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Top Best Production Switchers for Live Streaming in 2019

You want to produce more and more awesome videos and are in a search of the best production switcher. But the dilemma is among countless switchers in the market you don’t know the best production switcher for you. So, let us help you find one for your needs. Before buying any production switcher you should always consider durability, production quality, reliability, inputs, effects, versatility, and ease of use. Always keep your major requirements in mind before buying any switcher. Given below are the 5 best productions switchers for live streaming in 2019 that you should consider.

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A List of Top 5 Best Productions Switchers for Live Streaming in 2019

1. SlingStudio Hub HD

SlingStudio is a live video switcher that can connect with almost 10 wireless devices (smartphones, cameras, and drones). It can be wirelessly connected to 300 feet and with this switcher; you can take all programs and inputs for post-production work. Sling studio has an HDMI input-output in the hub, a USB Port and audio input. It supports 4K video production with a resolution of 1080p and 60 frames per second. They have two apps Capture app and Console app. With Capture app, your smartphone acts as a video source while through Console app you control audio and switching. SlingStudio is a smart option for multi-device switching and streaming. The setup is simple and it’s easy to use. All you need is an iPad

2. Blackmagic Design ATEM Television Studio Pro HD

ATEM Television Studio Pro HD is an advanced production switcher with 8 inputs-8 outputs and features Mix Effect (M/E) control scheme. It produces ultra HD videos of 2160pixel with 60fps. It has been built specifically for live broadcast and remote events. This switcher is compatible with Windows, Mac as well as Linux OS. The setup is very easy. All you have to do is plug in computers or cameras and switch live! It comes with a 12 month warranty period. This production switcher is perfect for AV professionals and broadcasters as it is made for live production, web shows, and AV.

3. Panasonic AG-HMX100E Digital AV Mixer

This all in one device acts as a multi-format audio switcher and video mixer. It has 7 video inputs and 6 outputs while 12 audio inputs and 6 outputs. It can record audios from even low-quality camcorders. It supports HD videos that are 1080p with 60 fps. There are multiple digital effects like time effect, fading effect, transition wipes, Chroma etc. It also supports 3D videos. If you produce videos for weddings and other live events, corporation, schools and other government organizations then this is a perfect switcher for you.

4. Roland VR-4HD AV Mixer

Roland VR-4HD is a video switcher, an audio mixer, and a USB video/audio streaming interface. With all these features in one device makes it very easy for any video producer switching and mixing of the video and sound. If you started with the Roland V-1HD Audio and Video Switcher and still getting to know more about the video production then this production switcher is all you need.

5. Convergent Design Apollo Multi-Stream

This switcher is of the size of a tablet with a touchscreen. It can record up to four HD videos at the same time. The fifth channel is live switch. This tiny production switcher acts as a switcher, recorder and a multichannel monitor. This is perfect for producers who travel a lot and like an easy to set up switcher that can do all the work hassle-free.

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