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Top Best HDMI to SDI Converters

Do you own an old TV set or either other older device? With this list recommendations, you can find the top best HDMI to SDI converters you can buy. An HDMI remains taking the place of the SDI signal. The HDMI to SDI converter is a handy device to help you use your older devices. With this list of HDMI to SDI converters, you can convert a single HDMI signal into two 3G SDI signals. In this regard, input signals are detected automatically. The converter knows the resolution and format to output.

In this list, you’ll find our recommendations of the best HDMI to SDI converters you should have.

A List of Top 5 Best HDMI to SDI Converters

Blackmagic Design Micro

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This Blackmagic Design Micro is a no frills, budget friendly choice. It comes among one HDMI input & two SDI outputs. With this Blackmagic Micro Converter, you can convert SDI to HDMI and HDMI to SDI.

Each change direction could be a different SD or either HD video standard. So it is like getting 2 converters on one. The multi rate 3G SDI input & output connections are compatible with broadcast equipment. This too automatically identifies all SD & HD formats. This can also be powered by USB or either with the added international power pack.

Decimator MD HX

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The DECIMATOR MD LX is a pocket sized bi directional converter. It hasan HDMI input & output on one side and 3G/HD/SD SDI input & output on the other. It holds up to 1080p 60 resolution & offers many input or output resolution modes.

The feature rich Decimator MD HX goes away just converting among SDI & HDMI signals. This can scale video, convert among frame rates, & remap audio channels. It owns a small, front facing LCD screen which lets you simply toggle among controls.

Blackmagic Design Teranex Mini

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Not cheap, the Blackmagic Design Teranex Mini is broadcast grade. It would handle ultra high definition video formats minus a hiccup.

Blackmagic Design Mini Converter HDMI to SDI 6G includes anything you need. So you can convert of HDMI devices to SDI video in SD, HD & Ultra HD video formats. Among independent audio-connections, you can embed SDI audio from HDMI, and AES/EBU.

Portta Converter Support Theater Digital

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The HDMI over dual SDI converter allows you to turn your HDMI audio or video signal in two 3G or HD or SD SDI video outputs. The SDI video outputs can extend up to 328ft to large scale 3G SDI video distribution.

With double SDI outputs, you can connect your HDMI video source to a local SDI display. You can output more SDI signal into your broadcasting equipment. This will give you a scalable solution for any SDI broadcasting application.

Converter Adapter HD SDI Support Theater

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The 3G HDMI to SDI Converter allows HDMI signals to be displayed on SDI display. It’s simpler to change high HDMI signal among audio to SDI for long distance transmission. and display your work on SDI display.

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