means if you already have few other accessories, they will probably fit each other. You can be sure of your color balance with these daylight-balanced flash heads and relatively low guide number (30m) will provide you with an ability to achieve soft light in the close distance. However, it will become harder to set the light if the subject is far away.

Bolt VB-11 Bare Bulb Flash Kit

The VB-11 appears to look like a large on-camera light source with a reflector on it. But in fact, this is a standalone lightning kit, able to provide its user with all the illumination needed. The flash by itself is highly adjustable and can go all the way down to 1/128 of its maximum light capacity. It will also turn back to its maximum power within just one second if an additional battery (for example, Cyclone PP-400DR, which is included in this pack) will be attached.
This pack also comes with multi-voltage charger.

Profoto B1 500

B1 is also the name of Profoto’s high-quality battery, which is, of course, included in this pack. That means that the whole system runs fully rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. You will still need to buy yourself a recharger, though.
The B1 kit is staffed with two 500W light sources, charger and a backpack case. The light’s flash duration is amazing – only 1/19,000 second to let you freeze any action perfectly.

Impact Fashion Beauty Dish Kit

Though its name could be a bit alarming, Impact Fashion kit is a moonlight, designed for portrait photos, fashion shots, and advertisement work.
This kit can provide you with a single 400W light source, which is adjustable in 4 stops – from full power to 1/8. It is great for its matters because this light source can provide you with rendered signature soft and crisp light which is so loved and favored by fashion photographers. It is also possible to create a classic look, by using included 40-degree grid in order to tunnel the light forward.
This kit is a great choice when it comes to working with models.

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