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Top 10 Best Dehumidifying Dry Cabinets (2019)

Humidity, dust, and dirt are the enemy of our invaluable DSLR cameras, lenses and gear. Humidity creates fungus and corrosion, which is not good for your photography equipment. The effects of humidity in our electronics may be very costly. The ideal solution that will save your cameras and lenses from humidity is investing in a top rated electronic dry box. After my own tests and extensive research, I come up with this list of top 10 best electronic dry cabinets you can buy. The best dehumidifying dry cabinets should be:

  • built-in LED lights
  • spacious enough for multiple SLRs and lenses
  • adjustable shelf for flexibility
  • silent and power efficient

A List of Top 10 Best Electronic Dehumidifying Dry Cabinets for Cameras and Lenses in 2019

1. Ruggard Electronic Dry Cabinet 30L

Ruggard Electronic Dry Cabinet 30L

As the leading brand of dry cabinets currently, the design and functionality of this electronically controlled cabinet are incredible. It is spacious enough for DSLR cameras and lenses. It is quiet. You’ll also love the beauty of the design, the see-through doors. The dimmable LCD gives users the key information about temperature (in Fahrenheit or Celsius). The Ruggard Electronic Dry Cabinet can regulate the interior’s relative humidity from 35-60%. Overall, that’s a lot.


  • Adjustable shelves
  • Multi-voltage power input
  • Interior lighting
  • No maintenance needed

2. Forspark Dry Cabinet

This 50L capacity digital control dry box is one of a kind, bringing new advanced features to the market that allow for storage of more. This is the best storage of anything that is affected by humidity. I like the accurate humidity control (with ±5% differs).


  • Protect against not only moisture, mildew, moth, dust, rust, fungus, mold, oxidation, and others
  • Fast de-humidification
  • Easy to use


  • Poor packing

3. HFS Digital Dry Cabinet by Hardware Factory Store

With a 38L capacity, this electronic dry box delivers the results while costing much less than most of the other dry cabinets in its category. It protects against dust and physical damage besides the humidity.


  • Silent
  • LED display
  • Adjustable shelves


  • Instruction on how to use: poor

4. Foto&Tech Dry Cabinet

A keener focus on the design is what sets this 50L electronic dry cabinet apart from the others. Its durability is remarkable.

  • It protects the camera and lenses from humidity and fungus
  • Energy efficiency
  • LED lights and the button control panel

5. Teej Electronic Dry Cabinet

The final cabinet in this group of the best dry cabinets is the 50L capacity Teej dry cabinet whose sole purpose will be to keep your expensive camera free from the effects of humidity.

  • Adjustable shelves
  • LED display for the temperature and humidity level
  • 5 humidity level settings

6. T.A.P 38L Automatic Numerical LED Control Dry Cabinet Box Storage for DSLR Camera Lens

This dehumidifying dry cabinet has a built-in automatic control the humidity, which is essential for most photographers.

  • Adjustable shelf
  • Soft LED light of the inner cabinet

7. QuaCity Camera Dehumidifying Dry Cabinet Box with USB Charging

In addition to storing your digital cameras and lenses, you can actually use this cabinet box to keep your paintings, paper money, stamps, old books, leather, antiques, and musical instrument.

  • Made of high quality steel plate, aluminum alloy frame
  • Stylish wood-grains surfaces

8. FORSPARK Camera Dehumidifying Dry Cabinet 8W 100L

If you want a big dry cabinet to keep as many cameras and lenses as possible, then this Forspark cabinet is the best choice.

  • Easy to use: accurate humidity control
  • Adjustable shelves for easy storage
  • Built-in hygrometer

9. 210L Electronic Automatic Digital Control Dry Box Cabinet Storage

Energy saving, the 210L Electronic Dry Box Cabinet operates quietly. What’s more? With two doors, it’s easy to use with automation number control.

  • Noiseless
  • Large storage with two doors
  • Energy saving
  • 5 Years Warranty

10. Patu Dehumidifier Dry Storage Box With Hygrometer

It’s simple and functional. With this size, photographers can easily move it whenever needed. Small size? Not really, you can actually store two DSLR camera bodies, 4 lenses, and some others valuable items. This Patu dehumidifier is the top best dry storage box for most travel photographers.


  • Moisture dust mold proof
  • Extra shockproof storage
  • Portable and easy to clean


  • Not so spacious

Good to Know

Things to avoid: The longer time the door opened, the higher humidity will be increased.

As your collection of DSLR cameras and lenses is your life-time investment, get the best electronic dry cabinet to safeguard them. Before buying one of the best electronic dehumidifying cabinets I listed here, one thing for sure to consider is the size. It matters a lot. You should think of it as a long term investment. Whether it’s your first time or not, it’s advisable to keep your camera’s pieces and other accessories fungus, mold and dust free. The airtight and watertight of the dry cabinet can remove water vapor from the air trapped inside. Therefore, you can rest assured that your photography gears will last longer.

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